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Firstly For those who by any chance are not aware of what CES is, I would like to summer it up quickly. CES stands for Consumer electronic show and is one of the biggest electronics show in the world. Just to show you the scale last year it covered over 250 thousand square meters with almost 4.5k exhibitions and attracted over 175k people which is more than hotel capacity in Las Vegas where it takes place. Also during the event next to exhibitions many companies host conferences on which they show the most important innovations and vision for the future.

In the case of Samsung this year such an idea was G.E.M.S (Gait Enhancing and Motivation System) futuristic way of training that features usage of exoskeleton and AR glasses. It is a complex training with a virtual personal trainer that can modify workouts routines just for you and will introduce you to every exercise thanks to AR technology.

Another new idea introduced by Samsung this year is something that will try to satisfy a growing market that is concerned about data security. Nowadays almost everyone has an external drive or Pendrive with many data, photos, and documents that in case of being lost shouldn’t be accessible by a founder and that’s why Samsung decided to make it easier for consumers to protect their data and add a fingerprint scanner to their new external drive. Surely there are plenty of ways to protect your drive with a password but the biometric method is just so much easier and thanks for that hopefully more of us is going to use it to become less vulnerable for privacy harms.

Another product idea was already presented on this forum so I will just leave a link to it and wish you great reading: http://techblog.kozminski.edu.pl/2020/01/10/your-personal-bb-8-from-samsung-meet-ballie/


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  1. Egor Fiodarau Egor Fiodarau says:

    All cool and all, but have you seen FREAKING 360 Hz MONITOR FROM ASUS?!?!?

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