Some patents to love Apple again

Patenting is one of Apple’s proprietary chips. I would like to believe that in the near future, we will still see the technological solutions proposed below. In the meantime, it remains only to watch the alluring illustrations, which continue to remain only Apple’s patent baggage.

1. Magnetic cable for the headset

The idea of such a solution is simple and ingenious. The cord from the usual headset is equipped with a magnetic port (something like MagSafe). Click and you can listen to music. Need to urgently unplug your headphones? They pulled the cord and disconnected the magnetic port in a split second.

The company sees “hybrid headphones” as such: they can work for several hours in wireless mode, and after connecting to a magnetic port, they immediately turn into ordinary wired ones.


2. Smartphone with a rounded screen

This is the version of the iPhone that many users dream of. The highlight of the smartphone is a screen that is able to display much more useful information. Such a device will have no edges, and the display itself can occupy both the front and back of the case.


3. Headset noise cancellation system

To improve the noise reduction system, Apple offers a very interesting solution: headphones that determine the intensity with which you swing your head (for example, while running). Reading the sensor information, the built-in processor will adjust the quality and strength of the sound.


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Antoniuk Tymofii

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