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In Dubai the first rotating skyscraper: reality or fantasy?

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We can view Dubai as the home of many man-made wonders: we can find the largest artificial island in the world, the largest shopping center in the world, the tallest building in the world. However, some extravagant projects have never been realized and we do not know if these will be realized. These include, for example, the International Chess City but the project was quickly shelved, we can mention also the Dubai City Tower, a 400 floor mega-scraper, or we can still remember the Anara Tower but the project was shelved soon after. We do not know if in this list we can also insert the Dynamic tower by David Fisher.

This project, first announced in 2008 before being put on hold, nowadays was rekindled. According to the ‘‘daily mail’’ the Rotating Dubai skyscraper will be built in 2020 and will allow guests to turn their rooms to 360 degrees. It will host a hotel and sky villas where residents will have also a car parks on each floor.

As we have seen the idea is by architect David Fisher. In fact, a few years ago, he thought that looking out of the Olympic Tower in New York from a certain area of the tower you can see both the East River and the Hudson River but turning the floor, everyone could see them.

Immagine correlata

What seems like a science fiction theme could soon become a reality. This is a tower 400 meters high that can change its shape according to the wishes of the occupants. In the skyscrapers designed by the Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher there is nothing of static: thanks to particular construction techniques these should be able to move and constantly change their shape. For example, to follow the movement of the Sun or wind or, more simply, to offer those who occupy them always new landscapes. Basically, each floor of these towers is autonomous and can rotate on itself 360 ° regardless of what happens above or below. The result is that, seen from the outside, these skyscrapers are real sculptures hundreds of meters in continuous movement.

How would it work? According to Mr. Fisher, each apartment would be able to rotate independently of 360 degrees, with adjustable speed. The floors will rotate at a speed of 6 meters per minute: a complete rotation will take 180 minutes. The construction of these futuristic buildings uses innovative technologies: each floor of the tower is a set of prefabricated modules that are built inside factories with industrial processes.

Basically, the project is based on three fundamental concepts:

  • It is dynamic because each floor can rotate
  • It is industrially produced being made of prefabricated modules. About 90 percent of the building will be prefabricated and then assembled on the central core
  • It is green because it will use the energy of the wind and the heat of the sun to produce useful energy.

Risultati immagini per dubai dynamic skyscraper

As we can see from the picture before, a fixed core would be built containing the elevator, with the apartments connected to the center. All the systems, the subdivision of the internal spaces and the finishes are made previously in the factory and customized according to the indications and wishes of the customers. After that the modules must be assembled together, overlapping one another and hooked to the reinforced concrete supporting structure, which houses all the mechanisms necessary for rotation, the elevators, the stairs and the central systems.

Therefore, it should be the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper, where individual units will be built off site, including hydraulic and electrical connections, before being hung from the central core. Aluminum, steel and carbon fiber should be widely used for the construction of the modules: thanks to these lightweight and resistant materials and to the construction technique, the dynamic high-rise buildings will have a high seismic resistance. But not only, they can also be built with less manpower compared to the traditional building and 30% faster. According to the project video, residents would get a series of views because the room would rotate slowly during the day and could be controlled by the voice command. Thus, they will be able to control rotation speeds and prevent their apartment from rotating with voice commands. They can decide when and how to rotate.

Here is how it should work:

Furthermore, the interested aspect is not only that the Fisher’s Rotating Tower project is innovative in design and architecture, but it is that recognizes the attention to the environment and the industrial production process as key points in the city of the future. In fact, the towers will be equipped with wind turbines positioned horizontally between each of the rotating floor and the other and with solar roofs that will guarantee to each floor, and therefore to the whole building, the total energy autonomy. “It’s a green power plant, it will power the whole building,” said Fisher. More, he add that they could generate up to 1,200,000 kilowatt hours of energy each year. Solar panels should cover the roof and the top of each floor. The skyscraper will therefore be completely self-sufficient from an energy point of view, so the inhabitants will not have to worry about the electricity bill.

Immagine correlata

Solar panels will be installed on the roof, and 48 individual wind turbines will be hidden in between the floors to provide power. According to the architect, the building will generate up to 10 times more energy than it will use.

