How to keep your phone alive for longer

It’s winter and we all know how badly our phone reacts to cold temperatures. In this post, I will share with you some tricks that will help you to get the most out of your phone battery.

Keeping your phone charged around 50 percent 

It’s useful to have a piece of basic knowledge of how the charging process works. Two layers are inside the battery – graphite and lithium cobalt oxide. Energy occurs when lithium ions move from the graphite layer to the cobalt oxide. Charing phone moves ions back to graphite to start the whole process again. It’s good to keep a battery charged at 50% when half of the ions are in the lithium cobalt oxide and the other 50% is in the graphite layer. This method puts the least amount of pressure on the lithium ions and therefore – extends the number of cycles and improves the condition of our battery. 

Not leaving your phone charged overnight

Once your phone has reached 100% it gets “trickle charges”. This method stops the charge when the battery is at 100% and after some moment starts charing again, therefore it doesn’t let it drop lower than the maximum. This is bad for the battery because of the continuous strain it puts on lithium ions.

Keeping an eye on your apps

Apps and notifications can quickly take the energy out from your smartphone. Applications running in the background may be a real threat to your phone’s energy. It’s important to remember about closing them frequently. Facebook App is also a big battery drainer – switching off its notifications will extend your battery’s life 

Keeping your phone away from the heat 

Hight temperature makes battery lose capacity.“A cell kept between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius (77 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit) should retain around 80 percent of its capacity after the first year even when cycling from empty to full charge.” – Android Authority reports.






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Dziurdzia Maciej

6 thoughts on “How to keep your phone alive for longer

  1. Avatar Yarmilina Sofiya says:

    Thank you! Very interesting and applicable. I think most iPhone owners will agree with me)

  2. Avatar Shamaev Miran says:

    Useful article.
    Now, most applications require running in the background, which is the main reason why the battery dies faster.

    The saddest thing is that now almost all companies produce smartphones with a fixed battery, and if it is not used correctly, the phone has to be changed much more often.

    They attribute this to the fact that they make the battery much thinner. But I think it’s more of a strategic marketing move to ruin our wallets.

  3. Shopska Viktoriya-Ivan Shopska Viktoriya-Ivan says:

    Really useful article, especially for IPhone users, especially on winter. Butteries needs to be a bit more durable, if not, i will really think about buying never-dieing-flip-ohone. #fedup

  4. Avatar Mukhibbullo Ganiev says:

    Just a clear, brief and really useful article.

  5. Avatar Pronobis-Szczylik Juliusz says:

    agreed, im into technical aspects concerning batteries and am using technics mentioned in your post for a long time – and i can tell that my phones last longer now

  6. Avatar Piekarski Marcel says:

    Very helpful article. I also recommend using cleaning applications, for example Clean Master. Apps like this search through our phones to find apps and data that are no longer use d and delete them from our phones.

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