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Vaporfly Shoes Doping Scandal


Many of us who are interested in sport, meet from with some kind od doping scandal from time to time.

Whether it was Olympics in Russia or a biker using enhancing drugs, doping is present and many of us disagree with it ultimately. This story is a little different from the others. We are in times that allow us to build, engineer, and construct such products that make us faster and stronger while using them. The most trivial examples is a technological advancement in every sports equipment we use such as bikes, skateboards, swimwear (one was banned as it was too good, but it’s a story for another paper), snowboards, skies and many more, but what those objects have in common, is that they are based on our leg movement so finally, I can say that shoes made huge progression too, why am I mentioning this all?

Well, NIKE lately introduced it’s newest product shoe product called by most people as “Nike Vaporfly” that by many are called as best running shoe. It is so good that many sports enthusiasts and officials have big concerns over it. It is made out of super spongy foam, carbon fiber part inside of the shoe, plus the combination of design, supposedly gives an unfair advantage for those who don’t wear it and statistics speak for themself, as 5 new running world record was established by Olympians that were wearing the shoe after it was released almost day after day. How does these shoes work exactly, we don’t know specifically yet, but a question rises to my mind. Should we stop the technological advancement of clothing companies just for the sake of the sport and so-called “fairness”, how will we regulate those things from happening, and on what standard should we do so? Well, although I’d wish to answer this question, I think we’ll have just to wait and observe.


Drones and the revolution behind it

long time ago and even now we were wondering about what the future can bring us. Most of our visions were focused on enormous skyscrapers, flying cars, and the immortality of humankind due to technological advancement we weren’t able to achieve just yet. Well, know we are another step closer to match our future-like dreams.

New revolution might’ve just started with this simple technology use, exploiting the vision and giving a route a future logistics might go in. Medical drones delivery is just about to start and it might be closer than we think!

The idea behind it is to grant people with medical supplies in places that are unachievable by simple medical care or for those who need it immediately. What it means, is that medical supplies are attached to a precisely built drone, which then flies to marked destination making the delivery by dropping the supplies on target. Many big corporations may think alike or are even contributing to the idea of drone delivery just like this startup, shown in the video above. This is profoundly fascinating from a futuristics standpoint as this might be the thing called “flying cars” before even drones were available to the public!

No matter how beautiful the idea of “drone delivery everything” is going to happen, many logistic and privacy complication have to be discussed with the official and new laws have to made, especially for this kind of subject. Nevertheless our future and present is changing in front of our eyes, we just have to know where to look to oversee the upcoming revolution, as for this moment the sky… is the actual limit.



Autonomous Laboratories And Science Of The Future.


Whoever asked about the future, whether the topic was directed into flying cars (presumably drones) or, how our jobs are going to change, and how much of them will vanish due to technological advancement.

Anyone who’s researching autonomous startups and projects already can see a trend where monotonous jobs like cleaning, driving, and even shopping can be done without human effort to do so. What about all of those fields when the human precision is necessary to achieve targets and goals, like teaching, being a psychiatrist and scientific topics in general, excluding computation parts. Well, we might’ve not yet achieved human-like bot, but we are one more step forward, that will make “technological advancement” in the field of chemistry much faster. What it means is better and faster drugs, materials, and everything that chemistry covers, development.

It all thanks to a revolutionary project where chemists do not have to touch crucial samples at all. Where our hands are replaced by a steady robot’s arm, and results can be seen on our monitors at home. Also, it means that those very dangerous chemical and viruses can’t be transmitted or spreaded due to human error what will definitely reduce the risk of future pandemics and biological weapons, but before tht statement will be true, more development and security bridges in all form have to go in place so the technique can be shared around the globe. Thanks to troubles and mistakes of the past, we can make a wonderful change for tomorrow and upcoming generations.

