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Izera is the long-awaited first Polish electric car. The name of the brand, logo as well as two concept models were unveiled during online presentation which was held in July 2020 by ElectroMobility Poland. 

The brand name Izera is inspired by the Izery Mountains on Poland’s border with the Czech Republic. According to information gathered by Dziennik.pl, the company’s slogan, “a million reasons to drive on”, refers to an earlier statement by Polish government expressing hopes to have a million electric cars on Poland’s roads by 2025.

“The name is friendly and easy to pronounce and remember for people outside of Poland. Izera also has European ambitions and will be available outside of Poland,” explained Paweł Tomaszek of ElectroMobility Poland. The manufacturer ensures that Izera cars will be affordable and available in favourable monthly instalment plans.

ElectroMobility Poland, founded in 2016, is owned by the state energy companies: Tauron, PGE, Enea and Energa. The main idea of the project was to develop an electric car that uses components from Polish suppliers wherever possible. Unfortunately, as the presentation showed, this was only partly achieved. The prototypes were designed by a team of Polish stylists working in collaboration with designers from Italian company Torino Design. As reported by Bartłomiej Derski from the Polish publication WysokieNapiecie, the vehicle developers will purchase an existing electric car platform on which the electric car is to be based. According to EMP representatives, this is the only way to meet the tight schedule. EMP President Piotr Zaremba said that the company is under negotiations with two potential partners, and although he does not share the details, it seems clear that it will not be a Polish company. Automotive journalist Marek Wieruszewski emphasised that Izera would be a Polish electric car brand rather than a Polish electric car as such. 

However, only very limited information is available regarding specification and technical details. ElectroMobility Poland announced that the Izera would come with two battery variants of 40 and 60 kWh. The cars should be able to charge to 80% at a fast-charging station in 30 minutes and should have a range of 400 kilometres. Izera should be also capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 8 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 160 km/h. There is no specific parameters of electric motor or platform yet.

ElectroMobility Poland plans to open a factory and production line in mid-2021 in Silesia in southern Poland, with the first cars hitting the roads two years later. It expects to create around 3,500 jobs and a further 3,000 at a later stage. 

As for now it’s definitely too early to make any predictions regarding the Izera future. However, the competition within electric car industry is strong and constantly growing. It will be really hard to enter this market successfully in three years time, unless prices are actually very competitive.  





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  1. Avatar Bogatyriov Oleg says:

    Have never heard that Poland is planning to make an electric car.
    However, I have mixed feelings about it… We have Tesla – high performance and high tech. We have Mercedes, which gave the interior design for this car. But definitely, I want to see this car IRL and see how is it going.

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