The Photo Stick – save all your documents quickly

Don’t you have enough of importing, organizing, and backing up all of your photos and important documents to your computer? It’s a monotonous, tiring process which takes too much time but everyone knows we have to do it. No one wants memories going down the drain in case a computer crashes. Wedding photos, family photos, anniversaries, birthdays – we all want to have it safe but even the most organized person can get tired of sorting out stuff.
That’s why The Photo Stick is one of the best things to help you with this issue recently.

It’s a helpful gadget that does all the exhausting work of photo backup. The Photo Stick is a small, USB thumb drive that searches through your files, identifies your photographs, and instantly saves them. There is no technical know-how needed to use The Photo Stick. Even if you know nothing about computers, you can save your family photographs using The Photo Stick. The device has the capability to keep your pictures and videos, up to 60,000 of them, secure and safe in its memory. It is very useful when being worried about any unexpected situations connected to your main modem or hard drive such as computer break down. You will need the mobile version of the PhotoStick if you wish to use it directly on your smartphones. The device looks just like the flash drive everyone knows and have. It contains software that searches through folders to find images you lost. Not only does Photo Stick work on photos, but it can also find videos and documents too. It is very useful and recommended.



UV Cleanizer Zoom – an innovative cleaning way

People have many cleaning products claiming an efficient cleaning facility. Vacuum cleaners are used by most of the users to clean the debris from carpets and floor. There are also robotic vacuum cleaners which comes with advanced features so that it can clean up all the dust efficiently.

There is a new opportunity to make surrounding neat and tidy – UV Cleanizer Zoom – an automated and disinfecting robot with a built in AI system, which helps you fight dust and dirt in a comfortable way without any effort. Rooms that experience constant human turnover, such as public toilets, may be tiresome to clean. Manual sanitization of such places may also not eradicate all the germs, thus the need for a UV Cleanizer Zoom. This device requires only one operator and covers more space than humans. Getting yourself a UV Cleanizer Zoom will, therefore, not only guarantee you quick cleaning of your surroundings but also prevent the infection of diseases.

The device eliminates the germs to maximum (up to 99%) using UV light, does not need any other chemicals and is library tested. It is portable, practical in traveling, useful for sanitizing hotels’ bed very effective without using much effort. The smart sensors keep the robot going without getting stuck or falling of edges. UV Cleanizer Zoom Technical Specs: 3 Sanitizing Modes, 18 Sensors Mapping, Press and Go Setting, Portable Pocket Size, 3 Hours Running Time, 4 AI Insert UV-C Lights, 3700 mAh Power Bank and Super Light Weight 220G. It is a super innovative device which everyone should have home to provide healthy and safe environment and surrounding for your own good and the good of your relatives.




Nowadays computers have learned how to translate languages, drive cars or diagnose a disease. They outsmart profesionals at strategic games, recognize complicated patterns and provide weather.

In spite of the fact that they are already powerful, artificial intelligence has its borders.

When it comes to situations they haven’t come across before, machine-learning systems can be confused and will not execute their tasks properly.

Such thing exist because of one reason. AI systems do not understand causation. They see that some events have something in common with other ones, but can not grasp cause and effect. It is like if you knew that if the presence of sun made the hot day more possible, but you did not know the sun caused the rise of temperature.

Grasping cause and effect is huge part of what we know as common sense. Artificial Inteligence does not have it. There is a growing consent that AI progress will be grounded ic computers will not handle causation better. If machines would learn how to differ cause and effect, there would not be a need to teach them everything anew all the time. They could use its skills form one area and try to implement it to another one. What is more, the trust to the AI-powered machines would rise extremely if we knew that they trustworthy as they would not make silly mistakes.

We can not predict how long will it take for computers to get reasonable causal reasoning abilities. The first move will be to develop machine-learning tools that mix data with available scientific knowledge.“We have a lot of knowledge that resides in the human skull which is not utilized.”



BMW new eye-tracking system

Image result for bmw eye tracking

Recently, BMW has been working on reducing the risk of a car accident and the have come up with a brilliant idea – a device mounted in the vehicle that tracks driver’s eyes to make sure that he is focused on the road.

The device has an infrared camera that is constantly monitoring the eyes of the person sitting behind the wheel. When it notices, that the driver got distracted from being focused on the road, it quickly indicates to look back on the road by lighting a red diode on the steering which is followed by a gentle chime. But if the device sees no interaction from the driver, it could even perform an emergency stop. In case of a crash, the camera records the last couple of seconds to make the investigation about the crash easier.

