Electric cars.. just a car or a trend to save the environment.

Electric cars have been around for quite some time now. The most revolutionary, advanced and well known are Teslas created by Elon Musk. People are acknowledging that there is such opportunity to own and drive an electric car. And we cannot deny that the trend is there. There are more and more electric car charging stations set up, even in Poland where people are very skeptical. There are newer and faster charging stations developed. Although most cars are petrol powered there is inevitable switch coming. Will electric cars hang on to it or will hydrogen-powered ones take over? This question is yet to be answered. Some say that electric car’s range critical point is about 600km. Over that the development is supposedly not worth it, but we are still to see what’s coming.

The mindset of people is changing. We care more and more about ecology, environment around us. Usually it is just awareness or minimalizing the effects (e.g. masks in cities to filter harmful particles). But awareness, acknowledging that the problem IS there is the first step. Electric cars are much more ecological. Especially if country’s electric energy is becoming more greener. Nevertheless I see a change in peoples’ mindset towards electric solutions.

Hell I am a full on “petrol-head”. I am huge motorsports fan, F1 fan, I love the sound of engines, of the exhausts.. And when I think of cars.. I see electric ones up there. If I could choose to drive any car, my mind recently changed and moves in electric direction. Which is a spectacular change for a person who is all about petrol in his blood. That is no proof but I think the trend is there to change peoples’ mind. The fact that the infrastructure is there and is growing. Few years ago we could not have driven in Poland to some places in an electric car.. now it is mostly possible. There are barely any “dead spots”. It adds to the fact that most advanced electric cars increase their range on one “charge”  (which itself is becoming quicker). Which is amazing and as electric cars become cheaper people have fewer and fewer excuses not to buy an electric vehicle. Of course there is tradition and their mindset – that “new” is most likely to be faulty, the fear of the unknown – is still there. But in my opinion the change is inevitable and is coming. Whether it is electric cars takeover the market of “new” cars bought or some newer solutions like “hydrogen” powered cars. Only time will tell the truth of the future.









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2 thoughts on “Electric cars.. just a car or a trend to save the environment.

  1. Avatar Pronobis-Szczylik Juliusz says:

    i just hate this EV trend. from the outside, it all seems so ecological and environment friendly, but underneath there’s much more to it – all in all EV’s are not as eco friendly as we would think

  2. Avatar Piekarski Marcel says:

    In my opinion electric cars are not perfect, but the technology is still promising. I think governments should encourage people to buy electrics and introduce higher taxes to cars that pollute the air.

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