We must consider that the project is not very current (it should have been completed in 2014) and that it is not certain that it will be realized by the year 2020. Despite the modernity of the city of Dubai and the already present majestic works, this invention generates many doubts and perplexities. Moreover, we have little certainty about its realization. Details on when the project could start and where it could be located have not yet been provided. Finally, the price. According to Futurism magazine, Dubai tower is expected to cost around £355 million. Furthermore, this plan provides for the construction of similar buildings in cities such as London, Paris, New York and Moscow. But how many people could afford an apartment like this? Could this ambitious project become a real work? Now skepticism prevails: the project still looks like a “vision of the future” rather than a real construction plan.

However, we are indeed destined for change. Mr. Fisher said: “the current state of the houses of today does not reflect the real life of people, where everything is constantly changing”

We should not be surprised if then in a not so distant future in the biggest cities we could admire buildings like these.




Velux, your roof window is now connected.

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Velux, does it sound familiar to you? It is normal, this year, the company that makes roof windows has passed its 75th anniversary. This Danish firm is well known all around the globe, so much that it has become an eponym, in other words, when we talk about roof windows, we don’t say “roof window” but “Velux”. This situation naturally creates a monopoly and often can be understood as a must have even if there is no real improvement (compared to competing brands). This last part was the case for Velux for a long time, because a roof window is a roof window, but this year, at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, new technologies allowed them to offer something that will change this monotony.

Our homes are becoming more and more connected thanks to new technologies. Heaters, shutters, sockets, lights are now “connected”. Velux Active with Netatmo, is the Velux part in those products. The Danish company has been working with Netatmo, a French company specialized in new technologies, to develop a new, efficient and healthy roof window. All of that is possible thanks to 3 sensors.

One for the humidity that will know when to open windows to evacuate humidity, the second one is for the temperature to keep the right temperature in every room during day and night and the last one is for Co2 and particles to reduce the pollution inside the living place if there is a need for it.

According to Velux’s Vice President “In a close future, your home will take care of your health providing you the quantity of natural light and fresh air that you need, when you need it”.

Here is how it looks like on video :

Interesting, don’t you think? Moreover, it will be possible to connect it to your smartphone or tablet and to control all of it :

In addition to that, it will in integrate with all the features that you can find in Velux products like the automatic window closing when it is raining, and others.

VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo was awarded two prestigious CES 2017 awards in the Smart Home and Eco-design & Sustainable Technologies categories.
We don’t have the price at the moment, but the availability is expected during the 1st semester  of 2018.

Nevertheless, the increasing popularity of connected devices at home can be scary for many people, because today, everything can be in your house, your alarm, your TV, your cooling system, even your washing machine. Companies claim that all the systems are protected and secure, but what if a situation like in Mr.Robot happens?

Here it is less interesting to have all of this because you cannot even use your house normally.

And the problem is, that many people are not aware of the power of the internet and how easy it can be to hack. Here is a survey of the cybersecurity knowledge in the US from a 1055 people sample.

If you don’t trust surveys and you live in an apartment where you can connect to numerous wifi networks, just have a look at how many of them have the name that is on the router, which by consequence means that they probably haven’t changed the password as well.

To conclude, in my opinion, it is good to have all those features in our houses, it can definitely increase the comfort in our life, but if you are not into technology, you are not friendly, your neighbours don’t like you, and you don’t know how to change your wifi password, you should probably stay with the classical way of using those products. If you want this, then you have to be attentive and aware of what you are doing and what are the risks.


Sources :

What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity

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One would think 

… that in today’s era of innovation and technology, advances in the field of communication would only move forward. However, it seems like instead of expanding our vocabulary, we have returned to the most basic form of communication pioneered by our ancient ancestors – the hieroglyphics.

The online world is slowly moving away from writings to the more pixeled world of what we can call today’s hieroglyphs. Nowadays, being able to navigate in the world of online communications requires the mastery of the emoji language. 

It is seen as not only more convenient, but also as a more expressive way to communicate with each other.

Sending a heart shape emoji to express something that you like or love, or an angry face emoji to express your displeasure with a person or a situation has become a social norm in the online world of communication. However, a new phenomenon has been taking place recently.

