Autonomous Laboratories And Science Of The Future.


Whoever asked about the future, whether the topic was directed into flying cars (presumably drones) or, how our jobs are going to change, and how much of them will vanish due to technological advancement.

Anyone who’s researching autonomous startups and projects already can see a trend where monotonous jobs like cleaning, driving, and even shopping can be done without human effort to do so. What about all of those fields when the human precision is necessary to achieve targets and goals, like teaching, being a psychiatrist and scientific topics in general, excluding computation parts. Well, we might’ve not yet achieved human-like bot, but we are one more step forward, that will make “technological advancement” in the field of chemistry much faster. What it means is better and faster drugs, materials, and everything that chemistry covers, development.

It all thanks to a revolutionary project where chemists do not have to touch crucial samples at all. Where our hands are replaced by a steady robot’s arm, and results can be seen on our monitors at home. Also, it means that those very dangerous chemical and viruses can’t be transmitted or spreaded due to human error what will definitely reduce the risk of future pandemics and biological weapons, but before tht statement will be true, more development and security bridges in all form have to go in place so the technique can be shared around the globe. Thanks to troubles and mistakes of the past, we can make a wonderful change for tomorrow and upcoming generations.

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Nowicki Iwo

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