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Robotics is something that fascinates people from all around the world since forever. Although the word “Robot” has been firstly used in 1920 by a Czech writer Karel Ĉapka the oldest project of human alike robot is dated back to the year 1495 and had been drawn by Leonardo da Vinci.

Another important person in the history of robotics is George Devol, who is commonly known as the Father of Robotics after designing a working mechanical arm in the year 1954. Since then the technology has progressed in an unimaginable way.

Up until the creation of the easily accessible internet, the whole topic of robotics was reserved only to the scientists, who worked on the new discoveries in laboratories closed to the public.

Now, however, the internet allows everyone to see for themselves how robotics has progressed. One of the places that allows that is youtube, where one can find many different channels based on robotics and see what the new machines are capable of.

One of the most popular ones is called Boston Dynamics. On their youtube feed we can find videos showing the capabilities of their robots. The most popular robot that they’ve produced is called Atlas and he has an unprecedented mobility for a machine. He can not only perform one legged jumps, but he’s also capable of doing somersaults as well as 360 degree jumps.


This might not sound impressive and there might be a reason behind it.

In today’s world there are many films in which robots play a huge role. Our eyes are used to seeing robots on the big screen doing crazy stuff and behaving like humans. Therefore we are not impressed, when we see a robot doing a backflip, when in the real world that is a huge achievement. Just imagine how many sensors must cooperate in order for the robot to keep the balance when landing and how many lines of code must be written, so everything is coordinated.

Lately Boston Dynamics has uploaded a video, which went viral. It showcases all of their most popular robots, while dancing. It is hardly imaginable how machines can move in such a way. When I watched it for the first time I was really impressed. It was almost like watching a science fiction movie, that is happening in real life in front of our lives.

I highly recommend you to watch it and I promise you will not regret it! (Check out other videos as well! )

Link to the video here :


Galaxy SmartTag, the Samsung tracking gadget that allows you to geolocate whatever you want.

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Samsung has just released the Galaxy SmartTags, tiny tracking devices that will allow you to geolocate any object you want. With just a click, you can see where your backpack, wallet, keys or even your pet is since it can be hung from a collar.

This device has a square shape with rounded edges and, in one of the corners, there is a small hole to place a string or a ring. This makes it particularly easy to hang, as it can be attached from either side with a simple knot.

There will be two models: one that will use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, very efficient and precise; and bluetooth; and a second that will only have this second innovation.

The Galaxy SmartTag has a button that, when pressed, sends a signal to any cell phone with which it has been synchronized. In this way, the geolocation device also works in reverse, as it will automatically send a signal to the smartphone with which it is synchronized, which can be viewed through the SmartThings application, which manages Samsung’s ecosystem. In this way, it will show on the screen all the objects that have been marked with this gadget.

It uses bluetooth low energy (BLW), the IoT star standard that makes minimum use of the battery and has an acceptable range, as well as ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, which is nothing more than a short range wireless communication protocol that operates through radio waves at very high frequencies. A couple of its advantages over bluetooth are its precision and its data transfer speed, since it reaches 27 megabits per second. In addition, it will allow the cell phone to generate an augmented reality environment that will tell the user in which direction to go if he or she is especially close to the lost object.

Thus, there will be two models, and their price will depend on it: one with UWB and bluetooth technology; the other with this second innovation only. They can be purchased from today at a cost of 34.90 euros (but deliveries will not start until January 26th), a price much lower than what it would cost to lose a few keys or your backpack with personal documents.

In addition, from this device, the company has launched in the Galaxy Unpacked the new Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra, as well as the new Galaxy Buds Pro.


How do social networks affect a person?

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Although social networks are a fairly new phenomenon by the standards of history, they have already become the subject of research for scientists. Now we will discuss how social networks affect our mental and physical state.

As an example, I will tell you the following: in 2017, the Royal Society of Health in Britain conducted a study among 1,500 young people aged 11 to 25 years. Respondents had to track their mood using the five most popular social networks.

Seven out of ten said that Instagram makes them feel worse because of the “cult of the body” and half of people aged 14-24 years reported that Instagram and Facebook exacerbate their anxiety. Two-thirds said Facebook makes them vulnerable to bullying. As the researchers emphasize, the negative consequences are particularly noticeable in users who spend days in social networks.

The following example will tell you about the impact of social media on stress levels.

Scientists invited 138 active users of the social network from 18 to 40 years old to the laboratory and asked them to answer questions about activity in social networks, well-being and stress levels. The participants also took a saliva sample to measure the content of the hormone cortisol.

