Technology which Apple got rid off appeared on Android!

Google has just suprised us with another invention – they elaborated technology that will enable smartphones to have “3d touch” without using any special sensors. Technology has been presented by Apple some years ago, but it required expensive screen parts. Google scientists have been thinking about improving this function for years, and now, thanks to machine learning technology and artificial intelligence they were able to develop it.

It was very hard to achieve this technology only by updating software, but thanks to no need for sensors, it is possible that every Android smartphone will have 3d touch after update (if it is still supported). Software trained with machine learning technology is able to estimate pressure by analyzing touch surfaces; as the pressure increases, larger part of the fingertip touches the screen. What is interesting, Apple couldn’t solve this problem only with code and their costs of production turned out to be too high. That is why newest iPhone 11 Pro is the first Apple smartphone since 2016 that is deprived of this function.

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First smartphone to have this new function is Google’s Pixel 4 and “3d touch” impression will be available after newest software update (March 2020). Firstly, function will be available only in several google’s applications, but we can expect that app developers will make use of this technology.


3D Touch od Google już działa na Pixelach. Na zwykłym ekranie!

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