Nowadays people usually use credit cards to pay in shops, clubs, restaurants and other places. We can spend a lot of money just thanks to a little peace of plastic with a chip. That was a brilliant solution but now we have something even better than that. Fingopay is a completely new way of paying for your grocery!

Fingopay is a payment system where the only thing you need to have while making the transaction is your own finger, nothing else. This method is solving many problems. Firstly, you can be sure that you won’t forget your credit card or wallet so you will be always prepared to pay. More more awkward moments in gas station or grocery shops. Secondly, you can’t loose your finger so you can be sure that your money are save with you. Thirdly, there is no way that somebody will rob you.

But how it works, you might ask. Here is a wideo with an explanation:

The company’s head quarter is located in London where the production is launch since 2015. They have created in collaboration with hitachi a device that uses biometric Vein ID. Thanks to that it provide us with safest method of protecting our data because there is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity. Fingopay has successfully completed trials with Visa and Worldpay. It’s safe, simple and reliable payment system.

Nowadays everything needs to be fast, consumers are getting frustrated and easily bored. Moreover we’re not a big fun of waisting our time in a queue. But here is the solusion also for that! No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards. The only thing you need is your finger. Whole paying process is smoother and quicker.

To use this device you need to go through 3 stages, the 1st one is that you have to register on the website and link your card with your finger when you are paying at a shop or other place equipped with Fingopay, then pay with your finger, and to finish you will receive the Payment confirmation by e-mail.

Here is a schema of the way it works

  • first you put your finger in the device
  • The LED light is projected on your finger
  • This light will go through your finger to the CCD camera that recognises you

It means that you need to be present. It won’t work if somebody will cut your finger and try to put it to device, pretending to be you. Still not convinced?

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Has LG just invented the most insane smartphone of the year?

I can’t believe what LG has just invented. The Drone Phone. Really, are you serious?

Unlike the other brands which are focusing on designing and producing more and more borderless – Samsung has just applied for a patent on smartphones without borders –, the Korean electronics manufacturer LG sees things from another angle and decided to move away from its competitors by rising up, taking a little height. Indeed, they decided to make a smartphone flying, dream of many magicians (and users). This smartphone seems to come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

After a long reflexion time and wondering why these lads have invented this crazy idea for a smartphone, I found a lot of pros. To illustrate those advantages, I’ll use simple examples that everybody has already lived once.

Example 1. After a long day of work, I feel so tired that I decide to l lie down in my bed or in the sofa to chill a little bit and to read the news or watch videos on my smartphone. I don’t really care about the battery consumption because I know that my charger is at my fingertips. So, I’m watching videos again and again and I fell asleep in a short time. The next morning, after waking up, I’m in a hurry and I’m running out of battery. This is always a frustrating situation.
Hopefully, LG has searched for a solution to this daily problem and came up with the idea of the Drone Phone. The LG 505 U+ can recognise if you’re sleeping and fly autonomously back to its wireless charging station. Thanks to this, you avoid this stressful moment of looking for a power socket in the bus, the tram or the train.

Example 2. I’m not usually cooking but my mother does. When I see her hands dirty, I really want to do a prank, grab my phone, call her, watch her washing her hands in a hurry to answer the caller and hang up just before she’s able to take her phone. Or imagine that you’re gardening, and your hands are so dirty that you decide not to pick up your phone.
LG has, thanks to its idea to embed the drone technology inside a smartphone, found this solution for those poor mums or gardeners. And for the laziest people in the world. From now, you don’t have to stand up to grab your phone located on the table because you don’t have to move, the smartphone comes to you. By combining the features of a smartphone and a drone, you can now cook while having a videoconference or a phone call without soiling the device.