Those of us who use Snapchat are already familiar with the idea of Bitmoji –  avatars of yourself that you can customized by choosing everything from hairstyle to outfit. The founders of Bitmoji have created the app with the idea of making conversations between individuals more intimate and interesting. Jacob Blackstock, the CEO of Bitstrips, a company that created the Bitmoji app, believes that by inserting personalized cartoons of yourself into conversations, the concept of personal touch and identity that has been lost along the way with the growth of online communication platforms, could be restored. Blackstock told Business Insider that “Texting is making conversation more convenient than ever, but it’s also stripped away a lot of the things that make communication human”.
The Bitmoji app, which was later purchased by Snapchat has been named the fastest growing app on the U.S. market. It has consistently ranked among top 10 utility apps on the App Store.



Why has Bitmoji become so popular ?

While people still use traditional emojis on their keyboards, your personalized Bitmoji avatar follows you wherever you go and can be easily inserted into various communication platforms including Gmail, Messenger, or even Slack. The biggest hype comes from its real-time updates, which allow the users to talk about issues that are currently trending, such as the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving, or the infamous “Cash Me Outside” hit. Bitmoji uses your geographic location to make the updates – for example, you would get a different version of your avatar depending on the time of the day, your location, or the current weather.

The idea behind Genies

Bitmoji has clearly taken texting to a new level, but Sillicon Valley is not resting and is has drop on us another technical wonder that might reshape the way we interact with each other. This brings us to Genies, an app similar to Bitmoji that successfully raised $15 million to allow its users the creation of personalized avatars to represent the current news events.
According to Akash Nigam, Genies, Inc.’s CEO, the traditional news outlets had become overtaken by social media, and most of the millennial nowadays get their news from popular social sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Nigam saw this as an opportunity to apply the model of news source into a totally new social app.

How does it work?


Step 1 – Create your Genie avatar

Once downloaded, the user’s first task is to select a personality type that would determine what kind of scenes the user would see. This is done by choosing the type of news outlet, brand, events, or buzzwords that the user is most interested in, for example, if you want to know more about tech related news, you would choose things like TechCrunch, Mashable, or Apple. While, if you are more interested in the aviation industry, you might go with FlightGlobal, United Airlines, or sustainable fuel.

After the user had chosen its avatar personality, it is time to create a similar to Bitmoji cartoon-style clone of yourself. The big difference here is that the Genies’ avatars look less cartoonish and more realistic than Bitmojis. Also, Genies provides the user with many more features to customize the avatar, including plenty of different skin tones, eye colors, nose shapes, and outfits ranging from popular brand to more generic ones.


Step 2 – Receive animated news scenes

Once your Genie avatar is ready, the app will send you up to 15 short animated videos throughout the day about the news that you have indicated to have the most interest in. All the videos will feature your Genie, for example, if you have indicated that you are interested in world politics, you might receive a video of your Genie looking at Jerusalem as Israel’s newly recognized capital. Each video will include a link to the source of the news article that will allow the user to tap on it in order to be redirected to the actual source of news online. In that way, the user will be able to read more on what is going on.

The videos might also include less serious news such as holiday reminders, or daily or local activities such as iceskating, or your city’s marathon.


Step 3 – Share with friends

The users are encouraged to share the news with their friends on other apps such as Messenger, Apple iMessage, Instagram, and Snapchat. 
Another feature of the app is the ability to add another Genie into the news, such as a person from your friend list, or a celebrity. This aspect of news personalization is not only fun to share with friends, but it also increases the virality of the news message. The idea behind that is to make the news more interesting and shareable.

What about social implications? 

The habit of reading a newspaper to a morning coffee is long gone now. The big majority of people have also moved away from reading the online versions of newspapers. As sad as it might sound, our knowledge about what is going on in the world today mostly comes from social media. It all started with Twitter, with revolutionized news reporting by providing us with real-time updates and hashtags making the news go viral. What came next was Facebook, which despite shining a light on the potential of providing fake news article content, has become the dominant platforms for news. And lastly, Snapchat with its feed-style news platform has become the dominant platform for celebrity and holiday news.

