Re-leaf. Ukrainian start-up of recycling fallen leaves.

Are you interested in being eco-friendly and helping our planet to recover? If your answer is «yes», than that’s exactly a crucial post for you.

Not so much time ago, Ukrainian student, Valentyn Frechka found out how to recycle fallen leaves into paper. Since than he launched his own start-up «Re-leaf» and made Ukrainian government to think about it and realise an extensive production of eco-friendly paper.

The student tells: «One day you just walk and see leaves, see trees, from which paper is made of. Why couldn’t we do it from leaves? The do it just laying on the grass? There are a lot of leaves in towns, villages and they’re just burned.. I suggested to make paper from fallen leaves. That time I didn’t even realise how should I do this and will my idea be successful.»

His technology was checked through special equipment successfully and is ready to be implemented. 

Furthermore, his invention was evaluated with the highest grades during he olympiad in Tunis, where were representatives of more than 86 countries.

Scientists  say : «We proved the effectiveness of using leaves as a substitute to wood. We produced paper on special equipment, which showed that the paper is really qualitative»

On the received paper you can draw, write, print something on printer. Moreover, you can even make eco packages and bags from it. The only drawback is that this paper is easier to break.

Certain details are not discussed yet, but we will talk about the first worldwide line of recycling fallen leaves to paper very soon.



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