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How to advertise your business differently

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We all are creative. Why? Just because without creativity it is almost impossible to establish  a business. In the world of the cut-throat competition thinking outside of the box is essential.

Lots of you have hobbies or even already jobs. Or in planning to launch its own brand or to commercialize finally what you are doing. But did you think how to advertise your business properly? And it is not about Facebook Ads Manager and billboards.

Kavyar – it is the platform with lots of magazines that provide the opportunities to advertise your business. Here I need to mention that this platform is relevant only for those who have its own magazines, brands, online businesses where is possible to put an advertisement, or you are a photographer, makeup artist, stylist, model, the CEO of model agency, the CEO of production agency or you are a producer of campaigns. It is all about creative people or owners of fashion and advertising businesses.

What does «Kavyar» provide?

  1. A huge range of magazines to be published in. Let’s consider, that I’m an owner of the newly born fashion clothing brand. Then I invite a producer and discuss with him or her an upcoming campaign. Then producer gathers the whole team of photographer, makeup artist etc. Then we conduct a successful campaign. Then, how to advertise? As the owner of the newly born brand, definitely I don’t have a huge team with marketing specialist, for example. But I know about this platform. Here we go: just to choose the magazine that is appropriate for your campaign (style). But the most tricky thing here is that not all submissions can be accepted. There you may see paid and free options. Even if you pay for the advertisement in the printed or digital magazine, there is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted. If not, you will get the full refund. After paid option you will get the feedback as soon as possible, after free submission you should wait some days or weeks to get the answer if your submission is accepted.
  2. Motivation. To be published in magazine can be beneficial even for the manager or for the CEO. However, to achieve this goal you have to have really qualitative content. If your campaign is done with professional tram, editors of the magazines will definitely accept you.
  3. Feedback. The only one source of improvement. Here you can find your favorite magazine and ask for the feedback on your portfolio or campaign. This option is always must be paid, however, the price of it usually less than 20$. Little price, but huge development. Just submit, and editors will assess your work carefully and strictly.
  4. Portfolio. When customer sees that your brand is published in magazines or it is just your service, he or she will definitely identify you as a stylish brand or as an expertise.
  5. Recognition.
  6. Possibility of being caught by more successful brands that can offer you a collaboration.
  7. Low prices for the huge improvement. Here everything depends on the brand name of the magazine, that’s why prices are different. You can pay nothing and be accepted or you can pay 60-350$ for the guaranteed submission. To come back to the 1 point, if magazine doesn’t like your campaign, it will not be accepted even if you pay, however if they like it, you will be calmer by faster response. It is also business for them. At the very beginning we don’t have finances for ads in «Vogue», but we need to create a BRAND, and this platform is the best solution.
  8. Strict deadline. You can improve time management skills.
  9. Advertisement. Lots of people who buy these magazines or just watch them online will see your brand name.

Usually you have to wait till the approval from the magazines for weeks or even months at best. At worst they just don’t answer you. And you never know when is a deadline or what is the topic of an upcoming issue. With «Kavyar» it works differently.

From the point of view of the business, owners of the Kavyar gave an opportunity to the magazines to earn money. So they established connections with their editors and offered such a possibility to be at this platform, but to take the commission. Kavyar gathers all the data as well as magazines: pictures, interviews, gmails, team credits, instagrams and payment credits as well. Magazines earn, platform earns and customers get what they want afterwards : recognition, good portfolio, consequently, they attract new customers.

Thats the aim of the platform.

Try to find more creative approach from the marketing perspective, it is highly appreciated in the world nowadays. 


    Here you can see how platform works in practice:
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Where to invest money?

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Doubtlessly, each of you had some thoughts to invest money. At least I had a huge desire to do that. But each sector has huge risks. Once I asked one financial specialist «Where to invest money nowadays?». And his answer was: «Gold». Actually sounds quite promising, this sector is with really low volatility level. Gold will be stable for a long period. However, 1 kilogram of gold costs 43.000$. If you don’t have such amount of money, here is a solution. It is understandable that we are students and education is our top priority right now. But, we all want to earn money, isn’t it?

«ROOBEEis a blockchain based investment platform, that uses AI and transparent statistics in order to help people make smart investments starting from $10 in the investment products with high threshold, such as real estate, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, crypto projects and others»(1). Generations Z and Y are the main audiences of this platform. Moreover, they already have more that 300.000 users. Roobee shows gradual increase in total assets under management. By 2020 this number will reach 109 trillions of dollars. It means that this project will be the strongest competitor on the market. 

How basically it works?