One group of respondents had to give up Facebook for five days, and the other to use it as usual. As a result, people who did not use the social network, after five days, significantly decreased the level of the stress hormone, and the feeling of comfort increased.

Also, in 2018, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study that showed that a causal relationship between the use of social networks and the negative impact on our psychological state really exists.

As a result, I can surely say that social networks can badly affect our lives. They can affect our mood, self-esteem, stress level, sleep and anxiety. Moreover, social networks can be some of reasons for depression and feeling of loneliness. So, do people really need so much social networks in their lives?

Tinder. Sex app or your coronavirus best helper.

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Today, only the lazy person or “ digital vegan” doesn’t know about Tinder.

Tinder is a popular partially paid application for Android and Apple iOS mobile platforms, designed for romantic acquaintances in accordance with the specified ones and taking into account geolocation. Connection via social network, Facebook , Google account or phone number is possible. Managed by the North American corporation Match Group (English) Russian, a subsidiary of IAC.

The program is an adaptation of the earlier Grindr application, which served for dating among an audience with an orientation other than heterosexual .

The main actions in the application are swipes – “swipes” (swiping a finger in a horizontal direction): the user is shown photographs and short biographies of candidates (name and age), and the user can swipe to the right if he considers the match to be successful (a number of users never swipes left ). If two users have marked each other as a good match, they can start a chat and make an appointment .

In times of coronavirus, It is very hard to make new connections. Especially, I recently felt it since I am doing a double degree programme in France. Ways of meeting new people without attending university or parties are extremely limited. For me , being not very attracted to Tinder culture, was kind of hard to start using tinder in its alternative way- app for friendship. And guess what, people are very open-minded and eager to help. I have already created a list of interesting places to visit thanks to this app and its users.

Moreover, Tinder  might be extremely useful if the person is willing to boost up these  kind of things:

  1. Just a communication skill
  2. Stronger communication skills with people with different mindsets, which might be very diverse. Sometimes, there would be some users with negative vibes and attitudes.  It is useful to recognize and cut them off in everyday real life, and not to start painful relationships or affairs with them.
  3. Formation of clearer images of what is “mine / not mine”. After some time of research on Tinder, people tend to actually understand at least something close to their type. With this said, let’s emphasize that every one of us has a different understanding of “the type”. 
  4. And the last is the motivation for live acquaintances in your real environment. ” This desire really comes after a few months on Tinder or any other similar app. Where else to carry all these honed skills? Certainly not back into the maelstrom of reality.

Dyson V11 Absolute

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Inside the box there are two cleaning heads: a high torque brush head for multi-surface cleaning and a soft roller head which is great for hardwood floors, as well as a head miniature motorized, four dusting tools and a crevice tool. It’s a pretty good assortment that should meet all cleaning needs.

Aspirateur balai sans fil Dyson V11 Absolute Extra Pro 610 W Bleu - Achat &  prix | fnac

Improvements over V10

 Increased suction power

the redesigned fan blades of the V11 spin at a maximum of 125,000 rpm, which develops 185 airwatts of suction, a 20% improvement over the V10.

Dynamic load sensor

This sensor is accessed 360 times per second and measures the resistance on the head brush at high torque, then automatically adjusts the suction power based on this value.

LCD screen

LCD screen At the end of the main unit, there is now a single button LCD screen.When you use the vacuum cleaner,the screen lights up and you can select your preference.It is used to switch between the following modes: Eco, Auto and Boost. You can also see the effect of each mode on battery life, with the remaining battery life displayed, not as a percentage or load bars, but a countdown in minutes and seconds.So it is very easy to now how long you have left.


In full power mode (Boost), it is more than 8 minutes. In Eco mode, that is for floors that are not very dirty, the autonomy is 60 minutes.It takes 3 hours to recharge fully the hoover.


No need to look for a plug to vacuum.They are also very light to facilitate us to use it with one hand and to carry it everywhereAnd they convert between broom and hand vacuum mode.This makes them excellent not only for the home, but also for cleaning the car.They have a high power,a long autonomy and there are generous number of accessories that cover all the areas that you want to hoover.

It costs 649,00 euros and I find that it is a good investment and that is so much easier than ordinary hoovers however you can still on the market find one with the same features but cheaper.

The most useless mobile apps

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Mobile applications can either be useful, help us in our work, facilitate contact with others or be used for entertainment. However, there is one peculiar group of applications that has virtually no use. They are created as a kind of joke, maybe a test to see how many people will download it, or a simple way to earn money for minimal effort. 