Example 3. Nowadays, the trends of taking selfies has been global and has reached nearly everyone who owns a smartphone. Biggest problem of this trend? Retaking the picture again and again because you are not satisfied for multiple reasons: the quality is not good enough, all the people are not on the picture because the arm (or his/her selfie stick) of the owner is too short, the selfie stick appears on the picture, you were not ready, …
LG has solved this issue for you, selfie lovers! This Drone Phone allows you to take photos of you at a maximum distance of 10 meters. It’s also able to capture the selfie in the air from the best possible angle automatically and to stay perfectly stable at the moment of the picture. This product will appeal to the shy people: the time of asking the bystanders to take picture for you is finally over. This could also use to take picture from inaccessible locations. No need for your buddy to try to reach hardly attainable spots to take amazing pictures (Location: Trolltunga, Norway).

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trolltunga norvège"

Example 4. Spending time on YouTube or on Netflix with my phone lying in the couch or sitting on the toilet has become a habit for many people (including me). But the only thing I hate is to hold my phone in my hands during a long time in an uncomfortable position.
The flying smartphone doesn’t need to be held in the air to watch your favourite TV series or documentaries. The smartphone is able to recognise where the user is looking and can move around your head to have the best position (optimal distance is 30cm). You could, from that moment, feel like being in a theatre, comfortably seated without using your hands.

Example 5. I watch a lot of videos of extreme sports. These people, usually sponsored by Red Bull, generally use GoPro cameras for their recordings. This type of camera makes the viewer feel like if he was in place of the sportsman or the stuntman. But sometimes, you want to make something crazy and you haven’t brought you GoPro camera with you to record it.
Now, you can record your crazy achievements or your insane actions under a new angle only with your phone. Indeed, the LG device can move in any direction at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Enough to record a bungee jumping, a cliff jumping, a kart race or even focus on your face on a rollercoaster.

To sum up these five examples, all these ideas are illustrated in the following video:

Nevertheless, I don’t think that such a product won’t be released in the next few months. This breakthrough device is a very good out-of-the-box idea, but it is still at the project stage, which means that research & development must be done to improve the LG 505 U+. Though, this is a preview of the future, which means that you might probably use a phone that can fly in the near future. Regarding the fly feature, I’m wondering if the LG 505 U+ will be considered as a drone or not, because certain governments have set up drone regulations. This could be a big disadvantage for the forerunner of the flying phone.

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Smart clothes, a market ready to explode

As a reflection of our way of life, fashion has to adapt itself in a world which is changing. This is no longer a myth; technologies invade the very real world of fashion. It is the arrival little by little of technology in a world that is very traditional and artisanal. The collaboration between technology and fashion is a phenomenon that is developing more and more: technology is therefore at the service of crafts, the goal is not to turn our back on traditional skills.

Thus, we see appearing the term smart clothing, which by definition, are textiles capable of capturing and analysing a signal in order to respond in a suitable manner. There are different levels of smart clothing. Firstly, there are passive smart clothes, the technology which doesn’t require electrical power. It is the material of the clothes which by its properties tends to give technical qualities. Secondly, there are smart active clothes, able to react in a preprogramed way, requiring a processor and an electric current capable of putting them into action. Finally, there are intelligent adaptive structures, with a learning ability that can adapt to the situation.

At the moment, health and sport are the themes whose smart clothing has developed the most. Having a large number of technical fabrics capable of adapting to the comfort of athletes or patients, it’s possible to measure heart rate, body temperature or performance.

In passive smart clothing, brands such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok are already using textiles to protect the skin from temperature changes while letting it breathe and resist sweat, in most of their technical parts such as socks or leggings.

In terms of smart active clothing, we see that the health sector uses smart fibres to control people with heart disease or diabetes. For its part, Nike has launched sneakers that are laced by themselves (HyperAdapt 1.0), being the first fully functional sports shoes that electronically adapt to the contours of the foot through adaptive lacing technology. Finally Adidas has created a pair of sneakers resistant to vomit and beer, on the occasion of the 184th Oktoberfest in Munich. The materials used have been fully designed to be waterproof and without the possibility to be stained.

