Is keeping files in cloud safe?

Nowadays many people prefer to storage their private files in cloud, not locally.  It doesn’t require your device’s memory and it is considered to be very safe. But it turned out that Google Drive is not the best place to storage your files. Google has just admitted that random users were able to download some of others’ videos.  Their app was incorrectly exporting files to others users’ archives.

The case concerns the period between 21 and 25 November 2019. We don’t know why Google delayed information about data leakage for such a long time.

The problem was that users who were exporting their files with Google Takeout could find others’ videos in imported data. Company says that problem affects less than 0.01% of users, but Google’s services are so popular that 0.01% can be a large group.

This fail violates trust for cloud services, which were expected to succesfully replace keeping files in local memory. It shows that we can never be sure about our privacy and safety when we choose external services and trust big corporations. Unfortunately, Google did not say exactly which users had troubles with their privacy, instead of that they sent short information to every user, so we cannot be sure if anyone had seen our videos. This case doesn’t mean that we should avoid using clouds, but we must take to consideration that mistakes happen and most important data should be stored locally.


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One thought on “Is keeping files in cloud safe?

  1. Avatar Pronobis-Szczylik Juliusz says:

    not only cloud storage may have data leaks but they are useless if you don’t have access to internet. in some cases it could complicate our life a bit

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