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Artificial intelligence and art

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Digital technologies have already begun to play a very important role in creative activities such as music, movie and so on. Neither modern cinema nor music can be imagined without the use of digital processing and computer effects. Computer today has become the canvas for the artists.

But what about artificial intelligence? It already solves many commercial, governmental and finacial problems today. But the impact of technology is not limited to this. Experts often speculate about what professions AI will replace. Mostly it is about phisical work. But technology has also encroached on creativity and art.

For several years, some artists and IT-specialists have been using artificial intelligence in their work. The system works as follows. A large amount of examples of works are loaded into the system. For example, portraits of different people from different artists. It can be several thousand of illustrations. Based on this information, the AI learns and creates a new work at the end. Other artists use only their own works. But in general, the principle is the same. That is, the person sets the algorithm and the technology already creates the art object itself. We can already find exhibitions where arts of artificial intelligence are presented, in many large cities around the world.

In 2018, an official auction took place for the first time. There “Portrait of Edmond Bellamy” created by artificial intelligence was sold. The painting was created by GAN. As a result, it was sold for $ 432 thousand. To create this picture, 15,000 portraits from the 14th-20th centuries were uploaded to the system.

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Experts around the world are arguring whether an art object created by a machine can be considered as an art. And what should be the copyright for it. Firstly, there have already been recorded cases when artists sued the creators of such paintings, since their works were too similar to one of the original sources. The second question is who is really the author of the work. AI or the person who created the algorithm for its creation? These questions still remain without unanimous answers.

Art critics tend to believe that an art object created by artificial intelligence cannot be considered as an art. Experiments in this field more likely belong to the field of performance.

The most important aspects for an artist’s work are the cultural and historical context, as well as the context of the life and inner world of the author himself. Both are not present in objects created by AI.

At the same time, we can see that technology is already influencing not only the art market, but also the vision and development of the artist’s skills. After all, the value of art is in creating something new and unique.
New ideas are the main driving force in the development of art. And the generation of these ideas is the main function that artificial intelligence cannot (or cannot yet) to do instead of the human.

Therefore, we can confidently say that artificial intelligence will make its mark in the development of modern painting as, for example, photography once changed it.


Online concerts during quarantine, what’s the future for?

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Because of the quarantine a lot of concerts are postponed or canceled altogether: venues are empty, and musicians are staying without earnings.  But everything is not eternal, and this period will end someday. 

In April, the charity Global Citizen and WHO hosted One World: Together At Home, an online marathon featuring performances by Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney and a lot more.  The eight-hour broadcast was followed by users around the world and donated $ 128 million.  Travis Scott gave a concert in Fortnite.

Online concerts have finally taken over the Internet and many listeners are quite satisfied with this arrangement. Often it is not just an opportunity to consider every wrinkle on the face of a favorite artist, but also to ask him a question and communicate in person.  Some artists give live shows or answer questions from chats.  Yes, of course, it’s impossible to recreate the atmosphere of a concert at home but no one pushes you every five minutes, trying to get closer to the stage.

The main problem with online concerts remains their monetization.  Online concerts are more of a tool to ‘stay heard’.  First of all, such performances provide the closeness of the audience with the artist, something for which many people go to concerts. In order to earn money from their work, artists hold closed online concerts, organize donation or perform at platforms, where you need to buy a ticket to watch the performance.

Most likely, mass events will return to our lives gradually and with an increase in the number of participants, because of this they can “spread” in time and space: take place in several days or at different sites to avoid a large crowd of people.  There will be many of them is a fact. For the majority of artists, concerts are the main source of income, and we still miss live performances, although we don’t want to refuse concerts of James Blake on Instagram.


Piracy – Robin Hood of our century?

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Believe it or not, maritime piracy was once not considered illegal, and merchants simply bypassed areas where they were highly likely to be robbed. For a long time, there are Internet users who think the same way, but already about computer piracy. In 2006, the Pirates’ Party was founded in Sweden, which after three years in the elections even managed to get one seat in the European Parliament.

Piracy is not always as bad as it seems at first glance.  Sometimes piracy is the only way out in this situation.  And this situation is created not only by players, but also by developers and publishers. Let’s take a look at the reasons on the example of computer games.

Reason No 1: piracy rescues old games. Some good games can’t be bought after decades.  The publisher’s license is running out, but do you have to pay to renew it?  Well, the game is no longer for sale, so we will not renew it.  And at this moment the game disappears from all stores, and you can no longer legally buy it.  And here you can’t do without piracy.

Reason No 2: too high prices. When a developer set a price for the game, they primarily look at the gamers that are the target audience.  And almost always, these gamers are not players from poor countries. In such a situation, the only way out is piracy.

Reason No 3: sometimes piracy is more convenient than a license. Often, developers, in an attempt to protect their game from pirates, go so far as to put protection on a game.  FPS drawdowns, decreased performance, crashes, unstable internet connection, inability to enter the game – these are the things that are caused by too strong protection of the game from pirates.  There is even a known story when the developers of The Witcher 2 removed DRM protection from their game, spitting on all contractual obligations, because gamers could not normally play the game with protection.

Заощадьте 85%, купуючи The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition у  Steam

Reason No 4: lack of demo versions. In the past, many decent games had a demo version, after playing it the player made a decision to buy the game. Now all the money is spent on marketing and the rest on development. And here it remains to trust only trailers and developer interviews. But gamers too often were burned by this, remember at least No Man’s Sky. Therefore, the only reliable way to check before buying whether you like the game is piracy.

Brave new worlds … No Man’s Sky Next

Reason No 5: piracy makes games more popular. The math is simple, the more people know about your game, the more potential buyers you have.  And sometimes pirates become the very driving force that makes the game popular.  And then a lot of other players buy the official version of the game.

Do you think these reasons are enough to justify piracy?