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Technology and mental health

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Someone in your life is suffering from a mental disorder right now. You may not know it, but it’s there.

One in five adults suffers from a mental disorder, but society has trained us to believe mental illness is something to be ashamed of, so a majority of the afflicted hide it and go untreated. Also, patients are often perceived as being dangerous or incompetent, with little hope of recovery.

It’s time to recognize that depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental health conditions are every bit as serious and debilitating as physical conditions, and address the inadequacies in the medical community’s approach to treating them.

Technology will be a critical component of the solution — and a great deal of that technology already exists. Furthermore telemedicine is an effective tool for expanding the reach of traditional practitioners to treat patients in underserved areas.


Indeed, there are many new apps which may be useful:

  •  Purple Robot tracks your movements and phone usage looking for signs of depression.
  •  SilverCloud Health delivers patient recovery and engagement rates on par with traditional face-to-face therapy.
  •  Ieso Digital Health allows patients to text in real time with their therapist semi-anonymously from anywhere, helping to reduce and eliminate stigma.
  • Zenta monitors physical health, such as your heart rate, but also perspiration, respiration and temperature and cross-references this data against other data from your smartphone in order to understand cause and effect, and now it’s trying to create a pattern about indicators for mental health.
  • Eliza app asks users to record a voice memo, say, venting about an issue they’re dealing with at work or simply reflecting on their day. The app turns the user’s speech into text that’s ready for sentiment analysis. After each memo is quickly analyzed, Eliza generates an infographic that shows users whether they sound happy and calm, mostly, or maybe stressed and in need of support from friends and therapists. It also lets users see, over time, how they’ve been feeling.


This progress gives cause to be optimistic about dramatically reducing the number of untreated patients as quality improves and adoption grows among payers, providers and consumers.



Is the world truly prepared to go cashless and adopt digital payments?

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The era is quick moving and everything around us is done inside a snap of fingers. Technology has taken over our lives; we are encompassed by it. It is difficult to consider an existence where innovation did not exist, maybe in a life of a monk. Everything is getting digitized and individuals are generally purchasing things online as they are cost effective and time saving.

Most of us use debit or credit cards for transactions in our day to day life. Be that as it may, they are couple of circumstances where we have to purchase things with money. It is constantly better to have some trade with us out instance of a crisis. The innovation is helping us all around to go cashless, yet individuals are not opening up to that thought. They are agreeable in utilizing money for their every day costs.

Plastic cash exchanges

The banks are giving the account holders with a debit or credit card which is plastic cash. Business people have upgraded the system of business transactions with the assistance of these. This makes things simpler to work with, as we can simply swipe the card and and our payment is done. That is consistent and bother free for the shopper and the merchant also.

Internet Banking

People are now days shopping online and incline toward making the payment through online banking. However, there are a couple who are distrustful about web managing an account, as there are security issues. The banks have outlined the entire framework with encryption and security. The programmers may get into the framework as they are great at it and get the data to profit.

We would prefer not to have any sort of privacy breach in our account. That is the primary reason we stick to using money or swiping the card. At any rate we will know about the way that our account is sheltered. We have to trust that there will be no outcomes if at all there is an online transaction. Everything in our account will be known to us and the bank and it is highly unlikely a third individual would become acquainted with about it.

80% of the world’s population still depends, on money

The truth of the matter is that, exclusive 20 percent of the populace is executing in electronic and online modes. The majority of despite everything us want to pay in trade as opposed to paying out a cashless mode. It is not helping the economy to develop, as we have to make an enormous measure of venture. With the increasing average cost for basic items, each one of us is attempting to spare some cash.

Travel and support of money had dependably been a monotonous errand and upscale too for the legislature. The majority of the nations are thinking that its difficult to keep pace with this developing economy. To beat this, they have chosen to go the cashless way. Go past utilizing plastic cash and online exchanges. They need each one of us to go cashless wherever we go.