Antibiotic discovered by artificial intelligence

Thanks to very fast development of artificial intelligence, every day new applications of this technology are being invented. Scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have just discovered a completely new, very effective antibiotic – halicin. It took its name after the HAL 9000 computer from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Halicin, despite its unconventional structure, has a strong bactericidal activity with a very broad spectrum, also against antibiotic-resistant strains. It influences the bacterial cell membrane, disrupting its ability to produce energy.

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In the first stage, the algorithm developed by researchers learned to identify the desired features of a new antibiotic using a database containing detailed information on 2,500 medicines. In the next step, the program analyzed another database containing over 6,000 molecules for potential applications in medicine. Finally, the program selected 99 compounds that were tested in the laboratory. Over half of them showed strong antibiotic effects.

Halicin has been pre-tested on mice only for now. The medicine will soon be included in clinical tests. According to scientists, this is just the beginning of new discoveries. They are planning to use their algorithm to analyze the entire giant database containing about 1.5 billion chemical compounds. Scientists also predict that in the future algorithm will not only analyze exisiting data, but also create new medicines from many components.


Hyper Poland is looking for funding for next stage of work on the magnetic rail

Hyperloop is a new type of transport enabling people to travel at a very high speed and it’s a combination of a train and a plane. It will allow travel from Krakow to Gdansk in less than 35 minutes at a speed close to the speed of sound. The capsule moves in a special tube in which the pressure is as low as at a height of 10 kilometers, and because of that air resistance is reduced. The vehicle moves without contact with the ground using magnetic levitation.

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Hyper Poland needs 200,000 euro to complete the construction of the magnetic rail demo which was developed in Poland. The first thing that they need to do is to adapt today’s infrastructure to the requirements of the “rail of the future”. Plan assumes that in the first half of 2020 it will be possible to create a full-scale train in one of the railway test centers. Private issue of shares took place on Friday. It was addressed to investors who had previously declared their willingness to support the project. Launch of an open crowdfunding action on the British platform Seedrs was planned for today. Company has already completed most of the research and development work. The result is seven patent applications for elements adapting existing railway lines and tracks to the needs of magnetic rail, as well as for engine technology, propulsion and levitation.

Company representatives say that railways from all around the world are interested in such vehicles. Hyper Poland already has many potential customers who want to watch the demo, for example Austria, Switzerland, Portual, Spain or India.


Polish start-up enters the US market

YetiForce, a polish start-up run by Błażej Pabiszczak and Jerzy Kotkowski is a CRM platform for managing relations with customers. To enter the market, YetiForce proposes a free tool with open software. The fast rate of innovation excludes building everything from basics. It is estimated that modern applications contain more than 80% of open source code.

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Their business model means that along with access to the software they also transfer its source code, which allows customers to rebuild and adapt the tool to their own needs. Thanks to this, the company has a fast scale of operation, because it does not waste time adjusting the product to each customer. At the same time, customers are not dependent on the software provider and do not need to be afraid of delays or increasing costs. In a short time, they achieved more than 35 000 customers from more than 100 countries.

The free version of application gives e-mail system, communication modules and a “virtual desk”. Their software also allows you to coordinate accounting and secretariat, supervise projects, marketing campaigns, create a customer, suppliers and partners base and see history of their relationship with the company.  The business model is about offering additional paid services. Start-up has also launched an online shop integrated with its CRM system. In the future, access to this shop’s services will be offered in a subscripition model.

The most famous investor sells his Apple shares

One of the most famous people in business world, Warren Buffet sold his Apple shares worth at least $800 mln. This is only just a part of Apple’s shares that he is controlling.

The infomation was provided by Business Insider. Analyzing SEC documents, we can see that Berkshire Hathaway (investment fund run by Warren Buffet) sold his shares between October and December last year, when one Apple’s share price increased by 30% (from $219 to $294). Buffet’s company still owns more than 245 mln shares valued at $72 billions. That means that he is an owner of 5.4% of total Apple shares.

