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Small but big invention from Apple

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As we have known for years, January is the month of technological novelties. There are also many premieres in January.

Two days ago, Tim Cook announced, Apple will announce something completely new

We are waiting for a lot of new products from Apple, for example the electric AppleCar with completely innovative batteries. We are also waiting for the new iPad and Airtags.

On the web, you can also find out that Apple is preparing its own Facebook for us. Unfortunately, this information has no official confirmation.

In my opinion, we can still wait a while for AppleCar, so Airtags are the most likely outgoing news.

What are Airtags?

Airtag is nothing more than a locator hidden in a key ring. Compatible with the locator application.

Such a keychain will be very useful for any user. It can be attached to a purse, backpack, or to your home or car keys. The keychain will connect to the phone using a bluetooth module.

What do we know so far about AirTag?

-It is to support broadband communication, which will allow it to be located with very high accuracy
-iPhones and other Apple devices equipped with the U1 chip are to be able to find AirTag using augmented reality
-items will be able to be found even if the AirTag attached to them is outside the Bluetooth range of the device (e.g. iPhone) with which it is paired
-if the locator moves beyond the set distance, we will receive a notification on the iPhone or Apple Watch
-will have a removable battery
-will be charged wirelessly
-will be waterproof

The premiere is chasing the premiere. Before the premiere of the new device, we can expect one more.

According to Gayle King, it won’t be just a new product. It explains that it is something bigger and much better than that. So what service can it be?

Vaccine scandal in Poland

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vaccination against Covid-19 has already begun around the word. Over 136,000 people are already vaccinated in Poland. In our country (PL) the order of vaccination is given, which is divided into groups.

4 steps in the immunization program:

  • Group 0- People most at risk of being infected
  • Group 1- Elderly people, teachers and uniformed services (Police, army,..)
  • Group 2- People under 60 years of age with chronic diseases
  • Group 3- Vaccinating the rest of the adult population

However, not everyone waited patiently for their turn.

In recent days, the vaccination has been reported by, among others former Prime Minister and now SLD MEP Leszek Miller. They were also vaccinated, among others actors: Krystyna Janda, Maria Seweryn and Wiktor Zborowski, satirist Krzysztof Materna, TVN program director Edward Miszczak and actor, singer Michał Bajor. The full list of 18 out of sequence vaccinated people has not been made public.

People outside group ) were vaccinated out of sequence as people from the medical group. When we got to know the names of these people, it turned out that they were not people from group 0 and they were added to the vaccination list at WUM (Warsaw Medical University)

Then the lie fell that their vaccinations were related to the promotional campaign. Our Prime Minister M. Morawiecki immediately announced that there was no promotional campaign and in connection with the fraud will be carried out thorough checks.

As a result of the preliminary findings, the facility is subject to a fine from NFZ (National Health Fund) of at least PLN 250,000.

New changes on Facebook that may annoy you

Reading Time: < 1 minuteFacebook from years shows us everything we want to see at “wall” – although sometimes advertisements that did not exactly match our needs. The new change which may annoy is that the company is going to show us the posts from the Facebook’ groups to which we do not belong to. It is really not good to dictate what to watch. What is more, because of that we may miss up interesting things like photos of our friends, new posts or everything what is interesting for us. Facebook want to improve that because they thinking that groups can be more used and they want to work on that more deeply.

Another big change is because of new EU directive ePrivacy. This will may a huge impact on two applications that belong to Facebook group: Messenger and Instagram. From the middle of December we could see that some functions is not available.

This is all because of new law statements in Europe. Facebook still working on it. Eprivacy is about obtaining and processing user data which has to be confidential in short, it is about metadata.


The changes we make may affect some developers and companies that use the Messenger API. From December 16, part of the API is not available to them. This also applies to people living in Europe who contact companies from all over the world.

– reports Facebook on the blog for developers

Facebook has disabled some Instagram and Messenger functions in Europe