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Be a polyglot speaker within 30 seconds.

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MUAMA – Instant voice translator.

Our world is constantly developing. Everything is in an enormous rush. And I’m talking not only about technology development but also about people. It can be noticed that, nowadays, people are almost running on the streets. Most of them have a lot of work that needs to be done by a certain deadline. They do not talk with strangers at all. Maybe, they are really busy and have a lot of stuff to do or maybe they are foreigners and they have some problems with a local language.

Considering it from the student’s point of view, who is also a foreigner, I can confirm that it is quite a job to manage your time because every student has a lot of stuff to be done. Sometimes, you cannot even find the time for yourself, for your hobbies, yet not talking about learning a new language, which is spoken in the country you are living in. Moreover, if a student manages to learn it, he may face some other issues. For example, lack of vocabulary, lack of practice or language barrier. Due to all these, a student cannot talk fluently and might be embarrassed about the way he speaks a local language.

Hopefully, the Japanese invented a device, which can solve such language-oriented-problems of millions of students and adults all over the world.



This device, called MUAMA Enence, is a Japanese state of the art, that allows its users to communicate instantly in more than 40 languages. This device translates the language automatically. The only thing the user needs to do is connect the device to the smartphone and to press the button before speaking. This device is simple in use and now it is available for everyone.


Developers say that It can make traveling, shopping, conducting international business conferences easier for many people.

When considering business meetings, it can save your money, because you do not need to hire an instant translator. However, the device cannot be so flexible as a real person. Moreover, while conducting a business meeting it is highly important to choose the right words and explain in the right way, because everyone is unique, and It is necessary to find an appropriate approach to each of business partners.

I think, this device can be useful for some people, however, there are so many mobile apps-alternatives. For example, Google and Yandex provide dictionaries with instant translate function for free. The quality of translation is not enough professional for using it during a business conference, and it is still improving, however, these services are suitable for daily life using.


Do we really need such extra devices like MUAMA, and will they be used in the future?



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Creating the music has never been so simple! – Orba

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Orba – something unique on the market

Currently, the music industry is becoming more and more popular. Taking into consideration the production of modern music, it does not require any special musical education. Knowing just basic knowledge about musical composition, anyone can make his personally made musical tracks and melodies. There is a lot of software that is used for this purpose today. For example, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Apple Logic Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, etc. Moreover, a variety of additional musical devices are developed. For instance, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, loopers, drum pads, etc.

Artiphon is a brave company, which designs musical devices. It was founded in 2011 and based in Nashville. They presented a new device, which is designed in a quite interesting way. They wanted to design a new device, which contains a synthesizer, looper and MIDI controller at the same time. Furthermore, this device lets anyone make music immediately whenever they are, and this device was called Orba.

Orba has a minimalistic design. Developers said that they had been inspired by simple geometry objects, like a half of a grapefruit, that fits in almost everyone’s hand. Although this is a small all-in-one musical instrument, Orba has many sensors that read users’ taps, pressure, radial slides, bumps, shakes, tilts, spins, swipes, etc.

Obra has:
• eight capacitive-sensing pads for feather-touch control.
• accelerometer and gyroscope are installed to capture a range of gestures
• center menu button accesses four presets, the looper, and other functions
• onboard synthesizer and built-in speaker installed to offer an immediate playing experience

Moreover, the creators have developed an app, which can be synchronized with the Orba device, and it provides more sounds, songs, and settings. The visual part of this device was also developed quite satisfying. Multicolor LEDs respond the way you play, and of course, Vibro-feedback is provided. For example, while shaking or tilting. This device has a 3.5mm minijack to be able to connect it to headphones, speakers, and amps.

Creators said that using this device was so simplified that even a beginner could feel like a professional.

In my opinion, this is a great device to have fun, enjoy your free time and relax at brakes between working hours. Moreover, this device will help people, who have just started their careers as a music producer, to develop their skills. It must be mentioned that there is not any similar device on the market, which is as professional, as user-friendly and as affordable as Orba. I think this device can be one of the worthy competitors in the global market.

What do you think, was it a good idea to create such a small all-in-one instrument for everyone?



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Now all GAMERS can experience something NEW…

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VR Gaming.

Probably, you have heard about virtual reality. And now it is becoming more and more popular among gamers all over the world. Therefore, companies are creating more games supporting VR.


The original idea of Virtual Reality was to create a world close to the real environment, to make a player believe that he is the protagonist of this plot and immerse him into the story.

To achieve that innovators have to make this reality so indistinguishable from the real world. Even now they are developing various devices, for instance, VR helmets, hand controllers, gloves with additional sensors, which allow monitoring the exact position of each finger. However, one Belarusian company called TESLASUIT has created something more than just a VR device.

Feelings go to a new level.

Teslasuit – is a breakthrough in VR Gaming, because it allows its users to feel the environment. This suit is equipped with climate control, biometric and motion capture sensors.

So, what does it mean?

It means, that a player can feel everything, what happens with the main character in-game. For example, the player can feel the weather in a desert (warm temperatures), strokes from the bullets (not so painful as in real life) and even touches of other game characters integrated into the game.

All these are available due to electric pulses that stimulate your muscles.