A cashless group

Removing on money, will make individuals give administrations at a lower cost. The general population of back subsidizing firms are working with the legislature to make “Go cashless” prominent. They need the group to make electronic installments and it is not available to all. Digitization of money has brought a lot of safety and security concerns for the public.

It might appear that all these are for the improvement of the humankind. Be that as it may, we can state that some place between we can discover provisos in the framework. False cases are getting enrolled with the law powers, however with solid security frameworks. We can expect that the future era will be cashless. In any case, for the time being, until and unless these online exchanges are trick evidence, people are willing to stick to the cash payment.

Are we ready for this change?

As of now, it is in advance, however the significant part of the populace is still content with utilizing money. The more seasoned era is still in the time of purchasing wares with the assistance of money. The innovation advancement has not had a major effect on them. They are adjusting to the progressions which they feel to be sufficiently attainable for them.

We have to know how this entire electronic cash exchange is going on. The bankers are mediators for us to get our money transacted from us to the seller. A four way association additionally happens here, the bank, online payment apps, dealer and us.



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Amazon to the first regular commercial drone delivery service

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In case you are a postman, turn away at this point. The fate of conveyances is here – and it’s about

automatons. It’s for some time been realized that self-sufficient flying machines are the future – the

motion pictures let us know so – yet now it’s turned into a reality because of Amazon, who, with the

guide of one Jeremy Clarkson, has not just formally point by point anticipates its own automaton

conveyance benefit, Amazon Prime Air, yet began testing it in the UK as well.

One of the main thrusts behind the cutting edge postie substitutions, the online retailer has now

offered firm subtle elements on its airborne bundle suppliers. Despite the fact that tests have

started, a correct date of rollout is still to be affirmed, however what’s to come is edging, quite,

nearer. Here is all that you have to think about the Amazon Prime Air ramble conveyance benefit.

It resembles a modest Harrier Jump Jet

With vertical take-off and landing aptitudes and flat flight, the Amazon Prime Air automatons are a

helicopter/plane half and half of sorts – much like the Harrier Jump Jet. Topping a height of 100

meters and equipped for hitting speeds near 100kph, the automatons should come back to base

after every conveyance for energizing. Composed if all else fails in the conveyance chain of

importance – shouldn’t utilize them for each request, only the crises – they’re probably going to be

expensive to utilize.

And also space sparing, there’s another advantage to these vertical moves. Without cruising into

land at low elevation, the automatons ought to be immovably far from troublesome children

remained on the highest point of their carport with a major stick attempting to thump them out of

the air to steal their payload.




You’ll require a helipad in your garden

Alright, not a full-sized, landing area circle – that wouldn’t be down to earth – yet an Amazon-marked

landing mat. Going about as a homing-signal of sorts for the automaton, the logo-enhanced cushion

is utilized to manage the automaton in and goes about as a smooth, safe place for the machine to

store its payload.

The arrival cushion is little and lightweight importance it can be effortlessly moved to a more roomy

area and put away when you’re not expecting a conveyance. Simply keep an eye out for your mate

attempting to place it on the top of your auto or nail it to the highest point of your shed, yes?

Deliveries will be tricky if you live in a higher floor

As the automatons need to make a controlled arriving in a pleasantly extensive zone, city-occupants

and those of you in squares of pads will have a few issues. And in addition obstructions, for example,

phone wires and thin avenues, the absence of a private arrival zone could demonstrate hazardous.

Convey to your mass-possessed working, for instance, and when you get down to the mutual patio,

odds are an automaton following law breaker will have appropriated your surrendered bundle.

It’s going to be quick, very quick

Waiting 3 to 5 business days for a conveyance is as of now a relic of past times – say thanks to God.

Many firms offer next or even same-day conveyances and Amazon offers a 1-hour benefit in various

significant urban areas. Fretfully, be that as it may, the online retailer is still not content with this

hold up time – and claims Prime Air will make conveyances a close momentary undertaking.

Inside 30 minutes of your request being put, your merchandise could be sat on your garden or

garage. With the automatons having been appeared to clock paces of up to 60mph – and with little

air movement to evade – ramble conveyances will be more advantageous, as well as frequently

faster than making a beeline for the shops.