Engineers of this invention have thought everything through – even if you are wearing glasses, polarized sunglasses etc., the device is still going to be able to monitor where you look.

Actually, I’m starting to feel a bit invigilated.. but BMW claims, that “BMW’s approach to self-driving systems is not about taking away the driving experience, but augmenting it with technology, X5 product manager Michael Baxley told Automotive News.” – fair enough, I guess that time is going to answer this question.

The Bose automotive suspension

I bet that none of you has heard about the Bose suspension, even if you are a person who is interested in cars and consider yourself a car enthusiast. Bose brand is well known for the speakers and headphones they produce, but these products are not the only stuff that Bose is working on.

Normally, the car is suspended on traditional metal springs or in some cases, on-air bellows (commonly known as pneumatic suspension). But Bose suspension is something totally different from what we’ve seen so far – it’s constantly monitoring the road with its sensors and cameras to transmit the signal to engines mounted it the suspension.

Image result for bose suspension

There are no shock absorbers in this case because the little motors do all the work on their own (rebound and damping). In a human language, it generally means that with such a revolutionary suspension, while driving a car, you won’t feel any potholes. The car would be floating like a boat, just take a look at the short movie clip:

Unfortunately, the Bose suspension project died, because the whole system was too heavy, too expensive and had poor maintenance. It’s a shame, because yet no car is close to being so comfortable and hi-tech, not even a Rolls-Royce.

But rumour has it, that Audi car company is working now on improving the suspension in their flagship models to work in a similar way as the setup mentioned above, fingers crossed!

TerraSentia & Agriculture

Girish Chowdhary, an agricultural engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented the AI-based project. It is a robot, named TerraSentia, which resembled an improved version of a lawn mower, with all-terrain wheels and a high-resolution camera on each side.


TerraSentia’s way of navigating is similar to the one used by self-driving cars. The robot sends out thousands of laser pulses in order to scan its environment

“It’s going to measure the height of each plant,” Dr. Chowdhary said.

Of course, it would do that and more. The robot is made to make the most detailed portrait possible of a field, beginning with the size and health of the plants to the number and quality of ears each corn plant will produce by the end of the season, so that agronomists can breed even better crops in the future.

“The idea is that robots can automate the phenotyping process and make these measurements more reliable,” Dr. Chowdhary said. Thanks to that, farmers will be able to optimize the yield of farms much more efficiently than ever before.

Agriculture has always endeavored to be as much automized as possible. Nowadays, current farm equipment is regularly outfitted with sensors that use machine learning and robotics to identify weeds and calculate the amount of herbicide that is needed to be sprayed or to detect and pick strawberries.

Sowing a niche

It is now a global thing that demands on agriculture are rising. According to the United Nations, the human population is expected to rise to 11.2 billion by 2100. To feed the whole population, with less land, fewer resources and climate change problems – farmers will have to develop their technological intelligence.

“There’s definitely a niche for this kind of robot,” said Neil Hausmann, who oversees research and development at Corteva. “It provides standardized, objective data that we use to make a lot of our decisions. We use it in breeding and product advancement, in deciding which product is the best, which ones to move forward and which ones will have the right characteristics for growers in different parts of the country.”

There is no need for farmers to have special expertise to operate the TerraSentia. It is almost fully autonomous. The TerraSentia has already been tested in a wide variety of fields, including corn, soybean, sorghum, cotton, wheat, tomatoes, strawberries, citrus crops, apple orchards, almond farms and vineyards.







Re-leaf. Ukrainian start-up of recycling fallen leaves.

Are you interested in being eco-friendly and helping our planet to recover? If your answer is «yes», than that’s exactly a crucial post for you.

Not so much time ago, Ukrainian student, Valentyn Frechka found out how to recycle fallen leaves into paper. Since than he launched his own start-up «Re-leaf» and made Ukrainian government to think about it and realise an extensive production of eco-friendly paper.

The student tells: «One day you just walk and see leaves, see trees, from which paper is made of. Why couldn’t we do it from leaves? The do it just laying on the grass? There are a lot of leaves in towns, villages and they’re just burned.. I suggested to make paper from fallen leaves. That time I didn’t even realise how should I do this and will my idea be successful.»

