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In December, 2019, Amazon announced that it launches a new service — Braket. It has to swell the series of various popular services as Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. However, it is not that simple as you could imagine. Amazon proclaimed that service was especially created for scientists and researches to help them exploring quantum technology. Thanks to Braket you can not only explore algorithms, but design, test and run them on various technological supplies. 

The difference between quantum and digital computing is that quantum computing uses the system of superposition and entanglement instead of ones and zeros. Nevertheless, quantum computing has an apparent advantage — you can fit much more information into 3 dimensions rather than into 2. That means that the service will work faster than ordinary once — computers will be able to cope with significantly harder tasks.

Thanks to Amazon Braket you can create your own algorithms from the very beginning or choose and continue some already started sets. It helps scientists and researches to provide a quantum computer service and to manage classical compute resources. 

The Amazon Braket provides an which provide you with various learning materials, «fully managed notebooks to build and edit quantum algorithms, a technology agnostic developer framework for defining hybrid algorithms, and a choice of classical simulators for testing your designs». 

Payment is required only for use, for the time that you spent using this service. Later on, the company will publish the public price list.

As the technology was just implemented, your quantum job will run immediately , but only in that case, if you have chosen an available quantum hardware. If not — your job is going to be automatically put into the queue until the hardware becomes available.

You can see the result after finishing your work, being sent a notification, immediately as it will be available. It is going to be stored on Amazon S3( Amazon Simple Storage Service).

Here is a video for you to have a more clear understanding of what this system is about:


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