UV Cleanizer Zoom – an innovative cleaning way

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People have many cleaning products claiming an efficient cleaning facility. Vacuum cleaners are used by most of the users to clean the debris from carpets and floor. There are also robotic vacuum cleaners which comes with advanced features so that it can clean up all the dust efficiently.

There is a new opportunity to make surrounding neat and tidy – UV Cleanizer Zoom – an automated and disinfecting robot with a built in AI system, which helps you fight dust and dirt in a comfortable way without any effort. Rooms that experience constant human turnover, such as public toilets, may be tiresome to clean. Manual sanitization of such places may also not eradicate all the germs, thus the need for a UV Cleanizer Zoom. This device requires only one operator and covers more space than humans. Getting yourself a UV Cleanizer Zoom will, therefore, not only guarantee you quick cleaning of your surroundings but also prevent the infection of diseases.

The device eliminates the germs to maximum (up to 99%) using UV light, does not need any other chemicals and is library tested. It is portable, practical in traveling, useful for sanitizing hotels’ bed very effective without using much effort. The smart sensors keep the robot going without getting stuck or falling of edges. UV Cleanizer Zoom Technical Specs: 3 Sanitizing Modes, 18 Sensors Mapping, Press and Go Setting, Portable Pocket Size, 3 Hours Running Time, 4 AI Insert UV-C Lights, 3700 mAh Power Bank and Super Light Weight 220G. It is a super innovative device which everyone should have home to provide healthy and safe environment and surrounding for your own good and the good of your relatives.


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9azl3v-Now
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Orska Weronika

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  1. Avatar Piekarski Marcel says:

    Wow, such a useful technology. I would love to have it at home. But im not sure if it is safe if I have a dog.

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