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Re-leaf. Ukrainian start-up of recycling fallen leaves.

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Are you interested in being eco-friendly and helping our planet to recover? If your answer is «yes», than that’s exactly a crucial post for you.

Not so much time ago, Ukrainian student, Valentyn Frechka found out how to recycle fallen leaves into paper. Since than he launched his own start-up «Re-leaf» and made Ukrainian government to think about it and realise an extensive production of eco-friendly paper.

The student tells: «One day you just walk and see leaves, see trees, from which paper is made of. Why couldn’t we do it from leaves? The do it just laying on the grass? There are a lot of leaves in towns, villages and they’re just burned.. I suggested to make paper from fallen leaves. That time I didn’t even realise how should I do this and will my idea be successful.»

His technology was checked through special equipment successfully and is ready to be implemented. 

Furthermore, his invention was evaluated with the highest grades during he olympiad in Tunis, where were representatives of more than 86 countries.

Scientists  say : «We proved the effectiveness of using leaves as a substitute to wood. We produced paper on special equipment, which showed that the paper is really qualitative»

On the received paper you can draw, write, print something on printer. Moreover, you can even make eco packages and bags from it. The only drawback is that this paper is easier to break.

Certain details are not discussed yet, but we will talk about the first worldwide line of recycling fallen leaves to paper very soon.



Threads – new standalone Instagram app?

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In October 2019, Instagram launched its new app called «Threads». It is a new application fro messaging people from «close friends» list. It is believed, that Threads was created as a new one direct competitor to Snapchat, the next step to privacy and the next point of gaining popularity among users.

Instagram announced that it has received a lot of requests to improve ways of connecting with your friends in order to keep in touch with them all over the day by sharing photos, videos or ordinary messages. Now, Threads plays a role of more private space for people to communicate with each other.

Main goals of Threads are for you to control who is able to reach you, to have a quick access to people you are close with and an opportunity to stay connected with them even if you are not chatting and even if you are not online.

Threads gives you the ability to share your location, battery power of your device, amount of steps per day or your actions ( your mood, what are you doing, what are you up to, etc.)

However, you are put into some «frames». For example, you cannot use such a wide range of stickers in Threads stories as you do in Instagram. You cannot draw lines, add some text. At the same time, it doesn’t matter where did you post your story — it will be shown both in Instagram and Threads. 

To be honest, I am pretty confused about implementing such an add. It is a response to separate «Direct Inst.» app, which was not exclusively demanded and deleted. However, both Direct and Threads don’t differ a lot. The only change is that you can post status like «On my way🚗», «At the library📚», « Hate math:(», «Blue mood😅» to inform your closest friends about what’s going on in your life.

I cannot say that this application hasn’t been swimming in a glory since it was launched in October. 

What is the reason of creating an independent app if it gives you almost  the same opportunities as you had before?

I have read some feedback, comments on Threads and found out that people divided into 2 camps. Somebody says, that using of direct became more convenient and faster, somebody writes that they see no sense.

What is your opinion? Do you think this «innovation » was really so necessary and made our lives easier?

Video for you to have a more clear understanding:





Amazon Braket Quantum Service

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In December, 2019, Amazon announced that it launches a new service — Braket. It has to swell the series of various popular services as Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc. However, it is not that simple as you could imagine. Amazon proclaimed that service was especially created for scientists and researches to help them exploring quantum technology. Thanks to Braket you can not only explore algorithms, but design, test and run them on various technological supplies. 

The difference between quantum and digital computing is that quantum computing uses the system of superposition and entanglement instead of ones and zeros. Nevertheless, quantum computing has an apparent advantage — you can fit much more information into 3 dimensions rather than into 2. That means that the service will work faster than ordinary once — computers will be able to cope with significantly harder tasks.

Thanks to Amazon Braket you can create your own algorithms from the very beginning or choose and continue some already started sets. It helps scientists and researches to provide a quantum computer service and to manage classical compute resources. 

The Amazon Braket provides an which provide you with various learning materials, «fully managed notebooks to build and edit quantum algorithms, a technology agnostic developer framework for defining hybrid algorithms, and a choice of classical simulators for testing your designs». 

Payment is required only for use, for the time that you spent using this service. Later on, the company will publish the public price list.

As the technology was just implemented, your quantum job will run immediately , but only in that case, if you have chosen an available quantum hardware. If not — your job is going to be automatically put into the queue until the hardware becomes available.

