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50 000 Printers hacked in order to prolong PewDiePie’s number one spot on YouTube.

Felix Kjellberg, a swedish YouTuber known as PewDiePie, is in the middle of a “YouTube subscribers war” where the prize is the number on spot considering the amount of subscribers on a channel. The war is fought between him and T-Series, an Indian media company which does bollywood music videos. Right now T-Series is the fastest growing channel on YouTube and has the number one spot regarding video views.

We’ve seen lots of posts, tweets, videos with people preaching the message of helping Felix remain the number one by subscribing to him, we’ve even had another YouTuber buy billboards to spread the message.

But this is like nothing before. Twitter user known as TheHackerGiraffe has found an exploit that enabled him to hack 50 thousand printers. First words about it came from twitter where people thought it was actually PewDiePie’s propaganda. PewDiePie took a bit of hate to the face because of this, but not enough to affect him – it’s not the first time and not the last time he gets bullied.


Because of this event the subscriber war took a twist and PewDiePie is still number one but not for long since T-Series is growing 4 times quicker. Here’s a live sub counter from YouTube provided by FlareTV

A bit about the technical side of the “hack”.

“TheHackerGiraffe scanned the Internet to find the list of vulnerable printers with port 9100 open using Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices and exploited them to spew out a message.

The hacker mainly uses an open-source hacking tool to exploit vulnerable printers, called Printer Exploitation Toolkit (PRET), which has been designed for testing printers against various known vulnerabilities, allowing attackers to capture or manipulate print jobs.”

The Hacker News

Apparently this is more of a trick than a hack. It’s not very complicated and it’s already been done by a hacker called Weev in 2016 in order to broaden antisemitism and by another hacker in 2017 who just printed silly drawings on around 150 000 printers.

TheHackerGiraffe in his AMA on reddit claimed that he hacked only 50 000 out of 800 000 potential printers that are still exposed to attacks. In perspective, that’s a lot of printers to be used in a bad way like phishing, blackmailing or just simply abusing it. It shows how insecure IPP/LPD printers are – especially when they’re not up-to-date. To somehow portray how easy this attack may be TheHackerGiffare wrote:

Think of it as a giant print button on the internet.

Having this power in his hands our “Friendly Giraffe” instead of abusing it he decided to help a YouTuber he liked and out of all the options he had – he decided to send the following message:

It’s a good way to raise awareness about security. This trick could have cost companies a lot of money since ink and paper doesn’t come for free. On top of that a trick like that could be pulled off by a kid and they could suffer consequences because of that. It is said that all a hacker need is your Fax number to hack your printer. At the end of the day a fun little game of a subscriber war has thought us a lesson about our security.


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Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex was hacked losing $70M worth of bitcoin. It found unprecedented solution.

Bitfinex is one of the most popular Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange. On August 2nd one of the company employees confirmed a loss of 119,756btc. This with a base price (from the time prior the hacking) of $650 USD per bitcoin converts to $ 77,841,400 USD equivalent.

After the news of the hack was published the market value of bitcoin fell down by almost 20% settling on $540 USD per bitcoin.

bitcoin value drop

No information about how did it happen was released. All is known is the fact that funds in other currencies haven’t been compromised and that only some accounts lost their bitcoins while other didn’t lose any.

BitGo claims that they found no evidence of a breach to any BitGo servers.

The weird thing is the fact that this exchange does not have any limits on withdrawals as other exchanges. This would limit the possible losses caused by such an attack.

The company found an unprecedented solution to this situation. It was decided to spread the loss evenly between everyone who is using Bitfinex exchange. It means that customers will see on their accounts a generalized loss percentage of 36.067%.

As a compensation of the 36.067% Bitfinex will grant everyone a new token called BFX in the amount proportional to the loss of a client.

This solution was not welcomed be everyone. Especially by those who kept their savings in other currencies like USD.

The plan is to eventually rebuy the token living customers with what they had on their accounts prior the hack. The BFX token is going to be tradable on their platform allowing customers to set their value (representing how they see chances of rebuying the token really happening; I would be rather skeptical)


How do you like the solution of Bitfinex?

Would you store your bitcoins in an online wallet? (It is not the first time big amount of bitcoins disappear without a trace)







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