In addition, some brands want to offer us, to include features specific to our connected phones, directly in our clothing. Levi’s is preparing a connected jacket in collaboration with Google, being sensitive to touch. The jacket will control your smartphone remotely and activate several features like receiving calls, notifications and GPS information, while having an aesthetically beautiful denim version with high quality. The jacket having fibres composed of a totally invisible electronic device. It will allow people by bike, car or motorcycle, to continue their journey without putting themselves in danger. For example, simply by tapping the sleeve of the jacket, you can accept or decline a call.

Finally, it is in the professional field of risk that technologies and fashion are used frequently. Indeed aerospace, has space suits composed of many innovations and micro-technology to improve both the comfort and protection of astronauts. Firefighters also see their clothing evolve, having sensors that can control the temperature inside and outside the suit and alert the wearer in critical conditions. Finally it is in the military field that it is possible to find military suits that can reduce infections in case of injury.

This shows that smart clothing is not only a gadget but also can be used and needed in specific areas. This is why we must not be afraid of the technological revolution that is beginning to affect the field of textiles and fashion. It is a new way of putting technologies at the service of the craft industry, which enriches the industry and allow new actors to emerge which are becoming more and more important. However, this revolution can present certain risks, which must be informed, such as the emergence of new ethical and societal issues. Indeed, smart clothing creating new IP addresses and new data information brings new risks of data protection and the risk of malicious intrusions.



The smarter way to get your alcohol

A smart decanter that can pour you whiskey on a single command. Good or bad? Apparently, the bourbon company Jim Beam is selling such a product and what’s not very surprising, it’s already sold out. The only feature this decanter includes is the delivery of whiskey when it’s asked for. It’s mentioned that it might respond to you with a couple of recorded phrases, but this is not what people needs. We wants our liquor and we wants it simple and easy. I have to admit it – I love this product.

As is discussed in the original article, this might be a marketing stunt performed by the company. I doubt it, but it cannot be taken out of consideration. However, if true, this adds an extra feature to drinking, and probably also encouraging yet another drink just because it’s entertaining to use it. At least until you’re familiar with the concept.

Nevertheless, I’m excited about the idea. Not only for home usage, but mainly for pubs. If enough effort is put into this area, the future bars and nightclubs will not need any bartenders. Who hasn’t stood in a line at a club waiting for a drink? I mean, if the drinks are pouring up themselves, there’s a potential of saving time. Hence, people can do whatever they do at clubs instead, and in the meantime the clubs can be more profitable. See, we are looking at a win-win situation.

This idea indeed comes with a bunch of issues. Not to mention the payment, but if the club has implemented self-serving bottles, one can assume that the transaction technology is enough developed at the time as well. Just to elaborate it through the current available technology, the customers can load an account with money upfront or just connect their regular RFID credit cards. Another issue is that it’s more difficult to control the servings of people. I know in some countries it’s illegal to serve persons that are too intoxicated, which indeed would cause some difficulties. But I guess it’s solved with an additional responsibility for the bouncers.

If you can afford it, these problems are avoidable if you establish a bar in your home for private use only. The setback, I can imagine, is that your home will be a victim for a lot of house parties. The thing is, I believe that people around the world are becoming lazier for every day. The most daily issues needs to be solved in the most optimal way, thus time and energy saving. The demand of services are constantly rising and companies are putting a lot of effort in making their products and services as easy as possible for the customers in order to outcompete the competition. The area of consuming alcohol is one that is not yet developed as much as other areas, for example the automatic car-sharing offerings. Hence, I clearly see a potential.

Authors note. It may appear to the readers that I’m glorifying the consumption of alcohol. Drinking alcohol comes with a lots of responsibility and I advocates you to follow the legislation of whichever country you are located in. End of note.

QOOBO – the heart healing pillow

Have you ever heard “No!” from your parents when asking for a pet? Are you having a busy life and cannot afford spending enough time with a pet? Do you feel lonely in your apartment with no fluffy tale? Qoobo can be a solution for you.

