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TalentX Entertainment

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Everyone loves Tik Tok.Someone likes to spend time watching videos and someone to shoot them for fun.However,TikTok is a new generation of talent that will shape culture more than people think.

For that reason,in 2019 in Los Angeles, a leading social media monetization and talent development company was launched.Every creator of the digital space can join this company – from TikTokers and YouTubers to Twitch streamers and others, where they can work to create relationships and strategies that serve the interests of each of their clients.They have the motto “Creator first”

The company was founded by : Tal Fishman who has nearly 15M YouTube subscribers on his Reaction Time channel, and Jason Wilhelm, who built his own successful YouTube presence. One of their first projects was the creation of the Sway LA home, which featured many creator leaders on TikTok: Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson and so on.I think that the main reason for the success is the executive team of creators together with the leaders.

The main goal is to create a huge range of opportunities for its members.Such as touring,merchendising and sponsorships. Nowadays there are 8 income segments.The company announced a partnership with cybersport to create TalentX Gaming, which is tailor-made for athletes and streamers in gaming and esports.TalentX is constantly adapting to the ever-changing social media industry.

How coronavirus affect social networks?

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Due to the pandemic, there has been a strong increase in social media consumption, so today there is a surge in user activity on every platform, from Instagram to TikTok.
In most countries, theaters, museums, cinemas were suspended, and thousands of concerts and events were canceled. The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed cultural life in society. 
Music performers and artists firstly began streaming live home performances via Instagram and YouTube.
And this is a big plus,because you do not need to buy a ticket in advance and you can listen for free
 Moreover, some stars practice ordering songs during the broadcast. The audience can request their favorite song online. In addition, bloggers  conduct video chats with their subscribers.Also for people who went to the gym, yoga teachers and trainers from all over the world actively use social networks: they conduct online trainings, conduct educational broadcasts and post motivating content.
The spread of information on social networks is very fast.For example, fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Prada rebuilt their production and began producing medical masks.
However, the biggest disadvantage is false information that leads to panic as mass purchase of toilet paper, food and medicine.
All in all, even during the pandemic you can do useful things and have a good time.

playstation 5 vs Xbox X

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June 2020, Sony unveiled the long-awaited PlayStation 5 video game console. A month later, the brand’s competitor, Microsoft, showed the new Xbox Series X console.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / X pre-order openings showed next-gen consoles in high demand – store sites were struggling to keep up.

However,Some retailers have unilaterally canceled PS5 pre-orders.

 The most important quality is time. Few gadgets can boast an expiration date like game consoles.For examples,smartphones come out from under the car every year, PCs replace each other every two to three years. The past generations of PlayStation and Xbox are seven years old.One of the cons is that throughout the year, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X boasted that the increased 4K display with HDR support will now hit record 8K. But for transcendental 8K, you need a plasma that is worth exorbitant money and is not sold everywhere, plus not all games that are currently in development are optimized for this resolution. That is, graphics that look more realistic than reality itself are very expensive and will not be available when it is clear.

Another innovation is the streaming service. Xbox offers Game Pass, nicknamed “Netflix for video games,” which lets you play over 100 games for $ 10 a month,but in this sony loses.

Moreover,unlike Sony, all Xbox exclusives will be available to Microsoft too, so if you have a powerful PC you won’t need a new console

XBOX is more powerful, but most people buy PS5 and this is a paradox

All in all,it is impossible to choose the definitively best next-generation console – each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Xbox Series X is geared towards high-definition gaming with beautiful graphics and low input lag, while Sony presumably does much the same, but at a lower resolution.