Drones and the revolution behind it

long time ago and even now we were wondering about what the future can bring us. Most of our visions were focused on enormous skyscrapers, flying cars, and the immortality of humankind due to technological advancement we weren’t able to achieve just yet. Well, know we are another step closer to match our future-like dreams.

New revolution might’ve just started with this simple technology use, exploiting the vision and giving a route a future logistics might go in. Medical drones delivery is just about to start and it might be closer than we think!

The idea behind it is to grant people with medical supplies in places that are unachievable by simple medical care or for those who need it immediately. What it means, is that medical supplies are attached to a precisely built drone, which then flies to marked destination making the delivery by dropping the supplies on target. Many big corporations may think alike or are even contributing to the idea of drone delivery just like this startup, shown in the video above. This is profoundly fascinating from a futuristics standpoint as this might be the thing called “flying cars” before even drones were available to the public!

No matter how beautiful the idea of “drone delivery everything” is going to happen, many logistic and privacy complication have to be discussed with the official and new laws have to made, especially for this kind of subject. Nevertheless our future and present is changing in front of our eyes, we just have to know where to look to oversee the upcoming revolution, as for this moment the sky… is the actual limit.



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Nowicki Iwo

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