You can see the result after finishing your work, being sent a notification, immediately as it will be available. It is going to be stored on Amazon S3( Amazon Simple Storage Service).

Here is a video for you to have a more clear understanding of what this system is about:


Microchipping of people – is it a good idea?

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Every day our world becomes more and more technologically developed and equipped. Robots, gadgets, apps, some kinds of things, we could have never even imagined. Nowadays, the world has almost every «unreal» technological thing, we could only observe in movies earlier. It is common and usual now. Except one. Human Microchips.

«Human microchipping is a way of implanting an integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased inside a silicate glass and implanted inside the human body.» Speaking easier, it is a small detail, with short-range radio frequency identification. It is located under your skin and gather all unique information about you: location, health state and medical history, payment history, etc.

First microchips were invented in 1998 by K. Warnick. However, their only task was to open the doors and switch on the light in the room. They were called out after a week, because they were limited in power and, obviously, scientist didn’t want to make troubles to his health.

So, let’s discuss whether humanity should provide every person with microchips or not. I will provide you with some advantages and disadvantages of microchipping and below, in comments, you’ll share your opinion. Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "microchipping humans"


1)All packed up here

You may use microchip instead of taking wallet every time you get out of home. You can pay for public transport, buy different stuff in stores, gain access to enter some buildings( for example if you work in a private company), to borrow books in libraries, etc. It is much easier than every day remind yourself not to forget to take money and cards. Moreover, you will never be afraid of your money being lost or stolen).

2)Identification of personality

There is no need to bring your ID when you go to take up your package from the post office, or to bring your passport when you travel abroad. Nobody will ask you again to show your ticket for the train, student ID card or , for example, VIP card. You are not going to prove your identity, because it is written on database of your microchip.

3) Security and safety

Now, you will be easily tracked by your family or friends. Most of all it is important and helpful when you get lost. It is a very common situation, especially for small kids. Well, the percentage of kidnapping will be significantly lower.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "microchipping humans"



In 2009, the computer virus affected the microchip, implanted into Mark Gasson’s hand. The following question is — how often will this problem appear and how to solve it without removal?

2)Health problems

There are some medical risks of having an implant under your skin. It can easily move to a different location. Later on, it is harder to find them. There are also some risks of electrical hazards, adverse tissue reactions and even cancer. Researches from 2007 helped to find out that microchips cause cancer in between one and ten percent of lab animals, who have microchips.

3) Threat of prosecution and leak of personal information

Technologies are developing and hackers do not stay on the one place, too. Some people with bad intensions may hack your microchip and use your personal information against you, prosecute you and even steal your money( that proves, that «wallet» under your skin can be stolen too))

Nowadays, chips are widely used. Especially it concerns to animal tracking, tracking of packages, products and inventory. Talking about humans, it is still a big question whether it is a good idea to implement microchipping into our every day life. 

What do you think about it? Do you consider microchipping as a beneficial move or a dangerous one?





Social Medias Monitoring. Why is it important?

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  Social medias still continue to capture an enormous amount of our attention, take off all our free time and even reduce our social skills in the real life. However, sometimes they can be super useful, especially if you are a well-known person or the representative of a precise brand. Everything you need to be acquainted with ( and have deep knowledge about how to use ) is social media monitoring. You may be surprised to find out, but that is one of the most important issues, concerning the increasing of your reputation or your  brand’s popularity.

  According to some sources, social media monitoring is «more than just watching out for mentions, tags, comments, or shares—it’s listening to discussions about your product, your brand, and reading the pulse of your industry.» It means, that you should not only check hashtags and keywords on Instagram or Facebook, but be aware of every discussion, that is carrying out about your brand. 

  There are a lot of tools, which can help you in monitoring. Some of them can be even free, so you do not have to spend your fortune to gain some precious information. The most popular and effective ones are Google Alerts, HootSuite, TweetDeck, Seesmic and others. Their using is extremely easy — just enter in the tool’s database some keywords (for example name of your or competitor’s brand, location, industry buzzwords). Later on, you will receive all the required information. Результат пошуку зображень за запитом monitoring"

  So, why is monitoring that important? 

