LPG (liquified petroleum gas) in cars

Converting fuel system in cars to LPG is very popular, especially in eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc.) This happens due to obvious reasons – money. Depending on the country and its taxes on petrol, LPG is in most cases even two times cheaper than conventional gas – petrol or diesel.

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There are a lot of myths about LPG used in cars, and most of them claim that generally, this system is very unhealthy for a car’s engine. In fact, all those myths are false and all of them were born only because of the wrong installation of the LPG system in the car or of lack of knowledge about keeping the maintenance of this system. Also, the technology of LPG installation has changed drastically and nowadays, the 6th generation of this system is very advanced and has eliminated any issues of its predecessors.

It is known, that LPG as a substance is dryer and has a higher temperature during explosion than petrol and what most people think is that it leads to worse lubrication of the engine’s internals or to overheating of the powering unit. In fact, the lubrication problem has been solved by developing a new type of engine oil which has increased its lubricating functions and the temperature issue is easily solved by regulating the AFR (air-fuel ratio sucked in by the engine. Leaner fuel ratio means lower temperature and richer air ratio means higher temperature). The solution is easy, just increase the fuel ratio to decrease the AFR. There is one more myth, which claims that LPG is taking away power from engines, but this theory is just a leftover after ancient LPG installations which were functioning totally different than present units

So, summarizing. LPG has nearly no bad properties, it’s bad reputation generally comes from lack of knowledge or incorrect maintenance of the gas installation

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