According to Engadget, at CEATEC, the Japanese company called “Yukai Engineering” unveiled its latest wacky product, the Qoobo “tail therapy” robot. This is essentially a cushion with a realistic cat tail that reacts to stroking and patting, such that it’s able to comfort its “owner” like a real pet would simply through tail wagging.

According to creators of Qoobo, it is a robotic pillow with a tail intended to provide a sense of comfort to users.  When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, it occasionally wags just to say hello. Qoobo was designed for communication that warms your heart the way animals do. “Through trial and error, we developed a mechanism that closely mimics the flexible and elegant movements of an animal. We selected different materials for various parts of the robot to enhance the movements and the tail’s appearance. We also made it durable to allow for use in various environments” – say Yukai Engineering.







The story of Qoobo is very ordinary: the idea of the pillow originates from one of Yukai Engineering’s employees. The designer had a cat, but since the apartment she moved into didn’t allow pets, she had to leave her cat with her parents. This inspired her to come up with a lifelike pet substitute that would make her feel better whenever she thought of her cat.

According to The Verge, Qoobo is expected to cost around $100 when it launches in June 2018. Like with its adorable Bocco robot that was delivered with Kickstarter, the company is hoping to launch Qoobo with the help of a crowdfunding platform too. It’ll have an eight-hour battery life with USB charging, and will come in two colors: Husky gray and French brown.

Now you can back Qoobo at the page of the project at Kickstarter platform, and starting from $83 you can order a pillow and expect the delivery by June 2018.

People, who have already “touched” Qoobo say, that they were surprised by how realistic the tail moved, especially with how its wagging intensity increased as they petted it harder. Interestingly, the stroking detection is mostly done with just one accelerometer inside the body, according to CEO Shunsuke Aoki. He added that despite the cat-like appearance, the realistic tail movement is actually based on research on both cat and dog behavior.

Being a former dog owner, I must say, that I hardly imagine how a pillow can replace a real pet. But it looks like robots never die, unlike our pets…




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Selfie stick? That’s not enough.

I am sure you know what is a selfie stick and how you should use it. Nowadays it is all about making photos, everywhere and as many as we can!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania gag bathroom selfie

At the beginning it was awkward to be caught while making a selfie. Maybe not for all of us but for me it was really awkward moment and I wanted to eliminate such situations. Then everything changed when selfie sticks appeared on the market. Even before them we all knew that making photos not only on vacations is just a normal situation. Using selfie stick everything became more easier and common.

Selfie stick is great and helps but this post is going to show you that selfie stick was nothing comparing to this new product invented by a group of students. I am talking about 3-Axis Stabilizer! 

It’s not just about the photos, it’s more about the videos you can make by using this product to make the job done. There is no way somebody could complain about this product because it is easy to use, it’s small so you can always be ready to film whatever you want to and be ready for it all the time!

Some specs about the product:

Creators are describing their products as “luxuriously smooth video for the Modern Creators”. It means that even though you don’t have the best filming skills you can still use this stabiliser which will allow you catch all moments and film them just the way you see them. This stabilizator is for both – professional videographer as well as amateurs.

With this product you can film it all because the battery life is up to 8 hours! All you need is stabilizator and your smartphone which is always with you, isn’t it?

Creators are normal people who loves extreme sports where filming their performance is the most awaited moment so that’s the reason they are saying that “your equipment shouldn’t limit your creativity”! With this words they created a new selfie stick which enables to film everything!

What is so special?

  • Super Smooth Servomotors & Self-Calibrating (your picture is moving smooth, without any crashes and cuts)

  • Ergonomic Design (stabilizator has access to your camera screen so you can react initially and control everything by using it)

  • Ultra Long Battery Life (up to 8 hours)

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum (mady from 6061 aluminium, no plastic is used in whole device)

This product is now available on Kickstarter! If you are intrested on this topic you can read more about the product on:

Net neutrality breach

We are living in the world, where the rights of a human are valued at highest level. Freedom has always been a very controversial issue and discrimination has been persecuted for ages. Such ideas had impacted the state of our modern life, where everybody is willing to have the equal rights and the people struggle to get it at most. Today, in the time of massive digitalization, such notion does not only come along with the real life, but also is expected to cover the virtual reality, hence, the Internet. Therefore, as the Internet grows and boundaries of it are unimaginable, certain restrictions had to be made in order to control the flow of the data. Nevertheless, the right to access the data is crucial and should stay untouched.

