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Bitcoin Has a “Zero” Value, According to Warren Buffett

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Bitcoin Has a “Zero” Value, According to Warren Buffett 

“I don’t know if the price will rise or fall over the next ten years, but one thing is certain: bitcoin did not produce anything, and no matter how much it costs, I wouldn’t buy it because it has no value.” Warren Buffett stated this at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting. 

Every year, Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger appear to share their investment perspectives and to answer questions from shareholders.This year is a little different because Warren Buffett himself has spoken out about “bitcoin.” Unlike Charlie Munger, who frequently despises and criticizes Bitcoin, Warren Buffett’s discussion of Bitcoin appears to be the most obvious and intense for the first time. 

Buffett explains this by assuming that if someone sells 1% of all agricultural land in the United States for $25 billion, he will immediately pay for the purchase. 

Furthermore, if someone sold another 1% of all homes in the United States for $25 billion, he would pay for it all over again. Nonetheless, if someone offers to sell 100% of all bitcoins in the world for only $25,(At the time of writing, the total market capitalization of Bitcoin is $726 billion.) He’ll start to wonder what he’s going to do with it. He can produce food for agriculture, and he can buy and rent out a home. But with bitcoin, you get everything and can only sell it to other people. 

That is why Buffett tells us how much bitcoin will cost and why he did not want to buy it….

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$600 million Ronin Blockchain Hacked

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$600 million Ronin Blockchain Hacked, Biggest Damage In Crypto World
A couple of days ago, the owner of the Ronin Network, a blockchain network, Working alongside the Ethereum chain and the chain connected to the game, Axie Infinity has reportedly been hacked out of the system by hackers.

  • 173,600 ETH
  • 25,500,000 USDC
    It is worth $600 million in damage, which is known as the largest hack in the history of the cryptocurrency industry.
    Compared to the damage value of the hack that ever happened in the crypto industry.

Ronin is a blockchain that uses a Proof of Authority transaction verification with nine Node Validators selected by Ronin.
The advantage of Proof of Authority is that with a small number of nodes transactions are confirmed fast. But the con is that as in Ronin’s case hackers hacked up to 5 nodes(55%) and it causes successfully verifying transfers.

The company only realized that it was hacked in the night after one customer failed to withdraw Ethereum from the system.
Currently, the team is working with legal authorities to track down the villain to bring back the stolen money
After the announcement, Ronin’s coin immediately dropped -by 22%…

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Scientist invented method to eliminate plastic wasted by catalyst and sunlight

Reading Time: 2 minutesWith the amount of plastic increasing every day, scientists around the world are developing methods to reduce the amount of these waste as much as possible. And on December 11, 2019, a team of researchers from Nanyang Technological University invented ways to turn plastics into valuable chemicals. With catalysts and solar energy

In this experiment, the main hero is the catalyst, which contains Vanadium element, although its name looks spectacular in the creation, we encountered it more often than expected. Because this element is commonly used in alloy steel for automobile production Or aluminum alloys for aircraft frame fabrication, Therefore, the catalyst in this experiment it’s easy to find and use only a small amount

The approximate steps in the experiment are mixing liquid plastic (Dissolved at 85 degrees Celsius heat) with the catalyst in the container Then placed it in the area in which sunlight can appear (For this experiment the light from the lamp). After 6 days, those liquid plastic transformed into formic acid, which is used as a preservative, antiseptic. Or use as fuel in power plants

The mechanism of the Vanadium catalyst is the separation of carbon-carbon bonds. In the structure of the plastic apart (Usually, this bond requires a lot of heat to destroy it all. Causing more air pollution) using solar energy And with the addition of alcohol Until it forms formic acid


Assistant Professor Soo Han Sen, one of the scientist’s team Said that the use of this catalyst Will allow us to eliminate difficult-to-digest plastics such as Polyethylene without causing pollution to the environment And the catalyst does not contain heavy metals Therefore definitely environmentally friendly



Currently, most plastic waste disposal also uses methods of burning Which produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases and causing global warming. Hopefully, the experiment will be developed to be an environmentally friendly plastic waste disposal method. It is also a by-product of chemicals that are useful in the industrial sector.



Is E-cigarette safer than normal cigarette?

Reading Time: 3 minutesOn December 4, 2019, cases of hard-metal pneumoconiosis cases were reported. Which is a lung disease caused by the accumulation of heavy metal dust and has a connection with E-cigarette.  


This information is from the European Respiratory Journal. The lung disease was diagnosed from a lung biopsy of the patient. Who came to see a doctor with difficulty in breathing And with obvious tiredness The results show that in the lungs, there is a lot of heavy metal dust. Especially cobalt, and also fascia from the inflammatory process. 

I’ll tell you a bit about Hard-metal pneumoconiosis. Lung disease is caused by inhaling heavy metal dust continuously until accumulation in the lungs. Heavy metal dust that often causes diseases such as cobalt, nickel, Lead, etc. The person at risk of this disease is someone who works on the tool grinding or makes implants. While they work there will be a lot of dust and spread all over and they inhaled it every day. Characteristics of pulmonary fibrosis in patients with Hard-metal pneumoconiosis Now, once we have received heavy metal dust The white blood cells in the lungs will eat them. And stimulate various inflammatory processes to destroy these dust But it appeared that it was indestructible The inflammatory process then causes a penalty instead. Because it pushed to destroy the surrounding lung tissue causing scarring and fascia The lung cells and air sacs containing heavy metals are not working well. Finally, the patient will experience difficulty breathing like this patient.  

But accidentally that the patients from that report Never working or being in a dusty situation on a regular basis. Therefore it is unlikely that he will have heavy metal dust in the lungs Unless he gets these substances from what they use every day, that is E-Cigarette.  

