Carbon ceramic brake rotors

In the car industry, there are two types of brake rotors – steel discs and ceramic ones. I’m going to guide you through the differences between those two types of the braking system.

Steel discs are used mostly in regular cars made for masses. Heavy, weak heat dissipation and they wear quickly. But they’re cheap, and that is what car manufacturers care about the most.

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Carbon-ceramic discs are used mostly in sports performance or racing cars. They give away the heat very quickly and heat up slowly. Brakes temperature is very important, because when brakes overheat then they lose their efficiency very drastically. Also, carbon brakes are very light, which transfers directly on the unsprung weight. In performance cars, it is very important for the tire to have constant contact with the road to increase the handling. Simple – more road contact equals better handling.

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But ceramic brakes have issues as well. They need a very high temperature to operate and they are extremely expensive. The first problem has been easily solved by programming cars computer to constantly clench the brakes in order to warm them up. Unfortunately, the second problem is inevitable due to the high price of resources which are needed to produce ceramic brakes.

Maybe someone is going to invent a cheaper alternative for ceramic brakes, but yet nothing seems like something is happening about that.

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