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The Announcement of iPad mini6 will be Presented this Spring

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The main event every Apple fan is waiting for is a spring conference to be held on the 16-th of March. Its subject-matter is new devices introduction and one of them is iPad mini6.

The design of the iPad mini series has not been changed since the time it was first introduced (in 2012), and that’s what makes it so recognizable. However, this time the company decided to change its traditions and make a totally new design, hardware and screen.

An almost frameless 8,4-inch screen will take about 90% of the front panel, while its parameters are 195 x 126,6 mm in comparison with its previous 203 x 134,8 mm version. A hybrid OLED panel is going to be used in the device, which is almost two times thinner than a standard OLED panel. Apple’s designers and engineers decided to place a dactyloscopy sensor below the screen; this decision will provide much more space for placing the hardware.

iPad mini6 will be based on the Apple A14 processor, just the same as it is used in Apple iPhone 12 series. This is a super-fast 64-bit processor, comprising 6 cores, which can be clocked up to 3,1GHz and shows a great performance as well as low temperatures in both regular usage and gaming.

It is expected to see a new version of iPad Pro with a similar to iPad mini LED panel, except the fact it also has a 12,9-inch diagonal screen. So far, no other information about devices is added.

The AirTags and Apple Card that has been introduced before is also mentioned by the informant, but now the card will be available in many more countries.

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AI in trading – Trading robots

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“There are only two emotions on Wall Street – fear and greed” – William Lefevre

Trading robots were created in order to eliminate the psychological element of trading. They analyze the market and open the position automatically without any help from human beings. Basically, it is a computer programme making its own decisions based on collected data such as the volume of the market, trend direction and trend power, graph patterns, fake pumps and dumps etc. 

Although, trading robots should not be regarded as a “holy grail”. It is because the market is way more unpredictable than most people may assume. Robots are seeking the rationalization of the price change, while the price is trying to be as tricky as possible. So most professionals use such robots as an auxiliary tool for comprehensive analysis of the market but not as a main decisive factor. 

It is worth mentioning that robots are quite adjustable. That means every trader may adapt the programme and tailor it to his own needs. For example, every trader determines the lower acceptable loss (the price where the loss is not so considerable) after crossing which the position should be automatically closed. This is due to the volatility of markets: prices are going up and down, sometimes it makes rapid movements but then returns to the starting position. To handle all these risks traders use the stop-loss tool. And of course, robots allow traders to settle exclusive rules regulating risk management. 

All the robots are written in MetaQuotes Language (MQL) which is a programming language used specifically to create automated trading robots and market indicators. That gives a great advantage for users because it means that every single person may not only buy robots but create them as well. 

Why do robots mistake? The answer is that usually they do not really predict, they rather interpret the chaos occurring in the market. So they do not outstrip the market they rather leg behind it. Robots try to find bonds between various factors and use algorithms to make a decision. But no algorithm (at least now) can predict that Elon Musk, for example, will decide to post a tweet #bitcoin and the price of BTC will rocket to the historical maximum just in seconds. Actually, no one is capable of doing that except for Elon himself)

Presented black Sony PlayStation 5. More precisely – two versions at once

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At the time of the announcement, it was said about 20 kg of gold, but then the console would cost three times more, so Caviar decided to reduce the mass of gold to 4.5 kg. In a month and a half, Caviar received over 1,300 orders for this console. Among those interested was the famous American basketball player LeBron James. The company also received an order from a well-known Russian businessman and an equally well-known American IT businessman, whose names were not disclosed.
High demand has led Caviar to release not one as initially planned but nine PlayStation 5 Golden Rock consoles. It will take about four months to create such a unique console.

Many PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting when Sony releases the PS5 in black, as not everyone likes the original two-tone design. Caviar has unveiled two black PlayStation 5 consoles covered in carbon and leather.
The carbon version will be released in 99 units for $ 5830, and the Caviar logo is made of 24-carat gold. Another version is covered in crocodile leather and costs $ 8,140. The circulation is also 99 consoles.

LG will Provide Apple iPhone with Foldable Screens

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As it was reported earlier, Samsung is the only supplier of those collapsible panels for the foldable iPhone, but DigiTimes reports, that LG Display – a South Korean technological giant, is going to help Apple with the first iPhone foldable-screen creation.

It is predicted as in the case with an OLED 7,3-7,6 inch screen, Apple is going to provide the device with a stylus similar to S Pen.  Also, Apple has introduced a new kind of construction of the hinge part, which is inside the case, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip presented. This kind of construction is aimed to prevent dust inside the hinge system or phone itself.

Besides, Apple is reported to use a chemical hardening of the ceramic protection screen, that can’t be broken while flipping and it will prevent unevenness on the screen caused by multiple folding. It is still unknown if a protection glass (as the company is going to begin using a protection glass starting from iPhone 12s) on the back smartphone panel is awaited and there is still no information about the camera module, that will be used in the device.

However, the smartphone is planned to have 8Gb of RAM and what is more stunning – 1TB of flash memory, which makes the device one of the most spacious phones in the world. The cost of it is predicted to be about $1500, which is quite fine according to the company’s market position, but for example, the cost of its main competitor – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is about $1300-$1400.