Is Genies then the next big thing?

Genies has a great potential to revolutionize not only the way we get news, but also the frequency with which we do it. The idea of seeing yourself being featured as a star of a news video sounds exciting, and it might make people tap on the actual news source and influence them to get fully informed more often. 

The app could also help to raise awareness or influence people to do something. For example, if a user sees a video featuring its Genie donating blood, or volunteering at a local shelter, then he/she might feel some kind of an internal push to actually go out and do it. 

Another way that the app might be revolutionary and might win over a big chunk of Twitter’s user base is because we are visual beings, and watching a short video resonates better and is more memorable to us than reading a short Twitter post. Therefore, Genies through its personalized storytelling has a potential to engage its audience more than any other social media site. 

Despite the advantages that this entertaining way of providing news can have, at the end of the day, everyone has different opinions about specific topics, and so while designing the video content, Genies needs to be really careful not to cross the line between sensitive news information and the way they will portray it in the video, especially when it comes to political news. The editorial team at Genies will also have to pay special attention to make sure that whatever they are depicting in the news video is actually accurate, and that the parodies that they make are not offensive to anyone.  

As we now, social media is able to strongly influence people’s behaviors, and having content related to topics such as party, drug, or sex featuring ones Genie bring a risk of negative influence. Therefore, in my opinion Genies should leave reporting on such kind of news, or events to others – mainly Snapchat. 

Another issue that I see is with the product placement and sponsored content. There is a huge potential to monetize from these two sources, however, it will be important to make sure that the content showed to the user is preferences specific, doesn’t feel like forced advertising, and its amount is not overwhelming to the user. 

In conclusion, Genies is a great app that could really help to get the younger generations interested in newsworthy events, and possibly motivate them to take an action, or a stand on a specific issue, however the way it will deliver the news must be sensitive and well-through-out in order to avoid being ignorant and getting into scandalous situations that might bring along huge repercussions. Many people seem to have faith in the success of Genies, and have poured over a lot of money. This includes a pop star Shawn Mendez. Although the potential of this avatar-based digital product is huge, I am eager to see whether it will succeed in creating a community around it, and whether it will create value in the long-run, or simply fade away as Nintendos’ Miiverse attempt at creating a social gaming community. 

The free Genius app is currently available on iOS and Android.

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Meet Genies. The mobile app with a potential to revolutionize the way we get news.

Internet vs. reality one word; Photoshop

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These days in the internet, when we have all this snapchat, instagram photo filters, many applications of editing pictures we all know is rare to see the picture without “pimping”. This is rare when someone would post picture with no filter or changes done. However before all of this accessible for everyone apps there was photoshop which is still existing and is the most popular one.

So how does this famous photoshop works. Photoshop was originally designed for graphic designers, while as photography is more and more connected now days with graphics, it is now also a basic tool for photographers. Photoshop has very extensive options when it comes to modifying photos, which are portraits, pictures of landscapes, professional photo shoots and what is more and more famous now selfies and pictures of the individuals which are not professional photographers.

Earlier photoshop was the tool used by professionals but now everyone could use it, you can download it from the and by paying only 24, 59 euro per month. Okay why am I writing about the photoshop when it is not a “new thing”. Lately I started my adventure with photoshop and as I started I was scared and surprised at once, scared how people could be changed in this program and surprised how amazing it is. I decided to describe this a little bit and show how much it changed internet these days and how perfect people would like to look in the internet and how damaged it could be. The knowledge about it should be shared loudly and everywhere, as this problem exist already for a couple of yers. Moreover as I come from generation who knows that most of the beautiful perfect and confident women on the internet are fake and they do not exist my children would consider it as a real and would have problems with themselves as they would not be consider as perfect. The problem with photoshop begin when the fashion industry exaggerated with photoshopping pictures in the magazines which looked fake or people on the pictures did not look alike anymore. The problem stopped as soon as there were limitations introduced, but while the social media became famous, people went crazy about how they look, how other people see them and they started to photoshop their picture. The question is why? For what?