His technology was checked through special equipment successfully and is ready to be implemented. 

Furthermore, his invention was evaluated with the highest grades during he olympiad in Tunis, where were representatives of more than 86 countries.

Scientists  say : «We proved the effectiveness of using leaves as a substitute to wood. We produced paper on special equipment, which showed that the paper is really qualitative»

On the received paper you can draw, write, print something on printer. Moreover, you can even make eco packages and bags from it. The only drawback is that this paper is easier to break.

Certain details are not discussed yet, but we will talk about the first worldwide line of recycling fallen leaves to paper very soon.



Nvidia introduced the “GeForce RTX 2077”

So, Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition graphics card, created in conjunction with the CD Projekt RED. And she was immediately nicknamed the GeForce RTX 2077.

The adapter differs from the usual flagship Nvidia graphics card design. As well as the fact that only 200 units of such 3D cards will be issued, and they will not be sold.

Such a graphics card can only be won. Nvidia itself has already launched 77 adapters. When and how others will be played, is not yet specified.

Nvidia also notes that such video cards will be delivered in specially designed packages, which is quite expected. Whether the game itself will be included is also unclear.



China has created the most capacious electric bus in the world

base article image

BYD, China’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, has created the world’s largest passenger electric passenger bus.

This is reported by Business insider

Reliable iron-phosphate batteries provide 370 km of range and safety in the most extreme conditions.

The C10MS electric bus is unveiled at United Motorcoach Assocation in Nashville, Tennessee’s capital. The developer – a large Chinese company BYD – is ready to begin supplying the machine to the US market,

As for the C10MS, this is the most capacious passenger electric bus, which can be used both as urban public transport and for intercity travel. It is designed for 77 seats. There are two places for wheelchairs.

The bus is almost 14 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and 4 meters high. It has a speed of up to 100 km / h, and the charge is enough for 370 km. Turning radius less than 15 meters. As an energy source, iron-phosphate batteries are used, “safe in the most extreme conditions”, promise in BYD.

Earlier in the United States, for the first time in history, an autonomous unmanned truck transported goods by delivering goods from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.



How to choose a reliable and functional Power Bank?

Power Bank

Today, the popularity of external batteries is only increasing. Manufacturers of modern gadgets equip their products with high-power cameras and install a lot of useful applications in them.

As a result, battery depletion occurs at an accelerated rate. If it is not possible to use a power source, then the use of an external battery will be the only way out of the situation.

Criteria for choosing a portable charger

Reflecting which Power Bank to buy, one should compare the most important parameters of the models available in the assortment. As a rule, we are talking about the actual:



Current strength;

Case material;


Having studied the information provided by the manufacturer, it is very likely to get a decent model.


The importance of this parameter is difficult to overestimate. However, its great importance does not yet indicate the quality of the battery. It is best to be guided by the following rule – the capacity of portable charging should be 2-3 times the capacity of the battery of the gadget. Buying a powerful device with increased dimensions is unlikely to be appropriate. Many unknown manufacturers indicate the values ​​of 20,000, 30,000 and even 50,000 mAh on the models they produce. The reliability of such information should be called into question.

The size

Considering the possibility of Power Bank to buy, you should think about the convenience of its further use and storage. The mass of a product with increased power can reach half a kilogram. Wearing it for a long time in the pocket of a jacket or trousers will not work, which means that you can not do without a backpack. The best option would be a device whose weight does not exceed 250 grams.

Charging current

It is this parameter that will determine the charging speed of the electronic device. Owners of smartphones should opt for a battery with a current value of 1 A. For tablet users, this value should be doubled (up to 1.5–2 A). When buying a charge, you need to study the contents of the specification. The current values ​​indicated on the Power Bank and the gadget should be identical. Manufacturers, as a rule, indicate this figure near the USB port.


Having decided to buy Power Bank, you need to make sure that it has sufficient mechanical strength. An excellent alternative to the product in a plastic case is the model in an aluminum shell. Combined models also exist on sale – in a metal case equipped with protective rubber pads.


Additional characteristics include the number of ports, for example, 2 or even 3. The presence of several outputs will make using the device more comfortable. Surely the owner of the gadget will come in handy and an LED flashlight that allows you to instantly detect the location of the connector. A rather useful function is the digital indicator, which with high accuracy will inform about the residual charge.

After weighing all these factors, you can buy a high-quality Power Bank at a very reasonable cost.