Don’t expect any airborne deliveries anytime soon

Amazon is serious about drone deliveries. We’ve realized that for quite a while and its most recent

Clarkson-implanted divulge has just further highlighted the genuine nature with which the retailer is

seeking after airborne delivery. It’s still some way off however.

While the innovation may be there, the controls aren’t. If Amazon’s drones are going to fly out of

line of sight (more than 10 miles), regulations need to change first – and this won’t be a speedy

process. Besides, itself has put a damper on those expecting flying bundles come January 1. The firm

caveated its huge reveal by expressing it won’t dispatch Prime Air until we can exhibit safe



It is in Amazon’s best interest to make you think that delivery drones are coming whether you like

them or not, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Technological progress may be inevitable, but the

details of its implementation are not.

Reference link: england-delivery.html

5G Network Technology Features and Specification

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What is 5g?

5G is a term used to describe the forthcoming fifth generation of mobile network


Right now, it doesn’t signify any particular type of technology. While 4G has become

synonymous with LTE, there’s been no publicly agreed upon standard for 5G networks.

However, a couple of likely technologies are emerging.

The main quality of 5G networks compared to 4G will be speed. It’s going to be many times

quicker than what we have now, and by quite a way.

5g cellular systems overview

Just have some overview and get the comparison of the different generations. We have

some of the features of different generations here as below.

  •  First generation, 1G: These were the first phones to be used in the cellular

network. Although there was a very low level of spectrum efficiency and security

in this technology as it was the first evaluation.

  •  Second generation, 2G:  These were next after the first one, based on the digital

technology and offered much better spectrum efficiency, security and new

features such as text messages and low data rate communications.

  • Third generation, 3G: This technology come with new features and provides high-

speed data. The original technology was enhanced to allow data rate up to 14

Mbps and more.

  • Fourth generation, 4G: This was an all-IP based technology capable of providing

data rates up to 1 GBPS.


Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Enhanced mobile broadband is about more than ‘fat’ (high-bandwidth) pipes. It’s about

delivering rich mobile experiences. Again, slicing will be key to the extent that it can stitch

together the best (scalable) core assets and non-congested RAN assets and any content

cached at the network edge in order to ensure that latency or network bottlenecks don’t

impede the experience.

Handheld Computer

Presently PCs and mobiles are not separate things. The way it encourages the client with diversions, cameras, video n music recorder/player is truly momentous.

Information partaking in 5G system is simple. It excludes the state of putting both portable

eye to eye with the goal that information could be shared. In any case, 5G Bluetooth

innovation expels this condition and information could be exchanged in the event that it is

partaken in the scope of 50m.

It is not far away when we see the worldwide mobiles everywhere throughout the world. A

client can move wherever on the planet by holding only 5G portable system. All the

meandering would be absolved from the levy arranges. The rates of the call would not be

distinctive region to territory.

Advantages of 5G technology

  • High resolution and bi-directional large bandwidth shaping.
  • Technology to gather all networks on one platform.
  • More effective and efficient.
  • Technology to facilitate subscriber supervision tools for the quick action.
  • Most likely, will provide a huge broadcasting data (in Gigabit), which will supportmore than 60,000 connections.
  • Easily manageable with the previous generations.
  • Technological sound to support heterogeneous services (including private network).
  • Possible to provide uniform, uninterrupted, and consistent connectivity across the world.


5G Network Is Possible Now on Intel

With everything from the silicon to acceleration technologies built into and/or around Intel

Architecture processors, Intel offers the building blocks needed for network transformation

and has emerged with a leading role in the future 5G network.


Reference: speed-network/ means-for- you-8666636


Whatsapp trusts Telegram as a potential rivalry to its business

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Whatsapp Vs Telegram

Both are well known messaging apps with enormous client base. Whatsapp without a doubt is the broadly utilized messaging application . With near a billion clients, while Telegram has 100 million clients.The center operations are  similar you can communicate with other individuals over the web through different ways.






