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Neuralink – a way of merging Artificial Intelligence with human brain?

As from 2016, Elon Musk started a new company called “Neuralink”, having the threat of AI taking over the world he created the mission of merging it all. Artificial Intelligence and humans brain. What makes it possible is an almost non-invasive surgical operation, by a calibrated robot which implants threads as tiny as 4 μm to 6 μm in width between blood vessels in our brain. For comparison, human hair has 75 μm.Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania neuralink



How does it work? In shortcut, these threads would be used as electrodes which fire electric signal to impact surrounding neurons in such a way to improve brain capabilities such as better memory, better mathematical reasoning, coordination or to help with things like depression and Alzheimer. Experiments on people are anticipated to begin in 2020. Is it the next step to a dystopian future or a beginning of a big advancement in technological progress for mankind?




Robots will cook the pizza during the delivery

Have you ever thought that after an hour of waiting, your pizza will be fresh and hot? It’s not impossible! The joint efforts of the company: Pizza Hut and Toyota, present a project that will change the way of delivery and the mood of the client, upon receipt of the order. Companies will present a robot that will prepare pizza in a specially equipped car, during delivery to the client.

The presentation took place at the SEMA Show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) in Las Vegas. Mobile pizza factory is located in the back of Toyota Tundra pickup truck. The development was called Tundra PIE Pro, also does not pollute the environment.

“We are always looking for ways to be closer to our customers.”- said the chief operating officer of Pizza Hut Nicholas Burquier. “Our main idea is always the same: to reduce the gap between the moment when the pizza is cooked and the moment when the customer starts to enjoy our product.»

The technology of cooking pizza is not complicated. Robots take out pre-assembled pizza from the refrigerator and cook it in a conveyor oven. Then transfer ready pizza on a cutting board, cut it into pieces and put in packing. The developers said that the process of cooking pizza will not take more than 5-6 minutes. After that, the driver can take the pizza and hand it over to the customer, but Pizza Hut plans to transfer this system to Autonomous cars as soon as they get widespread.

“Pizza Hut will be testing this prototype in real conditions in the coming months. We’re going to find out how viable these systems are.»




Google’s Pixel C mistakes are not what Computerworld thinks

Google’s Pixel C Android convertible seems a bit strange on the surface, but there may be more to this device than meets the eye.

Source: The crucial factor everyone’s forgetting about Google’s Pixel C | Computerworld

Indeed, the new tablet announced by Google is an interesting and unexpected move. According to Computerworld their move into the productivity turf may be premature, as Android is not ready for multitasking it requires. I, quite honestly, do not understand this concern: Android is just as capable of multitasking as iOS is, for all practical purposes, and other comparisons with Windows devices is a really (and silly) far stretch. Also, the device itself looks great on paper, and has a nice keyboagerd accessory (wireless charging of a Bluetooth keyboard, anyone?).

There are two other factors that make me wonder though:

  • Why have they not entered into a competition with iPad mini? The size factor makes a difference. Intuitively, while laptop replacements may be the distant future, it would make more sense to attack the laptop market itself in the first place (just as they rightly did with the recent Pixel Chromebook release), and offer some unique value for those, who use laptops for recreation. I, for one thing, would love a plain vanilla Android powerful tablet to fit my cargo pants, and for now, when Nexus 7 is out of the market, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 appears to be the only real contender.
  • Speaking of the Nexus line: I totally understand that it is meant for devices not produced by Google, but commissioned outside. I love Nexus 5 and 6 (which I’m currently using), and differentiating for the new release between 5X (smaller, and a bit more budget-oriented, but still powerful) and 6P (basically, a phablet powerhouse) makes sense. But I believe that separating Pixel (in-house developed) and Nexus (commissioned from LG, Motorola, Huawei and the likes) lines is a grave mistake. Google is delusional that the nuance differences we, geeks, recognize are visible in the mass market. The basic fact is that an average consumer perceives Nexus phones and tablets as “Google-made” anyway. Adding a separate brand of tablets to Pixel family (so far, reasonably reserved for Chromebooks) really adds more to the confusion, and makes both brands weaker. It is absurd that some consumers are disappointed there have been no Nexus tablet premiere this year, and they may be even oblivious to Pixel C existence. It may be a part of a grand plan to compartmentalize and differentiate the whole company, embodied by their recent Alphabet transformation, and it may work well in the future. Meanwhile, it is simply spreading their presence on the tablet market too thin.
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