Apple fined in France

By french competition watchdog decision apple has been fined for $27 million. Three years ago the company was suspected of slowing down older devices without informing its customers about it and with no option to revert to an older software version. Also, they didn’t inform users that it can be fixed just by replacing battery instead of the entire phone. According to an explanation released by apple, they decided to throttle phones to prolong battery life. Yet but not informing clients about the cause of the slowdown users might be misled and in result overpay for exchange of the whole phone. As a result, Apple was fined $27 million and had to put an informing banner on the french version of the website.

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2 thoughts on “Apple fined in France

  1. Avatar Pronobis-Szczylik Juliusz says:

    it was a filthy move which apple made, but unfortunately, they are just focused on making money. slowing down old devices just forces its customers to buy new products

  2. Avatar Piekarski Marcel says:

    good example of how big companies should be treated by government while playing unfair 🙂 many goverments still dont have power, tools and time to fight with them

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