This is the most essential capacity propelled in Whatsapp at its starting stage. This can help you pass

on one message to the whole contact list.

Organizing content

Exhausted of messaging in the same font? Clients are furnished with italics, bolds and strike

through.Exceptional elements of Telegram

Mystery talk

Clients entering mystery talk can have end-to- end encryption among a few other wellbeing

highlights. They can get warnings when a screen talk is taken additionally a self destructer which will

crush messages after a specific purpose of time.

Record sharing administrations

Whatsapp can share PDF however that is nothing when contrasted with wire record sharing, it can

help clients in transmitting everything from archives to zip.

Multi gadget

Clients can begin visiting on one gadget and proceed with it on another. This is bolstered by the

cloud administrations gave by them. It is fast continuous and effective. Client can likewise check

dynamic sessions in different gadgets and end them.

Super gatherings

Wire has huge gatherings which can bolster upto 1000 individuals. Channels can be utilized to

communicate to boundless individuals

Stickers and GIF

There are a huge amount of them in message not at all like Whatsapp which is constrained to smiley

and couple of emoticons. The stickers can be made by clients or utilized from outsider sites.

Locking talks

Clients can bolt talks and keep away unwanted individual from their contactlist in whatsapp.

Altering messages

Clients can alter the messages that are as of now sent, which is not present in Whatsapp.



Reference : blocking-links- of-telegram/ blocking-telegram- links-in- the-android-


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Self-driving cars new insurance requirements

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Senate, the upper house of the Australian parliament received a new proposal, which stated the need of new insurance requirements for the drivers who are working for the app based ride-hailing companies like Uber, Lyft, etc. officials of the auto insurance are having discussions in this regard. And it is also believed that, these ideas of the new auto-insurance requirements will help the victims of car accidents.


This bill would likewise shield the casualties from the blame of the monetary crumple. The arrangement behind the protection of the ride-hailing administrations will be accessible in a straight-forward manner. Presently the issue is with the self-driving cars. It is expected that there will be 3.5 million self-driving cars by 2020 and 4.5 million cars by 2030. The institute has quoted that, these vehicles will not remain as fully autonomous vehicles, Till a certain time they will become fully-autonomous vehicles.


The lawyer and the adjunct professor of insurance law at Georgetown University, Marc Mayerson said that, by some way the insurance companies have to provide the mechanism, which allows the compensation for car accidents. But, it is aimed that, self-driving cars will not create any sorts of negligence liability for the passenger ,since it is manufactured to avoid collision. Therfore it is expected that the personal insurance premiums of the self-driving car owners will be much lower.



Reference: agenda-driverless- insurance-20160620- snap-story.html

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Chromebook users will undergo a better experience with microsoft office suite

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Google obtained Android apps for their different sort of laptop- Chromebook, which runs on Google Chrome OS. Chromebook exceeded the Apple Macs in terms of trade, which made Chrome OS as one of the world’s rapidly developing operating systems. This acquisition of android by Google happened many years ago, but still some of the Android apps are not well-matched with the Chromebook.

Microsoft office was one of the most widely used office suites in the world. This suite was available in Chromebook to create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. It can be available in the form of Office 365 and Office Online and it offers to use the software over the internet with the help of any web browser.

Recently some of the Chromebook users have experienced some difficulties while accessing the Office suite and speculations were made that Microsoft intentionally block the services to the Chromebook users.

What’s a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop of unique variety running in the Linux based Google Chrome OS instead of using Windows or MAC as an operating system. Most of the applications and documents are stored in the cloud, so these documents and applications can be accessed only when chromebooks are connected to the internet. Hence, these machines are designed in a manner such that it will operate only if there was an internet connection. Google provides 100 GB of cloud storage to every Chromebook.

According to the survey taken in 2016, Chromebook was sold more than Windows notebook. It had another benefit of saving the documents in the web can be accessed from any computer. To have the best experience, user must log in to the Chrome OS using Google credentials, but it also offers to log in as a guest.