In fact, the notion of net neutrality had been introduced in early 2000th by Tim Wu, as the main principle of the Internet operations through which “Internet service providers treat all data transmitted and accessed on the Internet equally, regardless of its size, type or origin”, says This means that any breach to the net neutrality concept is an issue, where your Internet Service Providers restrict certain content providers from getting the equal access to their data.

According to, in 2015, the USA Federal Communications Commission had signed the regulation upon which “the Internet providers cannot block or slow down your access to any (legal) online content”. For example, the service provider cannot slow down your connection, when you are visiting the competitor website or different business are not allowed to pay the service provider to speed up the transfer of data, when visiting their Internet page.

In fact, the notion of net neutrality, soon, might become the issue of the past. Recently, in USA the question of net neutrality has arose again, as the current chairman of US FCC Ajit Pai is going to review and, in fact, upend the decision of the equal access on December, 14.

The principle of work of the Internet is that it allows to create the content and provides an equal access to it (until the access is limited by the providers, itself). However, if the Internet service providers would have enough rights to control the data flow and Internet traffic, it might create the imbalance. In fact, it would influence the market, where the competition would not be open and not equal. According to, the major content providers (like CBS in USA) might win from such change, as the service providers would be more interested to get the content from the most reliable sources.  Though, the major Internet stores, like Amazon, Ebay might lose, due to slowing down the traffic while visiting their websites, as the additional fee to enter it might be introduced. As a result, the minor content providers – small online stores, minor Internet magazines, would suffer at most due to inability to pay enough to have the faster traffic transmission. This would create a situation, where the rights of various small and local businesses that operate on the Internet would be discriminated, because of their size and low power in the market.

Why it matters to us?

For now, this issue has arisen in USA. However, we have already witnessed various countries restricting the data flow on the Internet and most of them are actively implemented today. In result, this might mean that this subject might come along the European countries, where the net neutrality seems to be valued a lot right now. Therefore, as this issue impacts the businesses, as well, it might also become the first step to the breach of the individuals’ right for freedom of speech, as social media is having one of the largest traffic and data flow on the Internet. Internet Service Providers would hunt for them at most, which would lead to introduction of additional fees, while using the social media to express the voice of individual.

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Smart City in Arizona, big plan of Bill Gates.

All of us have seen the smart cities of the future, unfortunately only in big US movie productions. A few months ago the richest man on the Earth decided to introduce his plan of building Smart City to real life. One of the Bill Gates investment firms Cascade Investment LLC announced the plan of building Smart City located in Arizona. The company paid about $80 million for 24,800-acre land on which they are planning to build public schools; and office, commercial, and retail space. But that investment won’t look like a typical city. This place will be more smart, autonomous, sustainable and self-efficient than other. What do we understand the name of a smart city? According to encyclopedia “The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens”.  The video below is presenting some smart solutions that exist or are planned to be introduced into some cities.

Why did Mr. Gates decide to create the smart city there? Firstly Belmont (the name of the location area) is located 40 miles from Phoenix, so the place is not located on wastelands. Despite the fact of close localization to the big city, the ground price was relatively small, and the area is pretty big, it is very similar to the Paris when it comes to the size. But the price wasn’t the main argument of the Smart City localization. The state of Arizona is also very friendly when it comes to the “smart cities” solution regulations. For example, it has very relaxed Autonomous vehicles policies. Belmont investors hope to use it as a big advantage and they think that should help different tech companies to pilot their technologies and later implement them within the Belmont. Another very positive aspect of Arizona state is the fact of big solar energy production capacity, which will be used to power charging stations for some of these cars — as well as traffic lights, homes, and office spaces. In such case, the city could be self-efficient when it comes to the energy.

