MINK- the world’s first 3D make-up printer

Grace Choi the CEO and co-funder of Mink had first shown her innovative product back in 2014 at the TechCrunch Disrupt New York technology conference. The company and herself have been working ever since to create a fully workable 3D make-up printer.

These are the claims of the brand regarding this product:

Ultra Portable – 2.2 lbs and 8” x 6” x 4”. Travel and store with ease.

Speed + RangePrints – 16.7 million colors at 15 seconds per sheet. Connects via WiFi with the Mink App (iOS and Android).
Safety- Produced and manufactured in accordance with FDA rules and guidelines for cosmetics. Certifications: FDA, c
GMP, UL, UL-C, CE and FCC Part 15, Class B.
This all sounds very complicated to use right?
The PR team claims it is not.
All you have to do is download the Mink app, choose a picture you like, it could be a make-up look you like, a color scheme or whatever you like. Next connect wirelessly to the printer and import the image into the app. Insert a Mink make-up sheet into the tray and press sent to print. The product is immediately ready to apply.


Although 3D printing your make-up might seem like one tech addition too many, the entire process is actually extremely simple.

But its it really a necessity?

I think you don’t really need to have access to 16.7 million colors to be honest. Most women or men who use make up have their favorite color scheme, a favorite lipstick or even favorite consistency of a product. When one thing can do it all, then it is not really concentrating on any genre in particular.The actual performance of the eye-shadows is really poor. They lack pigmentation and are hard to blend. If it worked as well as they claim is does, the whole beauty industry would have already gone down and/or bankrupt. Nonetheless it is a revolutionary product and if they refine the concept a little more I think it would actually be a hit.

If you want to try it for yourself then the price of Mink is $295. As of now, only shipments within the U.S. will be made and delivered during the fall of 2020.







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3 thoughts on “MINK- the world’s first 3D make-up printer

  1. Avatar Lach Wojciech says:

    It may be because I know nothing about makeup, but wouldn’t it simplify the printer and make it easier to use if it would just print one color instead of a complicated image? You still would be able to pick this color from any image.

    • Avatar Angotti Sandra says:

      That is true, but the main idea of the creators of the product is to be able to create a full look with one picture you upload. I see your point and it could be a solution.

  2. Avatar Izmaylova Kseniya says:

    If I clearly understand, you can replace the eyeshadow palette with this printer. So, in my opinion it is quite useless because, it costs a lot and traditional make up palette is better than Mink. I think that it is to much colors for everyday life. It makes no sense to pay 295$ for 16,7 million colors because usual people use only 20 color everyday. But maybe for make-up artists it is like an innovation.

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