So The researchers then requested the patient’s electric cigarette for testing. The results show that there is a mixture of marijuana. And the smoke that comes out there is many kinds of heavy metal dust, such as cobalt, aluminum, manganese, nickel, and lead, because the culprit cannot be found elsewhere. Therefore, electric cigarettes become accused of causing the disease.

Conclusion- That unlucky man would have to do a long-term treatment. And does not guarantee whether the lungs will return to normal use or not, but Dr. Kirk Jones, who worked on this research Warned that Although electronic cigarettes may be an alternative way to quit smoking. However, he wants people to be aware of the toxic substances inside and recent studies have found that e-cigarettes cause a variety of lung diseases. Therefore want to be careful when using it

MIT Engineers has develop a carbon-capture to remove carbon-dioxide from air

Reading Time: 2 minutesMIT Engineers has develop a carbon-capture to remove carbon-dioxide from air

MIT has develop the new technology to catch up Carbon-dioxide( CO2 )in the atmosphere by the super huge Air purifier, This will be a new hope to prevent future disasters and may reduce the Carbon-dioxide in our atmosphere as well. 

CO2  is well-know as a gas which is harmful to humans. Also, it trap a heat and not allow them to flow up to the atmosphere, Which make the global having higher temperature rapidly ( Global-warming ).

CO2  can occur by so many reason. But the direct action are from humans. Such as deforestation, Burn the fossil fuel, release by factories, Car, etc.

Therefore, CO2  is a main factor that cause global warming. Refer to the statistic in 2019, The Earth has intenseness of Carbon-dioxide more than 415.70 part per million. Which is the highest recorded in the history ,that mean it is really hazard.



Because of this MIT Engineers are gather and create the company, specially to solve the environment problem. The team has demonstrate about the operation of air purifier system work. Basically, the specialized battery that absorb Carbon-dioxide from the air passing over electrodes as a charge up and then when it release the gas as discharge. The interesting things is that, it can catch up Co2  which have  intensity more than 400 parts per million.


What about CO2  that they catch up?

 In the present their are a lot companies that need pure Co2  to produce their product. such as soft drink factory, Soda factory, Beer factory, etc.

While some industries use CO2 as a raw material for the production of other chemicals. Such as polyethylene and polypropylene Which is used to produce as a medical device Including car parts And bulletproof vests.

I think this idea is really needed for the global right now, as we know about global warming, temperature change, season doesn’t come properly. If this machine have risen then I think it will be one of the useful machine we ever have. Unfortunately, I also think that it cannot carries out all the carbon-dioxide which is already appear and It will not be easy to move it, I mean it size maybe too big. Anyway, I think it is a good idea.




Plastic waste to a road

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Have you heard about a road which made by plastic ? . If not, here I’m gonna show you about 

some interesting topic. Refer to CBS News on 2 November 2019, MacReber a Scottish firm has

invent a manner to recycle a plastic to build-up a road to reduce plastic waste. Because around 

90% of refuse will be taken to landfill or dumped into the sea. 


Above picture is the road which made of plastic wasted. It look no different with an asphalt road 

that we normally used. This road obtain with 750,000 plastic bag and plastic bottle.

Secret ingredient of MacReber is a plastic flakes that are mixed at a plant in Scotland. This 

solution are reduce a lot of used in crude oil.  



MacRebur also claim that their technology is not only to solve the problem of plastic waste but 

also produce the road that cope better with reducing cracks and potholes. Because of properties 

of plastics, In addition the road can be recycle at the end of its lifespan, creating a circular 


Currently MacRebur located in Lockerbie Scotland have think about new project that will make a 

plastic road across the world from highway in England to San Diego.

If this company become well-known I think their can build a lot more of plastic road by people donation, buying, whatever. Firstly I was have some question about how can people reduces and remove the plastics waste, then this company has already satisfy my question. As I see from the content it give much more quality of flexible and much more strong, I personally like the property of plastic road and the idea of recycle plastic waste.


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Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is 5G

5G is the next fifth-generation of cellular network which are develop from 2G,3G,4G (LTE), And

for the fifth-generation it obviously provide you the faster speed for upload and download.

How it work

So, basically the inner working for 5G is contain with 2 things. 1.Spectrum 2.Small cell. 

Low-Band spectrum

: It can also be called sub 1GHz

: It is the previous spectrum which is used for the LTE in U.S.

: It give a great coverage area and not easy to get block by physical object 

: But the weakness is the peak data speed will only give around 100 mbps.

Mid-Band spectrum

: 1GHz-2.6GHz

: Faster than the lower-band

: The expect peak speed is up to 1Gbps but it’s fail in penetrate the building 

High-Band spectrum

: 24GHz-40GHz refer to mmWave

: The peak speed is up to 10Gbps , very low latency 

: But the big drawback is low coverage area and building penetration is poor( easy to get block by 

the physical object).

Small cell

: Low power base station to cover a small geographical area

: It have all basic stuff that need for network 

: Using mmWave which can improve coverage area and handling high data rate , also it have low 


Benefit of 5G

  • Iot (Internet of things)
  • remote control
  • faster internet provide 
  • internet bandwidth 
  • health care 

When it will release 

Well, Some cities in U.S. are already have 5G access. And all off U.S data provider are working 

furiously to get 5G network. So, I think it’s depend on where you live in but people are assume 

that it will take a several year.


In my opinion, I think 5G is going to be useful and will allow people to access faster. But it take a long time to expand it worldwide and will take a lot of budget which mean it will cost more than our 4G. Also I don’t think the signal will be constant, I had so many experiences about Ping of network, even in some spot of room or even in the open space I have been received no signal already.