Investors are planning to make Belmont really smart and sustainable. The benefits which will be available for future Belmont inhabitants and the companies which will run there are for example The high-speed networks, Autonomous vehicles, high-speed digital networks, Big data centers. New manufactural Technologies and Autonomous Logistic Hubs. Those are only examples of benefits but for sure with the progress of the city building plans investors will announce much more astonishing details about smart technologies and innovative solutions which will be common within it.

Until this moment everything seems to be fine and perfect but there is one regulation that needs to be fulfilled to create a new city. This regulation is connected with the low water level in Arizona. To set the new city investors needs to prove that the city will have a supply of water for 100 years. This issue might be not easy to fix and for sure very expensive. The only option will be transporting the water by pipelines, and then sustainable use of it.

The problem with water in Arizona

The smart City concepts isn’t a new idea but from a few years, we can see that some of the richest cities are trying to implement new solutions to make their cities smarter. Governments are building Tech Hubs within some city districts to speed up the innovation. Private investors are trying to build their own smart cities. Those are the things which we can observe now. In the next 10/20 years a lot might have changed and due to that, it is important to have such investments. Technology will become more and more connected to the way of how we exist every day, so due to that, we need to develop it and observe how will cities of the future look like. How “smart” will be Belmont? In terms of technology, for sure it will be, but we need to remember that smart cities are something more than just autonomous cars, sustainability and a lot of other technologies. Smart Cities are also about Smart Society, Smart Healthcare, E-government etc. Due to that, there will be still more to develop for places like Belmont but such investments are necessary to develop and test those “smart solutions”.


Spectacles, cool Snapchat gadget, but is it worth buying?

Spectacles are a new product from Snapchat, these are special glasses equipped in camera that records 10 second long(or more) videos with sound from our eyes perspective. This product is now widely available to buy through their website, but when they first introduced them, only US based customers could buy them and it was also not so easy. They could be purchased in special Snapbots and people could check their actual location on special website. Now Snapbots were placed also in London and Barcelona, more locations are to be announced.

Spectacles are sold in three different colors, the package includes case that is also a charger and portable powerbank. The glasses are trendy with rounded frames. Once you record videos with them, they are stored in the glasses, then if you connect your Spectacles with Snapchat app via Bluetooth the videos are imported to app’s memories. The battery is said to last for about 100 snaps and the case can recharge your device up to four times. Glasses can work even if your phone battery dies, they save the videos and you can just import them to your phone later.

The device was created especially for Snapchat users, but there is a possibility to import the videos to your camera roll so theoretically you could use them also for other apps or to upload to Youtube, but there is a small catch. Spectacles record circular videos so if you rotate your phone you can see more but the same way it does not make sense to upload such round video anywhere else because it looks weird.

What is great about this glasses is that you can take videos from your own eyes perspective without holding your phone, so you are phone-free and also your hands are free, this way you can save spectacular views and share your experience with others. This is first gadget of this type that is actually trendy, good quality product (with not great quality videos), very user friendly and for such tech innovation also affordable with price tag of 130 US dollars.

For people who use Snapchat often it might be a really cool device to record even better content to their profiles. For sure it is fun to use them, but the big disadvantage is that they are basically for Snapchat users only.


So what do you guys think? Would you buy such product or you think it is complete waste of money?




Tesla, the company defined by Forbes as the most innovative in the world, is ready to transform our homes into small, autonomous power plants.

Tesla, the company founded in 2003 by Elon Musk and JB Straubel together with Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and operating until just a few months ago, exclusively in the sector of high performance electric vehicles, is experiencing an exponential growth so much that it has been praised by Forbes , already in 2015, as the most innovative company in the world. Just in recent months, the company is entering a decisive  and revolutionary way in the field of electrical engineering and renewable energy, especially the solar one. The story began towards the end of last year, when Tesla announced that it will collaborate with Panasonic for the production of solar panels and modules. The two companies signed a so-called “non-binding letter of intent” under which they will collaborate in the production of photovoltaic cells (PV), located in Tesla plant in Buffalo, New York. Shortly after, on June 28, 2016, during an event on a movie set of Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Tesla and SolarCity (a company purchased by Tesla in the next few days for $ 2.6 billion) jointly presented their amazing innovation: an integrated system of photovoltaic tiles, connected to the new “Powerwall 2” battery, capable of producing domestic electricity and recharging the car, thus leveraging 100% renewable energy in short, a solar roof that will revolutionize the entire market.

