Polish start-up enters the US market

YetiForce, a polish start-up run by Błażej Pabiszczak and Jerzy Kotkowski is a CRM platform for managing relations with customers. To enter the market, YetiForce proposes a free tool with open software. The fast rate of innovation excludes building everything from basics. It is estimated that modern applications contain more than 80% of open source code.

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Their business model means that along with access to the software they also transfer its source code, which allows customers to rebuild and adapt the tool to their own needs. Thanks to this, the company has a fast scale of operation, because it does not waste time adjusting the product to each customer. At the same time, customers are not dependent on the software provider and do not need to be afraid of delays or increasing costs. In a short time, they achieved more than 35 000 customers from more than 100 countries.

The free version of application gives e-mail system, communication modules and a “virtual desk”. Their software also allows you to coordinate accounting and secretariat, supervise projects, marketing campaigns, create a customer, suppliers and partners base and see history of their relationship with the company.  The business model is about offering additional paid services. Start-up has also launched an online shop integrated with its CRM system. In the future, access to this shop’s services will be offered in a subscripition model.

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