The first example is an application with a very graceful name “The most useless app ever” (It is not on the App store, at least I have not found it, perhaps it has already been withdrawn). In any case, as the name suggests, this application is not used for absolutely nothing, the whole game is that after starting the application our eyes see a red button, after pressing which absolutely nothing happens. The author himself in the description said that he created this application only to prove how useless it is.  

Another example of a useless app is the controversial “I Am Rich” app This app is no longer available on the app store however at one time it cost $999.99 which was the maximum you could sell something for on the app store. Upon launching the app, some sort of red gem and icon was displayed. After pressing the icon, a mantra was displayed which contained the following phrase: 

“I am rich, 

I deserv [sic] it 

I am good, 

healthy & successful” 

Interestingly as many as eight people decided to buy this bizarre app. six of them came from the united states and two from europe. Two of these people got a refund for the app, which still adds up to about $6,000 spent on an app that has no functional use except to show off the fact that the user can afford to buy it. 

The next app is quite interesting, at least for a lot of people as it has 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.5/5 which made me wonder if it actually had a specific use, but it turned out to be a simple lighter simulator. The application is called “Lighter” and its purpose is to display a lighter that we can light and extinguish. It can be lumped together with all kind of simulators like razor simulator for phone and other applications of that kind. The only use I can find for this application is to turn it on during a concert of some oldschool band if you don’t have a real lighter with you. 

The last app I want to include in this list is the “Is it dark outside?” app. This app, based on your location, determines what time zone you are in and based on that it gives a verdict whether it is dark outside or not. The application is available on the App Store has a rating of 5/5; however, I have not found the number of downloads for this application and it is a pity. Anyway, the app is free and iphone users can download it, unfortunately android users will never know if it is dark outside. 


8 najbardziej bezużytecznych mobilnych aplikacji

Vividbooks – the future of education

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The world is evolving in every aspect and the IT industry changes the fastest. Technology affects us at almost every step. It is important to keep up with it and be able to use it to our advantage. However, education is developing much more slowly and fails to integrate IT appropriately into teaching. Of course, there was an effort, but just computers and interactive whiteboards are not enough for today’s children, who are surrounded by technical innovations of the 21st century. It was clear to everyone that a change in education was approaching. Even thanks to the pandemic, it will be much sooner than expected.

The Czech startup Vividbooks focused on the digitalization of education. Project Vividbooks comes with an interactive textbook that combines traditional teaching methods such as pencil and paper with an innovative way of teaching using smartphones/tablets and augmented reality. It’s really easy to use, all you have to do is install the Vividbooks application on your smart device (tablet or smartphone), aim the device at the printed worksheets and watch what happens. The static image of the worksheets turns into an animation on your display, which also makes sounds. It is like being in the world of Harry Potter.

The animation explains the topics more clearly than just the formulas and the teacher’s simple interpretation. Children then discuss topics and develop their critical thinking. And at the end, they draw their newly acquired knowledge in the worksheets, which leads to better memorization. The application contains over 160 lessons and is available for both iOS and Android. It is also a suitable way for distance learning. And now, during pandemic, it is possible to try its basic version for free. The application is now used by over 40 schools in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, a wide range of subjects is not yet available. Currently, children can learn just physics this way, but chemistry textbook should appear soon. Overall, Vividbooks focus on STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). These subjects are usually less popular because their interpretation is often boring and complicated. However, thanks to a fun and interactive form of teaching, children’s opinion could change. Increasing children’s motivation to study is also the main goal of the Vividbooks.

The Vividbooks project succeeded in the European accelerator Impact EdTech and now is trying to get into Y Combinator. Vividbooks = the future of education.


Small but big invention from Apple

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As we have known for years, January is the month of technological novelties. There are also many premieres in January.

Two days ago, Tim Cook announced, Apple will announce something completely new

We are waiting for a lot of new products from Apple, for example the electric AppleCar with completely innovative batteries. We are also waiting for the new iPad and Airtags.

On the web, you can also find out that Apple is preparing its own Facebook for us. Unfortunately, this information has no official confirmation.

In my opinion, we can still wait a while for AppleCar, so Airtags are the most likely outgoing news.

What are Airtags?

Airtag is nothing more than a locator hidden in a key ring. Compatible with the locator application.

Such a keychain will be very useful for any user. It can be attached to a purse, backpack, or to your home or car keys. The keychain will connect to the phone using a bluetooth module.

What do we know so far about AirTag?

-It is to support broadband communication, which will allow it to be located with very high accuracy
-iPhones and other Apple devices equipped with the U1 chip are to be able to find AirTag using augmented reality
-items will be able to be found even if the AirTag attached to them is outside the Bluetooth range of the device (e.g. iPhone) with which it is paired
-if the locator moves beyond the set distance, we will receive a notification on the iPhone or Apple Watch
-will have a removable battery
-will be charged wirelessly
-will be waterproof

The premiere is chasing the premiere. Before the premiere of the new device, we can expect one more.

