FBI VS APPLE: Data Encryption & Terrorism

The conflict between US department of Justice and Apple has started in 2015, when Obama’s government asked the company for information belonging to terrorist from San Bernardino. Since then, FBI hasn’t made the same request for the world biggest company. Back then, it has ended in the court with an order obtaining Apple to break into the phone. Tim Cook defended the encryption of iPhones, by informing the world that actions like this would make a lack of security for IOS users. After this statement, FBI found an contractor which has broken the Apple’s encryption. The next software update was meant to prevent situations like this.

Everybody thought that the conflict is going to ease, but few days ago FBI made another request for information from two locked iPhones. They had belonged to Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. He is accused of killing three people at a naval base in Florida. After the attack, Saudi Air Force student killed himself. There is only one statement from Apple which tells us that they will give “all the data in their possession”. Also they “will support them with available data”. FBI request is at early stage and there are no signs of intervention in the court, but it is told that the old conflict can escalate.



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