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How the New iPhone 12s Pro will Look Like

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An unknown Chinese source announced the design of a new iPhone 12s Pro in high resolution, and it demonstrates the main differences in the way it looks and a few differences in general characteristics.

In general, it looks just like its previous “brother” – iPhone 12: it has got a flat frame along the perimeter of the whole case and a square camera module. Even though, all the surfaces, including the camera module, will be covered with a protection glass, as has already been reported before.

The smartphone is informed to lose its charging port. There are only holes for a speaker and microphone in the lower part of the phone. It is really hard to say now if it is an advantage. It means the phone will be charged by wireless chargers only and it is predicted, Apple will refuse regular chargers due to the MagSafe technology. Also, it will help to make the phone more protected from water and dust, however, lots of complaints are expected to appear on the point.

Some good news for gamers – iPhone 12s Pro will get a 120Hz refresh-rate screen (also, they say that there might be a possibility to buy a 180Hz or 240Hz iPhone modification), which will resurrect Apple-gamers’ opinion after the grand fiasco of iPhone 11 Pro Max. And of course, it will get a dactyloscopy sensor located below the screen. A great-known notch will be smaller, which will give a bit more space for the screen itself. Also, Apple agreed upon bringing Touch ID back, moreover, they made an in-display function for it. One of the possible reasons for this decision is the effect of COVID-19, as many iPhone 10 and 11 series users struggled with unlocking their phones due to wearing a face mask.

An official presentation of the iPhone 12s series is expected to be held later this year, approximately in September.

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The First Penta-Cam Aarmoured Smartphone that has a Night Vision Mode and 5G

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Eventually, almost everyone faced the problem of a broken phone screen. There will be no such a problem with Ulefone Armor 11 5G even for the clumsiest person as you need to try REALLY HARD to break it.

Some days ago Ulefone presented their new model that is called Armor 11 5G (this is actually a modified version of Armor 10 5G that was presented the previous year). The phone has got 5 cameras, including the main 48-mp Sony IMX582 module and a frontal 16-mp camera. And what is more appealing, the phone has got a 20-mp night vision module.

Ulefone Armor 11 5G is based on MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G single-crystal system, having a 6,1-inch screen, 8Gb of RAM, and 256Gb memory card. As a new iPhone line, the smartphone can use 5G net, supplying it with a great performance. The 5200mAh battery is responsible for the great work duration and a wireless 10V charger. However, Armor 11 5G is working on Android 10, and for now, there is no possibility to update it to Android 11 (it is said to be possible only after the official release).

Of course, it has an NFC module and Google Pay support, face recognition, and dactyloscopy sensor. One of the aims of the device is its usage for military purposes, and for that, it has IP68/IP69K protection level and a military standard MIL-STD-810G certificate, which makes it perfect to be used in different rough conditions. The price of such a device is unknown yet.

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Bitcoin has risen in price to a record 50 thousand dollars. In six months, it grew by 350%

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The cost of bitcoin at the auction on February 16 reached a record high of 50 thousand dollars. Half a year ago, the cryptocurrency was worth about 11 thousand dollars. Since that time, its value has increased by 350%.

The rapid growth of quotations began in the fall of 2020. Back in October, Bitcoin was worth about $ 11,000, and in December, its value exceeded $ 20,000. In January, quotes exceeded $ 40,000.

After that, bitcoin’s cost returned to the level of 33 thousand dollars, but in February, there was a recent jump in the rate. The auction was influenced by the news that the car manufacturer Tesla has invested $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin and will accept cryptocurrency as payment.

How Bitcoin grew in price during the coronavirus?
Bitcoin began to rise noticeably in March 2020 after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In connection with the coronavirus’s spread, the governments of various countries have introduced restrictive measures, which led to a slowdown in business activity.

The US and EU have decided to stimulate their economies with additional spending. Many investors believe that massive stimulus measures will weaken the euro and dollar. There are also fears that an increase in money supply will lead to an acceleration in inflation. Against the backdrop of these concerns, investments in bitcoins have increased, the supply of which is limited.

Also, experts and investors expect the use of cryptocurrencies in the traditional financial system to increase. The decisions of individual companies indicate this. For example, earlier payment services Square and PayPal, which about 300 million people in total use, added the ability to buy cryptocurrencies to their applications.

The previous maximum of quotations was recorded in December 2017, when the cost of bitcoin was approaching the $ 20 thousand mark. Then the quotes rose sharply in a few weeks, and then there was a collapse, and in a few months, bitcoin fell in price to 3.2 thousand dollars.
However, the current growth is different from what happened in 2017. At that time, the cryptocurrency was bought mainly by private investors from Asia, and now institutional investors and large companies, mainly from the USA and Europe, participate in trading.

Some experts still consider bitcoin as a “bubble,” the value of which will collapse sooner or later. Even investors anticipating the growth of quotes warn that cryptocurrency trading remains exceptionally volatile, and sharp price fluctuations should be expected.

However, questions remain as to whether cryptocurrencies have any value. Some experts fear that investments in bitcoin and its analogs may be lost.