Genius program which was created for the photographers to explore their passion and help them in editing photos they did is now used by the group of  people who want to heal their complexes by photoshopping their pictures. The most important saying nowadays is “If you want to find out about somebody, then see them in real life”. And remember do not believe in everything you see online. The sad true is that that the true always comes out and as soon this would be reveal than better. Moreover it is especially sad for people who do photoshop to their pictures most of the time. These times are awful for people and for the world, as we would be so focus on us and social media and how we look we would not go forward. I would leave you with the video which shows how Photoshop works to be honest destroy people view and question is it worth to use photoshop in this kind of empty way?



Photoshop Master Reveals Why You Should Never Trust Photos You See On Social Media


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Nowadays people usually use credit cards to pay in shops, clubs, restaurants and other places. We can spend a lot of money just thanks to a little peace of plastic with a chip. That was a brilliant solution but now we have something even better than that. Fingopay is a completely new way of paying for your grocery!

Fingopay is a payment system where the only thing you need to have while making the transaction is your own finger, nothing else. This method is solving many problems. Firstly, you can be sure that you won’t forget your credit card or wallet so you will be always prepared to pay. More more awkward moments in gas station or grocery shops. Secondly, you can’t loose your finger so you can be sure that your money are save with you. Thirdly, there is no way that somebody will rob you.

But how it works, you might ask. Here is a wideo with an explanation:

The company’s head quarter is located in London where the production is launch since 2015. They have created in collaboration with hitachi a device that uses biometric Vein ID. Thanks to that it provide us with safest method of protecting our data because there is no higher mathematical certainty of proving someone’s identity. Fingopay has successfully completed trials with Visa and Worldpay. It’s safe, simple and reliable payment system.

Nowadays everything needs to be fast, consumers are getting frustrated and easily bored. Moreover we’re not a big fun of waisting our time in a queue. But here is the solusion also for that! No more PINs, passwords, cash or bank cards. The only thing you need is your finger. Whole paying process is smoother and quicker.

To use this device you need to go through 3 stages, the 1st one is that you have to register on the website and link your card with your finger when you are paying at a shop or other place equipped with Fingopay, then pay with your finger, and to finish you will receive the Payment confirmation by e-mail.

Here is a schema of the way it works

  • first you put your finger in the device
  • The LED light is projected on your finger
  • This light will go through your finger to the CCD camera that recognises you

It means that you need to be present. It won’t work if somebody will cut your finger and try to put it to device, pretending to be you. Still not convinced?

Read more:



Has LG just invented the most insane smartphone of the year?

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I can’t believe what LG has just invented. The Drone Phone. Really, are you serious?

Unlike the other brands which are focusing on designing and producing more and more borderless – Samsung has just applied for a patent on smartphones without borders –, the Korean electronics manufacturer LG sees things from another angle and decided to move away from its competitors by rising up, taking a little height. Indeed, they decided to make a smartphone flying, dream of many magicians (and users). This smartphone seems to come straight out of a sci-fi movie.

After a long reflexion time and wondering why these lads have invented this crazy idea for a smartphone, I found a lot of pros. To illustrate those advantages, I’ll use simple examples that everybody has already lived once.

Example 1. After a long day of work, I feel so tired that I decide to l lie down in my bed or in the sofa to chill a little bit and to read the news or watch videos on my smartphone. I don’t really care about the battery consumption because I know that my charger is at my fingertips. So, I’m watching videos again and again and I fell asleep in a short time. The next morning, after waking up, I’m in a hurry and I’m running out of battery. This is always a frustrating situation.
Hopefully, LG has searched for a solution to this daily problem and came up with the idea of the Drone Phone. The LG 505 U+ can recognise if you’re sleeping and fly autonomously back to its wireless charging station. Thanks to this, you avoid this stressful moment of looking for a power socket in the bus, the tram or the train.

Example 2. I’m not usually cooking but my mother does. When I see her hands dirty, I really want to do a prank, grab my phone, call her, watch her washing her hands in a hurry to answer the caller and hang up just before she’s able to take her phone. Or imagine that you’re gardening, and your hands are so dirty that you decide not to pick up your phone.
LG has, thanks to its idea to embed the drone technology inside a smartphone, found this solution for those poor mums or gardeners. And for the laziest people in the world. From now, you don’t have to stand up to grab your phone located on the table because you don’t have to move, the smartphone comes to you. By combining the features of a smartphone and a drone, you can now cook while having a videoconference or a phone call without soiling the device.

