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I bet that none of you has heard about the Bose suspension, even if you are a person who is interested in cars and consider yourself a car enthusiast. Bose brand is well known for the speakers and headphones they produce, but these products are not the only stuff that Bose is working on.

Normally, the car is suspended on traditional metal springs or in some cases, on-air bellows (commonly known as pneumatic suspension). But Bose suspension is something totally different from what we’ve seen so far – it’s constantly monitoring the road with its sensors and cameras to transmit the signal to engines mounted it the suspension.

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There are no shock absorbers in this case because the little motors do all the work on their own (rebound and damping). In a human language, it generally means that with such a revolutionary suspension, while driving a car, you won’t feel any potholes. The car would be floating like a boat, just take a look at the short movie clip:

Unfortunately, the Bose suspension project died, because the whole system was too heavy, too expensive and had poor maintenance. It’s a shame, because yet no car is close to being so comfortable and hi-tech, not even a Rolls-Royce.

But rumour has it, that Audi car company is working now on improving the suspension in their flagship models to work in a similar way as the setup mentioned above, fingers crossed!

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