  • Apps availability

Chromebooks are well-suited for Google’s apps such as Gmail, Google Photos, Google Calendar and Google Drive. Users who already use the services of Google like calendar, email and documents will easily set into the Chromebook.

In the mid of 2017, Google has announced android apps for Chromebooks and it added that the apps will have an ability to run on three unique window sizes to provide a better experience. User can give mouse, keyboard and touch input within a same app.


  • Chromebook offline use

Chromebook are designed to connect to the internet with Wi-Fi or 4G, even though if there is no any presence of Wi-Fi, user can read and compose emails by using Gmail Offline. Gmail offline, Google Drive, Pocket, more than 200 chrome apps and tons of Android apps are also available in offline mode. These offline apps will sync automatically and the data will be stored in the cloud once you restore connection to the internet.

Microsoft office suite

Microsoft office suite is the collection of products developed by Microsoft Corporation, which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Publisher. Every program provides a different service and it is compatible with other programs in the package.

Microsoft has been doing mobile first and cloud first policy, which targets to make its productivity apps, especially for its Office Suite available in all types of platforms.  These programs run in both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Android phones obtain the capability of using Microsoft office in the year 2015.

Office suite in Android

MS Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint are stand-alone apps for Android users since 2015. These apps are completely designed to create, edit and share the documents. Microsoft offers free access to the mobile app users to promote their product in the market.

MS Office in Chromebook

Google’s chrome OS based notebooks users have been able to access the Microsoft’s Office Online, but there was no any dedicated app like the Office Mobile Suite. This office suite has been available for Android, iOS and Windows 10.  

Microsoft and Google partnership

Some users of Chromebook noticed that Office suite of Microsoft for Android did not work on their chromebooks. Rumors arose that it was an act of Microsoft to block the apps intentionally for Chrome OS users, but later, Microsoft denied the rumors and replied that it currently optimizing the office to provide a better experience for the users.

Microsoft said that they are going to have a business relationship with Google to fulfill the user’s requirement and also planned to extend their apps availability on all compatible devices. The pretended clarification attempts could also include the growth of monetization schemes.


Enable Google Play Store on Chromebook

Google Play Store will not appear directly on the home screen, even if the user uses Chromebook running version 53. Users have to enable the Google play store option and steps to activate are given below.

  • Users have to turn on their Chromebook and unlock it by logging into their main account.
  • Click on the account picture which will be displayed on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • It will show some options and select “Settings” among them.
  • There will be an option that reads, “Enable Android Apps” under “Android Apps” column. Click that option.
  • It opens a new window and selects “Get started” on the new window.
  • It will display terms and conditions. Read them and agree to them.
  • Now Google Play Store will be available and the user can access whenever they want it.

Microsoft announced their partnership with Google to provide a better experience to the Chromebook users. This business partnership will help both of the company to expand their product and also to offer more facilities to their users.




Graphene as a new generation 2-D material

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There is been always new inventions throughout the history and some inventions changes ages. In our modern era, silicon, concrete and stainless steel were indispensable and very vital materials. In addition to those materials, there are new type of materials which are made of single-layer atoms and they have very big potential for the future. They are also called as two-dimensional materials or in other words 2D. They are called as for instance carbon (graphene), boron (borophene) and hexagonal boron nitride (aka white graphene), germanium (germanene), silicon (silicene), phosphorous (phosphorene) and tin (stanene). Theoretically, there is a possibility to synthesize new materials but they are not made yet.

We call it a revolution in science. Those two dimensional monolayer materials were first introduced by two scientists who won the Nobel Prize. The product is called as 2-D graphene. It is harder than diamond. It is tougher and stronger than steel. It is thin, translucent, lighter than almost anything. It is flexible. It conducts electric faster than copper.  It is also water resistant except water vapor, because substances of the vapor pass through its molecular structure.

Graphene was more expensive than gold when it was introduced but thanks to new production technologies, its price started to drop. Now this material is enough cheap to be used in water filters and in water purification plants. Furthermore, along with the decreases in the price of graphene, it is thought to be implemented in road paving substances as well as concrete of structures to clean city air. Because aside from its other benefits, this material eits carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from air.

