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Loss of revenue due to Corona pandemic: Soccer targeted by investors

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European soccer leagues are losing revenue in the hundreds of millions due to the Corona pandemic. Now the leagues in Germany, Italy and Spain want to set up marketing or tech companies together with private equity firms to generate new revenue in the long term.

Nach dem Corona-Stopp: Auf dem Weg zurück ins Training :: DFB - Deutscher  Fußball-Bund e.V.

“There’s a lot, a lot of money in markets around the world right now. At the same time, investment opportunities are very reduced. That means capital is now actually looking for lucrative investment.”;

“In this respect, it comes as no surprise that capital providers are now entering soccer, because it naturally forms a very suitable platform internationally, on which, in addition to quite a lot of soccer, can still take place in the future. And here, international capital is looking for and finding the form of investment that promises returns in the future.”

describes Henning Vöpel, director of the Hamburg-based WeltWirtschaftsInstitut.

And meets a soccer landscape that must respond to the financial consequences of the Corona pandemic.

With the help of investors, then, among other things, revenue losses in foreign marketing are to be compensated for in the long term. Subsidiary Bundesliga International currently markets Bundesliga and 2nd League rights abroad and has suffered revenue losses due to the pandemic and changes in the market. From 250 million euros, revenues have dropped to 200 million. As a strategic development, a digital content platform is to be built to increase revenue in the long term. The expected costs are at least 200 million euros. Some of the future revenues would then have to be shared with investors. But the alternatives are significantly less attractive. Either the DFL would have to forego innovative further development. Or it would have to finance such a development from its own funds, which would mean in effect: The clubs would have to do without the income from the sale of international media rights for a season. No club can afford that at present.

The Serie A has already implement exactly this. The Italian league has sold ten percent of a newly founded marketing company for national and international media rights. The investors will pay 1.7 billion euros. For league boss Paolo Dal Pino, this investment is important for further raising the profile of the Serie A brand worldwide.

But there are also other alignments, explains economist Vöpel:

“We know that in the digital economy, in the digital economy, it’s all about data, about platform and reach, so that’s a vehicle, which doesn’t come as a surprise and that, at the same time, will certainly characterize the competition, between the leagues in the future.”

The best example is the Spanish league. The latter wants to sell shares in its subsidiary LaLiga Tech. The company offers digital services, and so far 70 other sports organizations are using the service. Among others, MotoGP promoter Dorna and the Belgian professional league are supplied with anti-piracy tools. Initial talks with the league are already underway, with investors looking to acquire up to 60 percent of LaLigaTech.


Everdrop, the sustainable detergent

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Everdrop has launched a product for household cleaning. The new detergent from the young start-up is designed to save up to 50 percent of unnecessary surfactants and does not contain microplastics, fillers or palm oil. The detergent is manufactured exclusively in Germany.

everdrop - Putzmittel Tabs // 1 Tab = 1 Reiniger = 1 Euro

Surfactants are washing-active substances that ensure that grease and dirt are dissolved and can thus be removed. This makes them one of the most important ingredients in cleaning agents such as detergents. The big disadvantage of surfactants: They pollute the environment and can also cause problems for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Up to 50 percent less surfactants: the detergent from Everdrop

But what can you do to reduce your exposure to surfactants in detergents? For example, use the washing powder from Everdrop. It is specially adapted to the water hardness where you live, saving up to 50 percent of unnecessary surfactants compared to conventional detergents. This not only protects the environment, but also your health. To find out the water hardness in your area, all you have to do is enter your zip code and Everdrop will send you the appropriate formulation. Prices within the EU are 6,50 euro per parcel.

Umweltfreundliche Waschmittel von everdrop bei Tchibo

The detergent not only uses fewer harmful surfactants, but is also vegan and free of microplastics and dyes. In addition, the packaging does not use any plastic at all. Instead, the powder is supplied in bags made of unbleached paper, which can be reused as organic waste bags because they are fully compostable.

There were small drawbacks (for example, the grease stain, which a conventional detergent probably would not have removed without pretreatment, or the subtle scent and the higher price), but the advantages of the washing powder clearly outweigh them. It is gentler on your skin and especially on the environment, washes reliably and smells pleasant.

What does Everdrop cost?

Everdrop detergent is currently only available on the Internet. One pack is enough for about 20 wash loads.

To save additional resources on delivery, customers can only buy four-packs. Conversely, one order is therefore sufficient for 80 wash cycles.
The price of 30 euros is nevertheless steep. That’s 37.5 cents per wash load. By comparison, washing powder from Persil and Ariel costs almost half as much. A true price hit, as the cleaning pills from Everdrop are, the detergent from Everdrop is therefore not. In comparison with other eco-detergents, which usually cost 33-42 cents per load, Everdrop nevertheless doesn’t do badly – and on a subscription basis, a wash load with Everdrop even costs just 31 cents.

Adidas Runtastic and the rise of sport-related social media platforms.

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Start a workout plan, challenge yourself, and get stronger with each workout. Whether you’re getting ready for your first run or grabbing your bike for a bike ride, every activity counts. No matter how close you are to achieving your fitness goals, reach new heights with the Adidas Runtastic app.

That is the intro text from the Adidas App a social media especially for running and other sports activities. Choose muscle groups and create your own workout, customized to your calendar. Participate in Challenges: Compete with others and challenge yourself again and again. Work out anytime, anywhere. All that is possible with the application.

It is also possible to add your friends, compare their activities with you, and even leave comments and track them live, while they, for example, are running. I myself have been using this app for half a year and recognize the benefits. Not only it is very interesting to see what your colleagues are doing but also to get motivated and push yourself to the limits.


But the most remarkable fact I experienced is that I indeed use the Adidas running app as a kind of social media platform. I leave a lot of comments, motivate my friends, and even arrange meetings for running with them. But you can share your activities not only with your personal friends but also with people in your town and also all over the world. There are specified ranking for specific regions. This is obviously another point that definitely pushes you even more.

Even though these kinds of applications maybe not the most exciting types of new platforms, it is a very nice feature that definitely uplifts your personal experience and progress in doing sports. I am very happy that I found this app and could convince myself about its advantages.

I have also recommended this app to others and after only 3 months, I now have many contacts and competitors who motivate and challenge me. It needs to be added, that I have struggled with motivation problems from my own experience. Through this app, you are urged to follow your friends and also do sports regularly.
It doesn’t matter what kind of sports you want to do, but it must be said that this app is designed for jogging. Even though there are social challenges in soccer or basketball too, they motivate you and give you an incentive that many people could use in the modern days of digital media and gaming.

Of course, the Adidas running app is not the only app for sports activities. There are many alternatives that are similar. Especially this year, because of the corona crisis it is especially important to stay active and also communicate with your friends. So you don’t feel alone during these hard and lonely times.

Last but not least, I can only recommend everyone to download a running app and give this app a chance. I myself was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but my concerns have not been confirmed and the Adidas running app achieves exactly its purpose. And that is to do regular sports and also to maintain social contact.