Moreover, developers created a flexible system of settings, which allows integrating this suit into almost all games easily. And now, all game developers are capable of implementing this device into their VR games.

Other benefits.

Although the main aspect of using this suit is gaming, the costume can be used in sports training. For instance, first of all, the movements of a professional sportsman are recorded with a system of motion capture. Then, a newcomer wears a suit, and his movements are compared with the movements of a professional. If the system identifies, that a newcomer is doing something wrong, it will send a signal and will ask him to adjust his movements.

Furthermore, this suit and VR helmet will help to train highly specialized staff, who work in dangerous conditions. For example, workers who drilling the well.



The Teslasuit developers believe that such a system of monitoring muscle activity can be beneficial in medicine too. They are developing a neural network that will recognize the underlying disease. For instance, such systems can be installed into a simple T-shirt or trousers, and you do not need to visit a doctor, you can send him a history of your muscles condition and the doctor can establish the diagnosis without your physical presence.

This device of a new generation offers to all gamers a great chance to get new game experience, and also can be applied in other fields of activity.

So, if you had a chance to experience everything that the main hero feels, would you try this suit on and save the world?

(I know, almost all of you are thinking of “The Witcher 3. Wild Hunt.”)





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China is developing bubble robots…

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New breakthrough!

China has always been one of the most developed countries all over the world, and even nowadays it never stops surprising us. Moreover, it is one of the most progressive countries, which invents new technologies concerning medicine and robotic technologies. Sometimes, they are combining them in order to achieve new levels of “Healing people”. They are the triggers of progress in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, and one such breakthrough will be described in this article.

Tiny helper?

The team working at the State Key Laboratory Robotics in Shenyang has successfully turned a gas bubble in water into a microrobot, which can perform serious enough operations on a very small scale with 99% accuracy. This robot is capable of doing certain tasks in the water environment. For instance, it can be beneficial while cloning or modifying an embryo located in its original environment.


Could you imagine an extremely tiny bubble, which has a size of some micrometers wide? This little “thing” can save someone’s future life, and this is only one example of using this technology.


For a better understanding, 1 micrometer is 10*10^(-5) centimeters.




Originally, It was created to help scientists, who always work with small objects under a microscope, with doing researches. These scientists always struggle with handling, moving and doing various operations on microscopical elements. In most cases, the majority of these tiny objects are damaged during the researches. This is the main reason why these “Tiny helpers” were created.


With the help of the laser, people generate high temperatures, forming a bubble. The beam movement is followed by the bubble bot. That’s how scientists control this “Tiny helper”.
It was estimated, that these bots cannot live for long. During a couple of minutes, it remains stable, and scientists are capable of manipulating microstructures.



Despite the fact that this technology is still in the early developed stage, scientists believe that it has enormous potential.

They say: “The micro-bubble robot… can be useful for tissue transplants, regenerative medicine, and biological research”

Due to this breakthrough, cloning and transplantation of artificial organs will no longer be a fiction, and all these things will become trivial soon.


What do you think, will these robots change the accustomed way or conducting surgical operations?




If you had a chance to UPGRADE your BRAIN, would you do it?

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Cyberpunk is just around the corner…

We live in a cutting-edge. Technologies are developing pretty fast. Today, probably, it would be hard to surprise someone with robots, self-driving cars, 3D-printers, and their abilities. Even now people are developing bionic hands, legs, exoskeletons to make the lives of people with debilities easier. They are implementing a software inside, trying to do their best, only that people to feel like a full-fledged cell of society.


Thanks to a BCI developed at the University of Pittsburgh that stimulates the sensory region of the brain, the man, whose name is Nathan Copeland, is the first one who managed to feel a sense of touch through a mind-controlled robotic arm.

Upgrade your brain like hardware for PC…

But if there is a technology that can help not only people with limited opportunities but also healthy people to increase their productivity?

If you had a chance to upgrade yourself, would you let other people to implant a chip in the brain?

It sounds like a creepy fiction, however, nowadays scientists are actively developing such chips, brain computers, that are able to increase your productivity, working in a global company, and also expand your memory, allowing you never to forget a name or a face of a certain person, to remember everything detailed.

There are various ways of connecting brain signals with brain computers, or BCIs – but the Elon Mask’s company called “Neuralink” has developed this technology, even more, using tiny, super-thin, flexible micro-electrodes, which allow special small device to be implanted inside the brain, in order to read and record the neural signals activity.  This technology has already been tested on animals, and they are preparing for the next step, testing on humans.


Elon Musk told about Neuralink’s plans for its progressive BCI technology, which involves using a specially built surgical robot, machine to implement thousands of thread-like electrodes into the brain.


The technology isn’t there yet, however, a separate, removable device would be a better option for healthy people, because it could be kept and used outside the body and switched off easily anytime.

Although this technology may be extremely beneficial, and mind-controlled devices can be invented, people will be facing some ethical problems. For example, their life would be even less private than now, their memories and thoughts would be monitored all the time. In addition, people’s devices can be easily hacked, controlled and probably their future behavior will not be the same. They can totally lose their freedom.

So before improving your brain with implants, you should ask yourself…

Is it worth living in a world in which there is no freedom?



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