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Nvidia introduced the “GeForce RTX 2077”

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So, Nvidia introduced the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition graphics card, created in conjunction with the CD Projekt RED. And she was immediately nicknamed the GeForce RTX 2077.

The adapter differs from the usual flagship Nvidia graphics card design. As well as the fact that only 200 units of such 3D cards will be issued, and they will not be sold.

Such a graphics card can only be won. Nvidia itself has already launched 77 adapters. When and how others will be played, is not yet specified.

Nvidia also notes that such video cards will be delivered in specially designed packages, which is quite expected. Whether the game itself will be included is also unclear.



China has created the most capacious electric bus in the world

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BYD, China’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, has created the world’s largest passenger electric passenger bus.

This is reported by Business insider

Reliable iron-phosphate batteries provide 370 km of range and safety in the most extreme conditions.

The C10MS electric bus is unveiled at United Motorcoach Assocation in Nashville, Tennessee’s capital. The developer – a large Chinese company BYD – is ready to begin supplying the machine to the US market,

As for the C10MS, this is the most capacious passenger electric bus, which can be used both as urban public transport and for intercity travel. It is designed for 77 seats. There are two places for wheelchairs.

The bus is almost 14 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and 4 meters high. It has a speed of up to 100 km / h, and the charge is enough for 370 km. Turning radius less than 15 meters. As an energy source, iron-phosphate batteries are used, “safe in the most extreme conditions”, promise in BYD.

Earlier in the United States, for the first time in history, an autonomous unmanned truck transported goods by delivering goods from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast.



How to choose a reliable and functional Power Bank?

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Power Bank

Today, the popularity of external batteries is only increasing. Manufacturers of modern gadgets equip their products with high-power cameras and install a lot of useful applications in them.

As a result, battery depletion occurs at an accelerated rate. If it is not possible to use a power source, then the use of an external battery will be the only way out of the situation.

Criteria for choosing a portable charger

Reflecting which Power Bank to buy, one should compare the most important parameters of the models available in the assortment. As a rule, we are talking about the actual:



Current strength;

Case material;


Having studied the information provided by the manufacturer, it is very likely to get a decent model.


The importance of this parameter is difficult to overestimate. However, its great importance does not yet indicate the quality of the battery. It is best to be guided by the following rule – the capacity of portable charging should be 2-3 times the capacity of the battery of the gadget. Buying a powerful device with increased dimensions is unlikely to be appropriate. Many unknown manufacturers indicate the values ​​of 20,000, 30,000 and even 50,000 mAh on the models they produce. The reliability of such information should be called into question.

The size

Considering the possibility of Power Bank to buy, you should think about the convenience of its further use and storage. The mass of a product with increased power can reach half a kilogram. Wearing it for a long time in the pocket of a jacket or trousers will not work, which means that you can not do without a backpack. The best option would be a device whose weight does not exceed 250 grams.

Charging current

It is this parameter that will determine the charging speed of the electronic device. Owners of smartphones should opt for a battery with a current value of 1 A. For tablet users, this value should be doubled (up to 1.5–2 A). When buying a charge, you need to study the contents of the specification. The current values ​​indicated on the Power Bank and the gadget should be identical. Manufacturers, as a rule, indicate this figure near the USB port.


Having decided to buy Power Bank, you need to make sure that it has sufficient mechanical strength. An excellent alternative to the product in a plastic case is the model in an aluminum shell. Combined models also exist on sale – in a metal case equipped with protective rubber pads.


Additional characteristics include the number of ports, for example, 2 or even 3. The presence of several outputs will make using the device more comfortable. Surely the owner of the gadget will come in handy and an LED flashlight that allows you to instantly detect the location of the connector. A rather useful function is the digital indicator, which with high accuracy will inform about the residual charge.

After weighing all these factors, you can buy a high-quality Power Bank at a very reasonable cost.



Some patents to love Apple again

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Patenting is one of Apple’s proprietary chips. I would like to believe that in the near future, we will still see the technological solutions proposed below. In the meantime, it remains only to watch the alluring illustrations, which continue to remain only Apple’s patent baggage.

1. Magnetic cable for the headset

The idea of such a solution is simple and ingenious. The cord from the usual headset is equipped with a magnetic port (something like MagSafe). Click and you can listen to music. Need to urgently unplug your headphones? They pulled the cord and disconnected the magnetic port in a split second.

The company sees “hybrid headphones” as such: they can work for several hours in wireless mode, and after connecting to a magnetic port, they immediately turn into ordinary wired ones.


2. Smartphone with a rounded screen

This is the version of the iPhone that many users dream of. The highlight of the smartphone is a screen that is able to display much more useful information. Such a device will have no edges, and the display itself can occupy both the front and back of the case.


3. Headset noise cancellation system

To improve the noise reduction system, Apple offers a very interesting solution: headphones that determine the intensity with which you swing your head (for example, while running). Reading the sensor information, the built-in processor will adjust the quality and strength of the sound.


Why ExoMars mission is so important for society?

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Why ExoMars mission is so important for society?

Has life ever existed on Mars? Despite the fact that humanity has sent more than a dozen spaceships to explore the Red Planet, the ExoMars mission will be the first mission in the history of mankind, which will be aimed at solving the existential question of whether life outside the Earth can exist.

The ExoMars mission is just more of a program of the European Space Agency and Roscosmos for the exploration of Mars. So, in 2016, specialists have already deployed the Schiaparelli landing module on the surface of the Red Planet and placed the tracer gas orbiter in orbit around this desert world. According to plans, ExoMars 2020 will be dedicated to the search for microbial life in the present or the past.

Like the portal,, if everything goes according to plan with the ExoMars mission, European Mars rovers and Russian scientific platforms will be found on the Red Planet, which will be sent to Mars after that. to slow down the descent.

Despite the fact that scientists had more than 145 million kilometers of the surface of Mars, the researchers decided to land the ExoMars 2020 mission in a geologically diverse place with convincing evidence of the presence of water in the past. An ideal place for landing the rover was the area called Oxia Planum, located near the equator. It is expected that the launch of the ExoMars 2020 mission will occur in July or August next year, after which the spacecraft will spend 9 months on the way to the Red Planet. Due to the fact that the 20th years of our century will be marked not only by the launch of a mission from ESA, but also by the commissioning of Mars rovers from NASA and the Chinese project Mars 2020, subject to the success of these projects, we can learn much more about the Red Planet than ever before in the history of mankind.


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