According to Gayle King, it won’t be just a new product. It explains that it is something bigger and much better than that. So what service can it be?

Online Art School is not Art School

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Due to the coronavirus situation, most countries decided to close their universities, which forced everyone to move to online studying. 

As a result, “students and tutors alike have been told to embrace the “new normal””[1] however, is it actually possible to embrace the new normal for everyone?

Well not quite, let’s take art schools as an example. Most art students are complaining that it is impossible for them to get any creative experiences through online classes. We can clearly see that nobody [in the art school environment] was ready for this difficult situation and that it is very hard to make any logical decisions or predict what is going to happen next. “While institutions have many emergency plans in place for immediate disruptions at the campus, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, or tornadoes, the constantly changing directives from local, state, and federal health authorities mean that institutions are having to quickly adjust for the safety and well-being of their campus communities.”[2

Art is all about seeing, touching, feeling things and our new virtual reality does not really allow students to develop their art skills. Additionally, art students need to be constantly supervised and given feedback, it is not possible to be done online as you cannot even see the details on the screen and art should be looked at in person. It is a pity, that students still pay tuition fees to get the resources to create, unfortunately they do not have most of the materials at home and are unable to fully develop their talents. Let’s not forget that art students usually need space to think and create and most of them don’t have such conditions at home. It is a very controversial topic. Students are writing petition against paying fees, complaining about different time zones that make it impossible to have normal classes and any social interaction. Not to mention the most basic fact that university should be the place where you meet your friends, exchange ideas and interact in person. The list goes on and on.

“It is a dangerous time to think all creative learning can be moved online and that studios, making spaces, print rooms, and furnaces can all be devalued or even ditched. We need to ensure that this digital offer doesn’t become homogenised and institutions retain what makes them unique in terms of ethos, content and delivery.” She adds: “It’s hard to replicate this humanistic practice in a digital-only space.”[3]

“For students who had secured a placement, only for this option to be removed is devastating; our tutors have stressed to us that industry experience is a necessary precursor to finding gainful employment post-graduation. For many students, this was their opportunity to gain that experience.”[4]

As we can see online classes for creative education cannot substitute the actual thing. What is interesting some universities and companies around the world are thinking of keeping the online meetings for even after the coronavirus situation calms down. Definitely not a good piece of information for art students to hear. 

So what can we do to overcome this issue? 

Students started the movement “online art school is not art school” . It even has its own hashtag on Instagram and is being reposted by plenty art students. It is supposed to spread around and encourage people to try students fight for their rights. 

Some universities are actually pledging against online studies. In the UK there was a petition that “garnered over 1,500 signatures, the campaign enabled art students across the country to bind together in digital solidarity.”[5] Will these petitions work and change anything? Hard to say, as of now the universities are not really responding and it is hard to predict what they will decide.

Right now probably all we can do is try to make most of it at home and stay positive with the hope for the better future. 






Trump has been banned from Twitter

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In the  last few days all eyes have been  focused on the situation in the United States. After shocking attack on Capitol, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended  due to the risk of further  incitement to violence. This decision also induced an incredibly heated  discussion about not only social media but also about the freedom of speech. There are a few questions. Firstly, how do we understand the freedom of speech? Secondly, where are the limits? Twitter and Facebook are  private companies and it can be sad that they can do whatever they want. But can they just delete someone’s account only because his opinions and beliefs  are not in line with those who run this company?  On the other hand we can say that this person can create an account on the other website but the problem is that Twitter and Facebook are now the most important and influential media and for some Americans the only source of information. I think that its something more than only website. In last years social media have grown significantly and they participate in our life at every step. I think that nowadays especially in the times of pandemic, we can say that social medias are equivalent to social space. For a politician like Donald Trump it is the only way to communicate with his voters and supporters. Of course it can be claimed that his speeches and tweets were harmful and incited violence in people and consequently led to the attack on Capitol and deaths of 5 innocent people but the question remains if blocking a public person’s account is not a form of censorship even if this person is well known for his controversial statements. If we agree with banning Trump and giving the green light to the companies like Twitter and Facebook to ban who ever they want, we can imagine the situation that in the future these companies could make a deal which candidate to support and present only positive information about their chosen candidate and at the same time limit the other candidate or present him only in a bad light and in this way they will be able to manipulate the public opinion and deprive people of their right to the reliable and objective information and as a result their basic right of a free choice.