  1.The main point is that, as a representative of a certain organisation you must always keep contact with your customers. You should not only make conclusions from the feedback they give you on your official websites or in reality, but to be aware of the comments they share on their blogs, discussions they have with other people, videos they post on Youtube or other portals. Everybody knows, that  nowadays bloggers have a huge impact on other people’s opinion. Sometimes, these bloggers can have strong relations with your company (no matter in a negative or positive way). That is why you must always check what, when and in which way they told/wrote something, regarding you, and, preferably, respond to it. People like being treated as well, so they will appreciate that fact, that you are trying to make your best to make them feel more comfortable while using your services. In most cases, they will mark it as a good experience.

  2.Furthermore, you are going to notice all the new trends and leads in your industry and take advantage of it. It is very important to come out on top faster than your competitors in order to sit above the salt at the market. You may learn on your opponent’s failures, get inspired and create new content for your social medias. Sometimes it’s much easier than we think.Результат пошуку зображень за запитом monitoring"

  3.Monitoring is an awesome way to find out some influencers, who are acknowledged in the sphere, your business concentrated on. By contacting with them, you can easily gain larger audience. If the blogger (or star) recognise your product ( service) as a good one, it is expected, that they will tell about you in their blog. 

  4. The last, but not the least is that by monitoring you can get feedback. It helps you to improve your work, determine your drawbacks and build a strong, self-reliant, benevolent brand.

 To sum up, try to monitor social medias every single day. Allocate at least a few minutes per day to get some information. Monitoring is a huge part of running the business, because you can’t improve and develop, having no idea what is happening around. «It is the difference between walking around in the dark and having an illuminated path that allows you to have an understanding … of how your business is doing..»




Social Robots as a part of our daily life

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Nowadays it is not an extraordinary thing to observe robots around us. Materials handling, picking, packing, painting and other processes  robots, which help in creating new products. Some of them can be used in medicine. Ot, it would be better to mention, more frequently used robots, as window or floor cleaners.

It has always been a fairy tale for humanity that artificial intelligence, interacting with people, can exist. However, it is. Not so much time ago there were created «social» robots that can engage with people and even have their own emotional specter. Not surprisingly that these robots gain information from scientists, taking into consideration their behaviour, reactions to different news, etc. Robots «use artificial intelligence to decide how to act on information received through cameras and other sensors».

Social robots are equipped by various tools which allow them to recognize voices, appearances and plenty of other personal characteristics of every person.

In studies, made in 2015, it was found out that robot didn’t only  behave in the ordinary way, but tried to cheat on his competitors in the game rock-paper-­scissors. «As soon as the robot cheats, it immediately transitions from being an object to being an agent.» Surprisingly , how fast we rose from creating computers and button phones to intelligence like us, who can be not only clever and funny, but foxy and very unpredictable.

The biggest advantage is that social robots can help kids with autism to recover. Autism has become very common illness nowadays, so it is unbelievably awesome, that thanks to modern technologies we can help these kids. So, from the one side, it is a good way to simplify human’s lives.


On the other hand,  as it was told  billion times before me, it can reduce number of working places and the need in people at all. According to statistics, consumer robots sales reached almost 6 billion dollars in 2018 and it is expected this number to be increased to 19 billion dollars in the next 6 years.

Despite everything, we have to get used to social robots, walking around city streets, giving us their mechanical smiles, communicating, making jokes and playing with our children.”Robots that engage with people are absolutely the future. There’s no question that’s where robotics is moving,”says Brian Scassellati, director of the Social Robotics Lab at Yale University.


Cancer Vaccines

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It is not a surprise for every each of you, that the most common disease nowadays is cancer. It kills over 600, 000 people every year.

We cannot predict it, we cannot avoid. Believe me, one of the most heart-breaking news you can receive today is that you, or somebody from your close circle of communication( family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend) caught such an illness. Why? We have no medicines to stop it. Humanity is powerless, when it concerns to cancer.

Was powerless.

Surprisingly, but not so much time ago, scientists invented a vaccine, which can destroy (only) cancer cells by identifying mutations, which are unique to every type of the disease. This treatment is used only in case of experiment now, but let’s hope it goes well.

Scientists created a ‚smart treatment‘, which «unlike conventional chemotherapies, limits damage to healthy cells. The attacking immune cells could also be vigilant in spotting any stray cancer cells after the initial treatment.» They used a big amount of specialized equipment while doing researches . It helped them made vaccine destroy only cancer cells by providing medicine with copies of the mutations.

Once Bill Gates said that «the possibility of cancer vaccines began to develop in 2008 when geneticists first published the sequenced genome of a cancerous tumor cell.» But now, this is our obligation to use these knowledge in the right way and help hundreds of thousands people yearly.