  1. Certainly, we need to register through web service. 
  2. We need to get personal RoobeeID – secured decentralization of the data. So we go through the KYC procedure.
  3. Now we go through profiling, that will create for us investment portrait. RoobeeScore will learn all the details and targets, using AI, will provide individual portrait. 
  4. Add payment methods. By the way, we can pay by credit card or also use crypto currency. Or to launch RoobeeWallet but it will be connected directly with Roobee.
  5. Money of each user will automatically be allocated to investment products with clear statistics. All transactions will be confirmed in blockchain for transparency.
  6.  Then you earn money. 

Why it is so special?

  1. You can enter the investment market having 10$ and invest it in IPO, real estate and etc. Before only owners of huge capitals were able to invest money there.
  2. If you have only common knowledge about investments, AI in Roobee will create for you something that is called portfolio composition – details where it is better for you to invest money. 
  3. Transparency – everything is clearly represented in blockchain. You can find all the confirmations regarding transactions. 
  4. No commission from Roobee. 
  5. Money can be invested in passive regime. You need to confirm what amount of money you want to invest from your credit card or from incomes from investments. Then Roobee will do everything for you. 

From what exactly you can earn money?

  1. Digital currencies
  2. Shares in venture capital funds 
  3. ETF – Exchange Traded Fund
  4. IPO – Initial Public Offering
  5. Commercial real estate

What also I found appealing is that each person can get a free access to the platform. And this platform will not have enormous number of investment products, only selected ones. You will not definitely face weird companies that are not appropriate according to the portfolio composition. So it is investing process with quality. To confirm that it is a trustworthy platform I’ve found an interview from the main investor 200m_trader:

“I only invest in projects that can reach a capitalization of $1bn within the time frame of 5 years. I see this potential in Roobee project, that’s why I invested $4.5 million into this blockchain-based investment platform. I’ve been following the same guidelines investing in Ethereum, EOS and other projects. In 2017 this strategy allowed me to transform $55m into $283m within a month. Moreover, I’ve seen a lot on the cryptocurrency market over the past three years, and in 2019 only products with tested business models, solving real tasks facing our world, take the lead “, explains the investor.(2)


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Paralysis and AI

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Every year, thousands of people around the world experience various neurological diseases like stroke and spinal cord injuries. Due to these diseases, many of them have paralysis. Such people are almost completely isolated from the social life, from any communication with doctors and relatives. That is why it is sometimes even impossible to avoid the usage of expensive equipment. There are already technologies in the world for reading thoughts and turning them into text messages at up to eight words per minute, but recently, scientists from the US state of Illinois have been able to improve this indicator. Artificial intelligence helped them greatly. 

ScienceMag introduced this technology. In their article they described the experiment in which a new technology returns the possibility of communication to the patient with the so-called tetraplegia. During the experiment, patient with implanted electrodes imagined how he would move a hand if he wrote letters. Certainly, during this process brain showed some activity, which ,as the result, was remembered by AI. Then computer was able to remember the place of the activity in the brain connected with particular letter of the alphabet and was able to display symbols alternately that patient mentally traced on the screen.  

According to the scientists, AI is able to recognize symbols with 95% accuracy. AI make several mistakes only with similar letters like «g» and «q», for example. Regardless this, now paralyzed person can text with the speed of 66 words per minute. To compare, the speed of texting of healthy person is 120 words per minute.

By the way, thoughts can be even transformed into the speech.

According to the editors of ScienceMag, researchers from Germany and the USA used some computational models based on neural networks, they reconstructed words and sentences by reading brain signals, as it was mentioned before. So the system is the same, they just observed areas of the brain at those moments when people read aloud, speak, or simply listen to notes.

During this research, they relied on data obtained from 5 people with epilepsy. The network analyzed the behavior of the auditory cortex (which is active both during speech and during listening). Then the computer reconstructed the speech data from the pulses received from these people. As a result, the algorithm coped with an accuracy of 75%.

Another team relied on the data of 6 people, that experienced the removing of brain tumor. Microphone picked up their voices when they read out loud different words. While this process, the electrodes recorded information from the speech center of the brain. Then computer compared the data from the electrodes with audio recording. Only 40% was correct as the result. 

The third team from the University of California reconstructed entire sentences based on brain activity from three patients with epilepsy who read specific sentences out loud. Some sentences were correctly identified in more than 80% of cases.

Regardless such appealing results, the system has a lot of shortcomings and is needed to be adjusted. However, it will be developed even more, so millions of people will have an opportunity to text and to speak once again.


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Robots predict the future?