As usual, the event is redundant, thrilling, scenic, as in the usual style of Elon Musk.The International Renewable Energy Agency produced a report earlier this year that predicted up to 13 per cent of the electricity generated around the world could be done by 2030 through solar power. In addition to this, if you want to look for a replacement product, you will probably never find it, except if we want to be generous of Bicocca’s photovoltaic windows, a 2015 project, rewarded in 2016 and (almost) ready for marketing.At this point, it’s clear that the roof and battery technology could potentially open a whole new market for the company, making solar power a key component for new and existing houses. Mainly this invention aims to solve the aesthetic problem of the bulky solar panels used yet today  to produce solar energy.In order to do it they are using a high-efficiency solar cell manufactured by Panasonic and covered with a “color louver film”, which allows cells to blend into the roof while exposing them to the sun above, and finally a tempered glass on top for durability.
The company believes so much in the resistance of its product that Tesla tempered glass tiles are sold with endless guarantee: “These are three times more resistant than classic tiles. We are ready to offer the best guarantee possible: forever, as long as the house is standing! “says the company’s website. The animation next to it, taken at 2,500 frames per second, is part of a quality test: at the time of impact, the 5cm hail travels at 160 kms.

 The endless guarantee is a necessary plus considering what has been said in a recent interview by Elon Musk. According to Tesla CEO, in fact, the Solar Roof, on balance, would be cheaper than traditional solar panels and even normal roof tiles, considering  the enormous savings in electricity over the years.In this regard, the company has set up a calculator on its website providing a more or less detailed estimate of the costs to be incurred and of the achievable savings. In any case, Tesla suggests that between purchase and installation costs, cost of energy saved, and any incentives, the expense would be zeroed even earning a few thousand euros, after 30 years (15-20 years is the average life span of a standard cover of solar panels).

 From May 10, 2017, Tesla tiles can be ordered from many countries around the world, this is what the company announced in a tweet the night before the official launch on the market. Until that moment, exactly as it happened before the official launch of the “Model 3” electric car launched by Tesla only a few weeks before, the first and only customers were the employees of the company. The launch price is $42 for square foot of roof covering, which may vary according to the specificity of each single case. The success was instantaneous and the sales of the first two weeks were enough to fill the installations calendar until 2018.Returning to the technical characteristics of the tiles, first of all it should be said that these have a optimal  functionality / aesthetics ratio, in fact they look the same as normal high-end coverage materials, but they still absorb sunlight and turn it into energy through solar cells.In this way, the energy accumulated during the day is stored in the “Powerwall” battery pack that the system must be equipped with, so as to provide the required energy and the right voltage, to avoid waste of money and technology.In short, our home would become a real small power plant able to function in a completely autonomous way.The product is offered in 4 different styles: Textured Glass Tile, Slate Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile, and Smooth Glass Tile.

In addition to this, each roof is completely customizable since tiles with solar cells can be fitted jointly with plain tiles that are absolutely identical to each other.At last we must remember that Tesla tiles measure half the weight of the common tiles and do not degrade over time like asphalt or cement: the Tesla solar roof would seem to be the most durable and innovative roof available today on the market.There is really need for inventions of this kind in order to be able to exploit more and more renewable energies and Tesla is the best interpreter for this role. Surely it will be necessary to monitor the evolution of the solar roof over time, but all the indications are that this amazing company has revolutionized another  new sector in which it is entered.In short, Elon Musk never stops to astonish and Tesla is ready to take us in the future!