RTX 3090 new gpu era

Yesterday (24.10.2020) RTX3090 has been officially released and tests showed the performance of the new GPU which presented the potential to be a game-changer. While for most of us gaming or watching movies in 4k is still unachievable. The RTX 3090 with some additional help from AI techniques can achieve 8k 60fps gaming in many AAA titles. The best explanation of what the dlss is Nvidia gave themselves. “The DLSS team first extracts many aliased frames from the target game, and then for each one, we generate a matching “perfect frame” using either super-sampling or accumulation rendering. These paired frames are fed to NVIDIA’s supercomputer. The supercomputer trains the DLSS model to recognize aliased inputs and generate high-quality anti-aliased images that match the “perfect frame” as closely as possible. We then repeat the process, but this time we train the model to generate additional pixels rather than applying AA. This has the effect of increasing the resolution of the input. Combining both techniques enables the GPU to render the full monitor resolution at higher frame rates.”

RTX3090官方性能公佈4K只比3080快15% - 香港手機遊戲網GameApps.hk
It brings the ai and self-learning technics to personal computers and casual usage of it. That is a significant step forward in making AI-ish technics more understandable globally. Nvidia as a company is massively engaged in developing ai technique to improve everyday pc usage and in the future, such software improvements can mean more than the raw power of the components.
A case that shows the Nvidia capabilities is the fact that the new Mercedes S class uses their chipsets for “autonomic driving” and safety features but that is a whole bigger story.





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  1. Avatar Morozov Mark says:

    I’m so happy that I did not buy a 2080 RTX. The completely new video card has better efficiency and cheaper

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