Threads – new standalone Instagram app?

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In October 2019, Instagram launched its new app called «Threads». It is a new application fro messaging people from «close friends» list. It is believed, that Threads was created as a new one direct competitor to Snapchat, the next step to privacy and the next point of gaining popularity among users.

Instagram announced that it has received a lot of requests to improve ways of connecting with your friends in order to keep in touch with them all over the day by sharing photos, videos or ordinary messages. Now, Threads plays a role of more private space for people to communicate with each other.

Main goals of Threads are for you to control who is able to reach you, to have a quick access to people you are close with and an opportunity to stay connected with them even if you are not chatting and even if you are not online.

Threads gives you the ability to share your location, battery power of your device, amount of steps per day or your actions ( your mood, what are you doing, what are you up to, etc.)

However, you are put into some «frames». For example, you cannot use such a wide range of stickers in Threads stories as you do in Instagram. You cannot draw lines, add some text. At the same time, it doesn’t matter where did you post your story — it will be shown both in Instagram and Threads. 

To be honest, I am pretty confused about implementing such an add. It is a response to separate «Direct Inst.» app, which was not exclusively demanded and deleted. However, both Direct and Threads don’t differ a lot. The only change is that you can post status like «On my way🚗», «At the library📚», « Hate math:(», «Blue mood😅» to inform your closest friends about what’s going on in your life.

I cannot say that this application hasn’t been swimming in a glory since it was launched in October. 

What is the reason of creating an independent app if it gives you almost  the same opportunities as you had before?

I have read some feedback, comments on Threads and found out that people divided into 2 camps. Somebody says, that using of direct became more convenient and faster, somebody writes that they see no sense.

What is your opinion? Do you think this «innovation » was really so necessary and made our lives easier?

Video for you to have a more clear understanding:





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  1. Avatar Miklashevich Yuliya says:

    It is the first time I hear about such an app. But sounds rather interesting. I think now I should download it and check to which of 2 camps I belong.

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