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Razer is known as the world-leading company specializing in the production of hardware, electronics and lifestyle accessories for the gamers. Although recently they have shown that they can react to the changing circumstances and know how to take advantage of the current pandemic situation. In their apparel section, as soon as the COVID-19 became a problem on a global scale, masks of different styles have occurred. Customers are able to choose between typical surgical, single-use ones, but can also get something fancier, with Razer logo, specific for the company design and of course reusability possibility. 

But now, while the pandemic seems to last longer than we have expected, why do not create some item that will be strictly designed in order to give the user best possible quality of protection against the virus. And that’s how the Project Hazel came into being. As Razer states, this is a prototype of the smartest face mask that was ever created. The product will be fully made of scratch-resistant and waterproof plastic, which additionally will be recycled. The second most visible element of the mask, just after the main shell, are two circular zones equipped with removable filters on both sides.

When it comes to the safety aspect, every mask will be equipped with N95 surgical respirator, which is certified as the one filtrating 95% of particles that want to cross it like bacteria, pathogens and of course COVID-19 virus. Moreover, both breathed in and exhaled air will be purified due to the active ventilation system. User will be able to easily change the filters of ventilators which are capable of all-day usage because of efficient battery. So, as we can notice, maintaining hygiene won’t be a problem here.

Razer also found out how to boost the comfort of social contacts with other people while wearing their mask. It is equipped with low-light mode, so when the sensor determines that it is already dark enough, the smile of speaking person will be lighted up. In connection with the transparent material showing the mouth, it is a combo that will add simple naturalness of the conducting conversation. To enhance it even more, built-in microphones and amplifier of the sound will take care of proper loudness of the speech. Producent also ensures that despite all these technological features mask will be comfortable to carry on the face.

What is more, every mask will come with a special case with a built-in wireless charger and UV light in order to kill all potentially dangerous to human health bacteria and simply sterilize the device after usage. Razer didn’t forget about beloved by the fans – Chroma lightning. This RGB will let the customer personalise the face mask by choosing one of the 16.8 million colours and accompanying it lightning effect.

The date of release and price are not known yet. For sure, such useful and safety guaranteeing during prevailing COVID-19 gadget will be pricy and only real tech lovers will be willing to buy it. However, let’s hope that Project Hazel will become reality because it would surely brighten up a bit this pandemic time with its RGB glare!


Boston Dynamics New Video

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Video: Boston Dynamics

Right before the end of 2020, Boston Dynamics surprised us with new video which was aimed to make us happy on these final days of the year perceived by a majority as the worst one. Maybe stepping into 2021 with good mood will bestow us with positive energy and change our attitude when it comes to the whole year. Who knows…

Boston Dynamics is world leading company which specializes in producing mobile robots. They are constantly focusing on overcoming the technological barriers in order to improve their creations. Their aim is to take advantage of the newly developed sophisticated solutions and equip the robotic creatures with systems that will enable them to act more human-like. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the video is dedicated to showing their abilities. And what they can do, is terrifically amazing. Short movie presents them performing coordinated dance moves in the in accompaniment of song “Do You love me?” by The Contours. The smoothness of their motions and the variety of poses that they are capable of doing, can surely embarrass many people.

In the below video you can find full choreography of the robotic dance.

Some can accuse Boston Dynamics of using CGI here, but even Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that these are real robotic motions.

In the short clip we are able to admire almost full lineup of Boston Dynamics robots which are:


Atlas is the most humanoid robot in the Boston Dynamics fleet. It is an excellent example that such machine can achieve unbelievable mobility and agility. Because of the systems, that he is equipped with, the robot can keep well balance even in the most demanding situations. Atlas is capable of performing such tasks as running on uneven ground, acrobatic tricks or parkour. While looking on the old videos, we can observe how this model has changed over the years. It is easily noticeable that company is constantly working on improvements to make this research platform even greater and more powerful.


The spot is the only product of Boston Dynamics that is no longer only prototype version but can be purchased by companies for 74,500$. His quadruped construction enables him to cope with rough terrain, climbing up the stairs and staying stable all the time. As producer states, it is an excellent tool for the inspection of unknown industrial areas that are potentially hazardous for living creatures. Spot would be also helpful in the transportation of small payloads We should not forget that such a robot will be sure a great entertainment provider.


Handle is the robot that can be used in transportation of boxes around the warehouses. Due to the long reach (elongated gripping part), it can easily help in building up the pallets, depalletizing and unloading the ware. Two wheels enable Handle to move freely and efficiently with the speed of 4 m/s. Thanks to deep-learning vision software it is able to find specific boxes and locate them in the proper place.

Recently Boston Dynamics changed the owner. It was bought by South Korean car brand Hyundai for 1.1 billion $ from SoftBank, which possessed the company since 2017. We’ll see what this change will bring to the development of the robot industry.



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As we all know, Elon Musk often takes bold steps and he is not afraid of the consequences of the unusual actions that he undertakes so eagerly. Recently he showed that there is always something that can make us surprised. His company, Tesla – an American electric vehicle producer – announced their newest software update made especially as a Christmas gift for the Tesla cars users. Despite a bunch of new features like arcade games and enhanced driving visualization, it also involves an add-on that will surely give you a lot of entertainment. The driver will be able to broadcast music or short sound effects outside of the car! This option is called Boombox, and it works due to the external speakers, which Tesla is equipping their cars with since 2019 and call them ‘pedestrian speakers’. This is an obligation which has to be met in order to take advantage of this new toybox feature. But owners of older cars do not have a reason to be worried. Elon informed that they are working on new stuff that is coming soon.

Dave Vanderwerp / Car and Driver

Boombox option enables the user to replace normal, standard horn sound with the one that suits our preferences best. The same goes for driving and summon noises. It offers quite a wide variety of preinstalled sounds. The one that for sure has gained the greatest popularity is a fart imitation. There was no other option like adding a “Toss a coin” music from Witcher Netflix series, which was stuck in Elon Musk’s head for over a week after the premiere, according to his tweet. Pranks lovers will also find something special for them. By using the characteristic sound of the ice cream car, it is easy to harass all the neighbourhood and mislead people from your area. We cannot forget about hilarious goat sound that will surely scare passers-by. What is excellent, there is a possibility of uploading up to 5 custom music/sounds, so you are not limited only to stock options.

In the below video you may find all the effects that have been added.

There is nothing else for us but waiting for new Tesla updates. Stay tuned!