Clubhouse – new approach to innovations?

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Let’s hit the trend and discuss the Clubhouse. 

The idea of Clubhouse is to make people gather in groups and exchange voice messages. Every group is thematic that allows users to find the appropriate circle of communication. This great advantage can be regarded as one of the possible reasons for the popularity of the Clubhouse. Another one is its artificial uniqueness. Social networks are full of memes regarding the invitation to the Clubhouse. There is a belief that it is a really complicated task to get invited. So basically the app is challenging human’s curiosity. 

I would say that it is quite a controversial approach to make people communicate. Dozens of users hate voice messages because they are not informative. Basically, developers of Clubhouse have taken a usual for everyone Messenger, deleted all functions except for voice messages and allowed users to choose a group according to their interest. And boom – the app is the most discussed one right now. The weird thing is that the idea is so old that it is difficult to believe in its huge success. Reddit offers almost similar service that is, as for me, more convenient. 

Another weird fact is that this innovation is basically a simplification of existing ones( Instagram, WhatsApp…). I mean that any other functions except for voice messages are not available. Is it really so weird? Actually not. Snapchat allows to exchange of photos and simple text messages, Tik Tok allows sharing videos and text messages as well. So simplification is a global trend in innovations. Apps are becoming more and more specific that attracts users. And that is the point of my blog. I want to discover whether we are going to keep using multitool apps, gadgets and all other tech products or using hundreds of simplified analogues. However, I have to mention that some other platforms like Instagram or YouTube are increasingly extending their functions. I mean YouTube has added stories and Instagram is a trading platform now as well. So we can see two trends: simplifications and expansion of functions. Which one will be overweight, that is the question. 

And of course, I do have to emphasize that Elon Musk and others have contributed to the success of the platform. Firstly the $12 million investment by Andreessen Horowitz Company then Elon Musk huge interest and some other celebrities have done Clubhouse a favour. So possibly that can be the key reason for its popularity. Basically, it is)

Jaguar and Land Rover are to Refuse from Internal Consumption Engines in 2025

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It is generally known nowadays rapid technology changes are becoming closely related to the world automobile market. Electric cars are the ones that are expected to replace common cars operated on conventional petrol, at least we are moving to it with giant strides. One of the first companies that made its bet for electric transport is Tesla, and they have become the leader of the market so far. However, many other associations saw the great success of Elon Musk’s company and decided to keep up.

One of those companies is the “Jaguar Land Rover” corporation. The British company announced their plan to leave the “petrol” market till 2025 and start their own production in the electric car industry. For the next 5 years, the company is to move Jaguar as well as their prime-segment models into fully eco-engines. It is worth noticing Jaguar has already produced an electric model (Jaguar I-Pace) which has a great success in the electric-cars market. Anyway, it is hard to imagine an electric version of Jaguar PROJECT-8.

Also “Jaguar Land Rover” company is planning to introduce six fully electric Land Rover models by the end of 2025, having no electric cars in their model-list right now. The first electric Land Rover is planned for 2024. It is also remarkable that 60% of Land Rover cars to be sold will be equipped with electric power units till the end of 2030. Till the same time, all Land Rover models will be presented in both variants – fully electric and with an internal consumption engine.

Besides, the company is planning to reject using diesel engines in all Jaguar and Land Rover models till the end of 2026.

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Clubhouse — the future of communication?

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Clubhouse is a new social network based on voice communication. The form of this communication is something like a webinar. Several people are talking, the rest are listening but nobody sees anything. The difference from a regular podcast is that the listener can raise his hand and, if someone knows him by name, then he will be invited to speak and he will also talk on an equal basis with everyone. And then he can invite someone.

Nothing is recorded. This encourages candor. And many cool people pay attention to this. Musk, for example, was at the Clubhouse. It also attracts audiences to the new social network. He definitely sees potential in Clubhouse, 2 days ago he officially invited Vladimir Putin to join the conversation with him on Clubhouse via Musk’s Twitter. He even tweeted in Russian to increase the likelihood. So far, the official Kremlin hasn’t responded. This shows the interest and gives prospects for the development of Clubhouse.

The network is just being formed. No opinion leaders have appeared yet. And it’s funny to see how people are in it around the clock. You cannot do something else and at the same time talk in the Clubhouse.

The network is growing in popularity but is still quite small. In the States, it is already measured in millions of people, which is still not very much. Moreover, this is by and large a narrow audience, mostly geeks and people connected to IT.

Clubhouse reminds me of the Periscope app, which went viral in late 2015. It is the application of a live stream that lost its market dominance when Facebook integrated live streams into Instagram. In my opinion, Clubhouse has the same fate.

The final outcome is unpredictable. Maybe this is a new social network that will take its place there alongside Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. Facebook has already started making a clone. It was difficult to invent the format, but not to repeat it. It also possible that Clubhouse will become a niche application, for example, for education on discussion seminars because of its convenient interface. 

But it is not known who will win. So far, the original Clubhouse has attracted around $ 1 billion in rounds of investments. Moreover, its revenue is strictly zero.