Example 3. Nowadays, the trends of taking selfies has been global and has reached nearly everyone who owns a smartphone. Biggest problem of this trend? Retaking the picture again and again because you are not satisfied for multiple reasons: the quality is not good enough, all the people are not on the picture because the arm (or his/her selfie stick) of the owner is too short, the selfie stick appears on the picture, you were not ready, …
LG has solved this issue for you, selfie lovers! This Drone Phone allows you to take photos of you at a maximum distance of 10 meters. It’s also able to capture the selfie in the air from the best possible angle automatically and to stay perfectly stable at the moment of the picture. This product will appeal to the shy people: the time of asking the bystanders to take picture for you is finally over. This could also use to take picture from inaccessible locations. No need for your buddy to try to reach hardly attainable spots to take amazing pictures (Location: Trolltunga, Norway).

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trolltunga norvège"

Example 4. Spending time on YouTube or on Netflix with my phone lying in the couch or sitting on the toilet has become a habit for many people (including me). But the only thing I hate is to hold my phone in my hands during a long time in an uncomfortable position.
The flying smartphone doesn’t need to be held in the air to watch your favourite TV series or documentaries. The smartphone is able to recognise where the user is looking and can move around your head to have the best position (optimal distance is 30cm). You could, from that moment, feel like being in a theatre, comfortably seated without using your hands.

Example 5. I watch a lot of videos of extreme sports. These people, usually sponsored by Red Bull, generally use GoPro cameras for their recordings. This type of camera makes the viewer feel like if he was in place of the sportsman or the stuntman. But sometimes, you want to make something crazy and you haven’t brought you GoPro camera with you to record it.
Now, you can record your crazy achievements or your insane actions under a new angle only with your phone. Indeed, the LG device can move in any direction at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Enough to record a bungee jumping, a cliff jumping, a kart race or even focus on your face on a rollercoaster.

To sum up these five examples, all these ideas are illustrated in the following video:

Nevertheless, I don’t think that such a product won’t be released in the next few months. This breakthrough device is a very good out-of-the-box idea, but it is still at the project stage, which means that research & development must be done to improve the LG 505 U+. Though, this is a preview of the future, which means that you might probably use a phone that can fly in the near future. Regarding the fly feature, I’m wondering if the LG 505 U+ will be considered as a drone or not, because certain governments have set up drone regulations. This could be a big disadvantage for the forerunner of the flying phone.

To conclude this post, please don’t forget: “Life’s Good.


Smart clothes, a market ready to explode

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As a reflection of our way of life, fashion has to adapt itself in a world which is changing. This is no longer a myth; technologies invade the very real world of fashion. It is the arrival little by little of technology in a world that is very traditional and artisanal. The collaboration between technology and fashion is a phenomenon that is developing more and more: technology is therefore at the service of crafts, the goal is not to turn our back on traditional skills.

Thus, we see appearing the term smart clothing, which by definition, are textiles capable of capturing and analysing a signal in order to respond in a suitable manner. There are different levels of smart clothing. Firstly, there are passive smart clothes, the technology which doesn’t require electrical power. It is the material of the clothes which by its properties tends to give technical qualities. Secondly, there are smart active clothes, able to react in a preprogramed way, requiring a processor and an electric current capable of putting them into action. Finally, there are intelligent adaptive structures, with a learning ability that can adapt to the situation.

At the moment, health and sport are the themes whose smart clothing has developed the most. Having a large number of technical fabrics capable of adapting to the comfort of athletes or patients, it’s possible to measure heart rate, body temperature or performance.

In passive smart clothing, brands such as Nike, Adidas or Reebok are already using textiles to protect the skin from temperature changes while letting it breathe and resist sweat, in most of their technical parts such as socks or leggings.