Warren only sold a small part of his Apple shares, so we can believe that he still sees the company’s investment potential. Probably his fund was just looking for opportunities to diversify its asssets, because Apple still stands for over 32% of Berkshire Hathaway general portfolio. The company has recently made significant investments in the Kroger food network and the biotechnology company Biogen. The investment fund’s portfolio also includes the following companies: Bank of America, Coca-Cola, American Express, Wells Fargo, Kraft Heinz, JP Morgan Chase & Co., USBancorp, Moody`s and Delta Airlines.

Currently, shares of the technology giant cost about $320 per one. Their price has increased in the last twelve months by nearly 90%.



Autonomous Learning

Google is creating AI-powered robots that navigate without human intervention—a prerequisite to being useful in the real world. It took 10 minutes for baby fawn to be able to stand and seven hours to walk. While autonomous robots are already familiar concept, autonomously learning robots are at the beginning of their development. Existing learning algorithms are still relying on human intervention.

The work is based on a project that took place one year ago, when the group discovered how to get the robot to learn in the real world. But a human still had to take care of the robot, and manually conflict  hundreds of times, says Jie Tan, a paper coauthor who leads the robotics locomotion team at Google Brain. “Initially I didn’t think about that,” he says.

So they began to solve this new problem. First, they restricted the area that the robot could explore and told him to train on many maneuvers simultaneously. If the robot reaches the edge of the boundary while learning to walk forward, it changes direction and begins learning to reverse.

Secondly, the researchers also limited the robot’s trial movements, making it careful enough to minimize damage caused by repeated falling. At a time when the robot inevitably collapsed, they added another encoded algorithm to help it stand up.

Thanks to these various modifications, the robot has learned to walk independently on several different surfaces, including a flat surface, a memory foam mattress and a wiper with slots. The work shows the potential of future applications that may require robots to move in difficult and unknown terrain without human presence.

Polish scientists have created a revolutionary bionic pancreas

One year ago, Polish scientists managed to print the first fully vascularized prototype of bionic pancreas in the world using a 3D printer. Despite such great success, they are still working hard on improving the organ. They are planning to open an European Center for Medical Biotechnology in which they could implement a bionic pancreas in real cases. Currently there is no place in Poland where bionic pancreas transplant therapy can be organized.

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In order to achieve this goal, they organized an auction. Charity auction for the Research and Science Development Foundation will take place on March 12, 2020. Instead of standard photographs, unusual photographs taken with a microscope while working on bionic pancreas will be auctioned. Collected funds will be allocated for the construction of the European Center for Medical Biotechnology.

Printing an organ makes patients completely independent of a potential donor. You don’t need to wait for the organ. “Instead, the patient comes, we take cells from him, isolate the appropriate cell fractions, then transform into insulin and glucagon producing cells; we make pancreatic islets from them, put them in a 3D printer and after printing the organ we transplant it to the patient.” – says Michał Wszoła, director of the project. The researchers also point out that developed technology will allow the printing of organs with a tumor, which will allow the study of cancer.


Technology which Apple got rid off appeared on Android!

Google has just suprised us with another invention – they elaborated technology that will enable smartphones to have “3d touch” without using any special sensors. Technology has been presented by Apple some years ago, but it required expensive screen parts. Google scientists have been thinking about improving this function for years, and now, thanks to machine learning technology and artificial intelligence they were able to develop it.

It was very hard to achieve this technology only by updating software, but thanks to no need for sensors, it is possible that every Android smartphone will have 3d touch after update (if it is still supported). Software trained with machine learning technology is able to estimate pressure by analyzing touch surfaces; as the pressure increases, larger part of the fingertip touches the screen. What is interesting, Apple couldn’t solve this problem only with code and their costs of production turned out to be too high. That is why newest iPhone 11 Pro is the first Apple smartphone since 2016 that is deprived of this function.

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First smartphone to have this new function is Google’s Pixel 4 and “3d touch” impression will be available after newest software update (March 2020). Firstly, function will be available only in several google’s applications, but we can expect that app developers will make use of this technology.


3D Touch od Google już działa na Pixelach. Na zwykłym ekranie!