Vaporfly Shoes Doping Scandal


Many of us who are interested in sport, meet from with some kind od doping scandal from time to time.

Whether it was Olympics in Russia or a biker using enhancing drugs, doping is present and many of us disagree with it ultimately. This story is a little different from the others. We are in times that allow us to build, engineer, and construct such products that make us faster and stronger while using them. The most trivial examples is a technological advancement in every sports equipment we use such as bikes, skateboards, swimwear (one was banned as it was too good, but it’s a story for another paper), snowboards, skies and many more, but what those objects have in common, is that they are based on our leg movement so finally, I can say that shoes made huge progression too, why am I mentioning this all?

Well, NIKE lately introduced it’s newest product shoe product called by most people as “Nike Vaporfly” that by many are called as best running shoe. It is so good that many sports enthusiasts and officials have big concerns over it. It is made out of super spongy foam, carbon fiber part inside of the shoe, plus the combination of design, supposedly gives an unfair advantage for those who don’t wear it and statistics speak for themself, as 5 new running world record was established by Olympians that were wearing the shoe after it was released almost day after day. How does these shoes work exactly, we don’t know specifically yet, but a question rises to my mind. Should we stop the technological advancement of clothing companies just for the sake of the sport and so-called “fairness”, how will we regulate those things from happening, and on what standard should we do so? Well, although I’d wish to answer this question, I think we’ll have just to wait and observe.


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Nowicki Iwo

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  1. Avatar Podogrocki Bartłomiej says:

    Baning such shoes would be imo holding development for nothing

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