In terms of smart active clothing, we see that the health sector uses smart fibres to control people with heart disease or diabetes. For its part, Nike has launched sneakers that are laced by themselves (HyperAdapt 1.0), being the first fully functional sports shoes that electronically adapt to the contours of the foot through adaptive lacing technology. Finally Adidas has created a pair of sneakers resistant to vomit and beer, on the occasion of the 184th Oktoberfest in Munich. The materials used have been fully designed to be waterproof and without the possibility to be stained.

In addition, some brands want to offer us, to include features specific to our connected phones, directly in our clothing. Levi’s is preparing a connected jacket in collaboration with Google, being sensitive to touch. The jacket will control your smartphone remotely and activate several features like receiving calls, notifications and GPS information, while having an aesthetically beautiful denim version with high quality. The jacket having fibres composed of a totally invisible electronic device. It will allow people by bike, car or motorcycle, to continue their journey without putting themselves in danger. For example, simply by tapping the sleeve of the jacket, you can accept or decline a call.

Finally, it is in the professional field of risk that technologies and fashion are used frequently. Indeed aerospace, has space suits composed of many innovations and micro-technology to improve both the comfort and protection of astronauts. Firefighters also see their clothing evolve, having sensors that can control the temperature inside and outside the suit and alert the wearer in critical conditions. Finally it is in the military field that it is possible to find military suits that can reduce infections in case of injury.

This shows that smart clothing is not only a gadget but also can be used and needed in specific areas. This is why we must not be afraid of the technological revolution that is beginning to affect the field of textiles and fashion. It is a new way of putting technologies at the service of the craft industry, which enriches the industry and allow new actors to emerge which are becoming more and more important. However, this revolution can present certain risks, which must be informed, such as the emergence of new ethical and societal issues. Indeed, smart clothing creating new IP addresses and new data information brings new risks of data protection and the risk of malicious intrusions.



The smarter way to get your alcohol

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A smart decanter that can pour you whiskey on a single command. Good or bad? Apparently, the bourbon company Jim Beam is selling such a product and what’s not very surprising, it’s already sold out. The only feature this decanter includes is the delivery of whiskey when it’s asked for. It’s mentioned that it might respond to you with a couple of recorded phrases, but this is not what people needs. We wants our liquor and we wants it simple and easy. I have to admit it – I love this product.

As is discussed in the original article, this might be a marketing stunt performed by the company. I doubt it, but it cannot be taken out of consideration. However, if true, this adds an extra feature to drinking, and probably also encouraging yet another drink just because it’s entertaining to use it. At least until you’re familiar with the concept.

Nevertheless, I’m excited about the idea. Not only for home usage, but mainly for pubs. If enough effort is put into this area, the future bars and nightclubs will not need any bartenders. Who hasn’t stood in a line at a club waiting for a drink? I mean, if the drinks are pouring up themselves, there’s a potential of saving time. Hence, people can do whatever they do at clubs instead, and in the meantime the clubs can be more profitable. See, we are looking at a win-win situation.

This idea indeed comes with a bunch of issues. Not to mention the payment, but if the club has implemented self-serving bottles, one can assume that the transaction technology is enough developed at the time as well. Just to elaborate it through the current available technology, the customers can load an account with money upfront or just connect their regular RFID credit cards. Another issue is that it’s more difficult to control the servings of people. I know in some countries it’s illegal to serve persons that are too intoxicated, which indeed would cause some difficulties. But I guess it’s solved with an additional responsibility for the bouncers.

If you can afford it, these problems are avoidable if you establish a bar in your home for private use only. The setback, I can imagine, is that your home will be a victim for a lot of house parties. The thing is, I believe that people around the world are becoming lazier for every day. The most daily issues needs to be solved in the most optimal way, thus time and energy saving. The demand of services are constantly rising and companies are putting a lot of effort in making their products and services as easy as possible for the customers in order to outcompete the competition. The area of consuming alcohol is one that is not yet developed as much as other areas, for example the automatic car-sharing offerings. Hence, I clearly see a potential.

Authors note. It may appear to the readers that I’m glorifying the consumption of alcohol. Drinking alcohol comes with a lots of responsibility and I advocates you to follow the legislation of whichever country you are located in. End of note.