This material is also planned to use for 3D printers. Graphene, for instance, may be used to create flexible sensors. Also, when mixed with polymers, it will be possible to produce lighter plane wings or tires. Graphene is also combined with hexagonal boron nitride to improve lithium-ion batteries. There will be less charging times, more batter life, less weight by this invention.




White Ops has uncovered the largest and most profitable ad fraud operation – Methbot

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American cybersecurity company White Ops claims it has exposed one of the biggest online scam – Methbot. The first suspicious activities under a unique bot signature were noticed in September 2015. On October 2016, Methbot began to scale aggressively.


Controlled by a single group based in Russia and operating out of data centers in the US and Netherlands, this “bot farm” generates $3 to $5 million in fraudulent revenue per day by targeting the premium video advertising ecosystem.


Current digital advertising market relies on the electronic auction system that helps to conduct operations between advertisers and media companies. Advertisers employ a large number of ad buyers to purchase advertising time on websites on the Internet. These processes automated via software exchanges that connect buyers and sellers of online video. The vast number of transactions happen each second there. So, it is such kind of marketplace where both sides meet to make a deal. The process itself was subjected to attack: Methbot provides fake advertising inventory into the system and then produces false views of the advertisements aiming to get money from the unwitting buyers of the ad.

Methbot infrastructure, Source: White Ops

All actions of the scams were well thought out: created fake records of users’ online activities, which make to believe that the bots are real humans; used dedicated servers to run proxies, thus it was almost impossible to notice that all traffic was coming from one place (800 – 1,200 dedicated servers operating from data centers in the US and the Netherlands); used falsified documents to gain access to real IP addresses, so it seemed that ad traffic was coming from actual Internet providers (800 – 1,200 dedicated servers operating from data centers).

Compared to similar ad and click-fraud operations, Methbot is unique because it relied on data center servers, instead of botnets of computers and smartphones infected with malware, such as ZeroAccess, Chameleon, Ponmocup, Million-Machine, and HummingBad.” – , (December 20, 2016)

The scale of results is striking:  200 – 300 million video ad impressions generated per day on fabricated inventory; 250,267 distinct URLs spoofed to falsely represent inventory; 6,111 premium domains targeted and spoofed. Among their targets were expensive ad spaces and prestigious sites such as ESPN, Fortune, Huffington Post, Economist, CBS, Fox News, and Fortune.

Per the White Ops report the financial losses many times as large than those done by earlier discovered botnets.

Methbot’s profits as compared with different ad bots that wielded before it , Source: White Ops

White Ops published information on their website about what additional actions advertisers, agencies, platforms, and publishers can undertake to protect themselves from this scams.

What do you think about cybersecurity? Do you feel safe online?


The entire report of White Ops is available at this link – The Methbot Operation, December 20, 2016

The space internet- the funds are already collected

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Hello Dear Readers,

That’s my last post, uploaded in 2016, that is why for that article I selected really interesting subject, which is a chance and could be still improved and developed in the nearly years.

One Web is a project, that focus on solving the problem of the internet’s unviability. As last news said One Web already collected necessary funds, which are equal to 1,2 billions of dollars for realization great and wide idea, that provides connection to the internet’s  global network for billions of people around the world. In 2018 One Web will start its building of the huge satellite’s park, located on the Florida. Furthermore this initiative will guarantee an employment for almost 3000 people, so it has not just technological but also social and economic impact. The main investor is Japanese company called SoftBank, which is the biggest listed company, with its headquarters located in Tokyo. The other investors, involved in that project are for example: Virgin company, Google, Coca-Cola or Airbus, which also will be responsible for monitoring each produced satellite. The plan is based on creating 7000 satellites in orbit. The satellite’s elevation is Virgin Galactic’s duty, which will use intensively tested LauncherOne rocket.  

What does it mean for us, normal internet users?

Well, basically this kind of project is the future competition on the satellite’s Internet field, what could cause that the prices for availability to the global network will become lower, so the scenario is pretty positive.