Polish scientists have created a revolutionary bionic pancreas

One year ago, Polish scientists managed to print the first fully vascularized prototype of bionic pancreas in the world using a 3D printer. Despite such great success, they are still working hard on improving the organ. They are planning to open an European Center for Medical Biotechnology in which they could implement a bionic pancreas in real cases. Currently there is no place in Poland where bionic pancreas transplant therapy can be organized.

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In order to achieve this goal, they organized an auction. Charity auction for the Research and Science Development Foundation will take place on March 12, 2020. Instead of standard photographs, unusual photographs taken with a microscope while working on bionic pancreas will be auctioned. Collected funds will be allocated for the construction of the European Center for Medical Biotechnology.

Printing an organ makes patients completely independent of a potential donor. You don’t need to wait for the organ. “Instead, the patient comes, we take cells from him, isolate the appropriate cell fractions, then transform into insulin and glucagon producing cells; we make pancreatic islets from them, put them in a 3D printer and after printing the organ we transplant it to the patient.” – says Michał Wszoła, director of the project. The researchers also point out that developed technology will allow the printing of organs with a tumor, which will allow the study of cancer.

Resources: https://innpoland.pl/158427,michal-wszola-o-bionicznej-trzustce-i-centrum-biotechnologii-medycznej

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