QOOBO – the heart healing pillow

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Have you ever heard “No!” from your parents when asking for a pet? Are you having a busy life and cannot afford spending enough time with a pet? Do you feel lonely in your apartment with no fluffy tale? Qoobo can be a solution for you.

According to Engadget, at CEATEC, the Japanese company called “Yukai Engineering” unveiled its latest wacky product, the Qoobo “tail therapy” robot. This is essentially a cushion with a realistic cat tail that reacts to stroking and patting, such that it’s able to comfort its “owner” like a real pet would simply through tail wagging.

According to creators of Qoobo, it is a robotic pillow with a tail intended to provide a sense of comfort to users.  When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And, it occasionally wags just to say hello. Qoobo was designed for communication that warms your heart the way animals do. “Through trial and error, we developed a mechanism that closely mimics the flexible and elegant movements of an animal. We selected different materials for various parts of the robot to enhance the movements and the tail’s appearance. We also made it durable to allow for use in various environments” – say Yukai Engineering.







The story of Qoobo is very ordinary: the idea of the pillow originates from one of Yukai Engineering’s employees. The designer had a cat, but since the apartment she moved into didn’t allow pets, she had to leave her cat with her parents. This inspired her to come up with a lifelike pet substitute that would make her feel better whenever she thought of her cat.

According to The Verge, Qoobo is expected to cost around $100 when it launches in June 2018. Like with its adorable Bocco robot that was delivered with Kickstarter, the company is hoping to launch Qoobo with the help of a crowdfunding platform too. It’ll have an eight-hour battery life with USB charging, and will come in two colors: Husky gray and French brown.

Now you can back Qoobo at the page of the project at Kickstarter platform, and starting from $83 you can order a pillow and expect the delivery by June 2018.

People, who have already “touched” Qoobo say, that they were surprised by how realistic the tail moved, especially with how its wagging intensity increased as they petted it harder. Interestingly, the stroking detection is mostly done with just one accelerometer inside the body, according to CEO Shunsuke Aoki. He added that despite the cat-like appearance, the realistic tail movement is actually based on research on both cat and dog behavior.

Being a former dog owner, I must say, that I hardly imagine how a pillow can replace a real pet. But it looks like robots never die, unlike our pets…




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Selfie stick? That’s not enough.

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I am sure you know what is a selfie stick and how you should use it. Nowadays it is all about making photos, everywhere and as many as we can!

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania gag bathroom selfie

At the beginning it was awkward to be caught while making a selfie. Maybe not for all of us but for me it was really awkward moment and I wanted to eliminate such situations. Then everything changed when selfie sticks appeared on the market. Even before them we all knew that making photos not only on vacations is just a normal situation. Using selfie stick everything became more easier and common.

Selfie stick is great and helps but this post is going to show you that selfie stick was nothing comparing to this new product invented by a group of students. I am talking about 3-Axis Stabilizer! 

It’s not just about the photos, it’s more about the videos you can make by using this product to make the job done. There is no way somebody could complain about this product because it is easy to use, it’s small so you can always be ready to film whatever you want to and be ready for it all the time!

Some specs about the product:

Creators are describing their products as “luxuriously smooth video for the Modern Creators”. It means that even though you don’t have the best filming skills you can still use this stabiliser which will allow you catch all moments and film them just the way you see them. This stabilizator is for both – professional videographer as well as amateurs.

With this product you can film it all because the battery life is up to 8 hours! All you need is stabilizator and your smartphone which is always with you, isn’t it?

Creators are normal people who loves extreme sports where filming their performance is the most awaited moment so that’s the reason they are saying that “your equipment shouldn’t limit your creativity”! With this words they created a new selfie stick which enables to film everything!

What is so special?

  • Super Smooth Servomotors & Self-Calibrating (your picture is moving smooth, without any crashes and cuts)

  • Ergonomic Design (stabilizator has access to your camera screen so you can react initially and control everything by using it)

  • Ultra Long Battery Life (up to 8 hours)

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum (mady from 6061 aluminium, no plastic is used in whole device)

This product is now available on Kickstarter! If you are intrested on this topic you can read more about the product on: