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Hero Arm. Or how a flaw becomes a superpower.

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“Welcome to the future where physical limitation becomes superpower!” – under this slogan a unique bionic prosthesis of the arm was demonstrated.

Hero Arm is Engineered and manufactured in Bristol, UK, but available now only in the USA, UK and France. Bionic hands, meanwhile, can cost up to £60,000 apiece. Open Bionics’ Hero Arm will launch at a fraction of that cost – around £5,000 – thanks to the savings offered by a combination of 3D printing and tablet-enabled 3D scanning of the wearer. The company affirm this makes it the most affordable bionic arm or hand currently available.

Manufacturers claim that this is the most convenient prosthesis ever, that includes many facilities and functions. Even though the Hero Arm is powered by space grade motors, advanced software and long-lasting batteries, it is lightweight (no more than 1 kg) and super sleek, that is why it feels like part of you. Special sensors within the Hero Arm detect muscle movements, meaning you can effortlessly control your bionic hand with intuitive life-like precision. Also, haptic vibrations, beepers, buttons and lights provide you with intuitive notifications. Socket is breathable, dynamic and easily cleanable. Moreover there are many different swappable covers(a wide range including Star Wars BB-8, Marvel Iron Man, Disney Frozen and Deus Ex),that means that  you can switch up your style to match your mood.

As the result the company has been rewarded with both public accolades and funding for its work. In recent years, Open Bionics has scooped a James Dyson Award (in 2015), a Wired Social Innovation Award (in 2016), and a $ 1 million UAE AI & Robotics International Award for Good, all of which gave Open Bionics the impetus to create the Hero Arm.

It’s nice to realize that with the development of new technologies, the lives of many people become better and easier.


Open Bionics’ releases affordable 3D printed bionic arm