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Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and one of the leading financial institutions worldwide. Sberbank is the most expensive Russian brand and the strongest banking brand around the globe, according to Brand Finance.

That vast majority of companies use AI is a common knowledge. How new technologies are applied in Sberbank? In which way the bank may apply Artificial intelligence ? Sberbank launched the robot that predicts the dismissal of employees. This strategy is used at the stage of hiring an employee. AI gives points to each candidate. In such a way bank fights with staff turnover.

It looks like automatic estimation counting of consultancy candidates. Here is important to admit, that this technology is used only towards consultancy candidates. The main idea is the prediction how soon the candidate will be fired. For estimation of candidates AI uses some criteria to assign scoring grade. One from this criteria is the previous job experience. If person was connected with a stand-up job, like waiter, the prospect of being dismissed is low. If person had an experience of working as a manicure specialist, for him or her will be more difficult to adapt to such consultant environment and it means that he or she will live this job very soon. Of course there are much more criteria, but the sense is here. The future of the candidate can be predicted by previous years. AI uses data that candidate showed to the employer and moreover, data from other sources. However, no one knows that particular sources still, there is no free information regarding this point.

Additionally, Sberbank already cut 70% of middle-managers, that were connected with not important decisions. Here is one point, that all these managers stayed at the company, they just went through the educational course. Now there are 291700 employees in Sberbank. 

This bank is way ahead of others, firstly because they try to eliminate staff turnover by using new technologies, secondly, that they provide amazing opportunities for employees to reskill themselves and be relevant in the modern world.


Google simplifies the lives of users.

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We all are users of smartphones and we’ve already faced the problem of full space in our phones. Owning to the huge amount of data there. For me, as for the photographer, this situation was always something disturbing from a work process. Because all specialists need space for downloading pictures, creating videos. Moreover, when the phone is full it hardly works. It is not allowed to open some apps and simultaneously apply them. The process of using the phone becomes unbearable.

Personally, I’m the user of iPhone and I always receive notifications like «Its been 75 weeks from your last back up» I’m sure you’ve already faced it as well.

What can be the solution here or how to prevent yourself from this issue?

Whether you’re using Android or iOS, you can use Google Photos. There are already more than 500 million users. It can automatically back up 15GB of your photos and videos. Usually, it is enough for non-professional users. To clarify, for those who are not working using the phone. However, here is one tricky point. Your memory there is unlimited if the quality of the photo is less than 16 megapixels. Doubtlessly, everyone wants to have normal quality in case of printing, for example. That is why free space there remains until 15gb. If you need more memory, you may buy the subscription that costs just 2-3$ per month. The price depends on the number of gigabytes you need. And It is a guarantee of safety.

Once I had an appalling situation when I had 75.000+ pictures and they were just deleted because of the lack of space. And, unfortunately, I haven’t returned them. I didn’t do the backup and always delayed this moment. Now I cant recall some of my memories or to add something to my content-management portfolio (videos from different applications, edited photos or backstage from photoshoots).


What is special about this application?

1. Intelligent search. You can find any photo you want by writing, for example, «sea» in the searching row. Then Google photos will find you sea pictures. You can text there «Selfie», «Cat», «Restaurant». It will find everything you want. It greatly saves our time that is the most valuable resource nowadays. Additionally, you may put emojis into the searching row, it works as with the text.

2. Moreover, you can find a picture by depicted text there. Also there is such a function that is called «Google Lens». You need just to press the button with Lens and copy the text you want. Then you can use this text outside of the application. Usually it is very handy because when there is no bar code, it takes much time to copy complicated passwords. Or, for those who are creative, now it is easy to steal some appealing quotes or slogans from Instagram, Facebook, etc. Or when we don’t possess the electronic version of the book, we can take a picture of some content there and it will be easily transformed into the real text on your phone.

3. Furthermore, there you can find the section «Faces». Once you give a name to the person depicted in the picture, later you have the possibility to find all pictures with this person, using the first function described in this post.

4. You are able to create slideshows.

5. If you are somehow connected with the film industry, probably very often it is essential to apply videos on the YouTube channel, now you can do it automatically, just using the button «Import from Google Photos».

6. It is possible to hide metadata. You may just switch off the function «Do not show the place of taking a picture, that I stare with a link». Now the receiver will be ignorant regarding geolocation.

7. Share photos by the link.


8. Possibility to edit photos inside of the application.

9. Possibility to use the same editing style to a great number of pictures. It will create a beautiful series of photos.

10. Possibility to create animations and collages.

11. Scan your photos.

Affordability of data security, creative space and convenience – it is all about Google Photos.