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The newest product from Facebook has been released some time ago. It is new VR set, that can give even better experience than ever before.

From quest 2 you can expect better quality of sound. In the headset, there are build-in speakers that gives an effect of 3D cinematic sound. It means that you can hear every sound from multiple directions, just like in movie theaters.

As we already know, this is Facebooks product, that’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that quest 2 requires logging in with your Facebook account. But with this feature you can easily connect with your friends or discover other people around the world. But to set up everything, you first need to download an Oculus App that is free. And after those steps you can experience great fun.

Let’s talk a bit about the specification of this product. It has built-in memory, and you can choose if you want 64GB or 256GB. It also has next-level hardware and is PC compatible. To connect your quest 2 to your computer, you need to buy additional The Oculus Link cable, that can give you amazing experience with beautiful graphics and heart-pounding gameplay.

We have a various different games to choose. They are compatible with Quest 2 or are especially made for this product. You can easily purchase them from the same website that you can order VR set.

Some games that are recommended:

  • STAR WARS: TALES FROM THE GALAXY’S EDGE-Live your Star Wars adventure and explore the wilds of Batuu in this new original story.
  • THE CLIMB 2-Enjoy the view from the top as you climb to new heights.

And coming soon:

  • POPULATION: ONE-CLIMB, FLY, BUILD. Fight anywhere in this squad-based VR battle royale.
  • JURASSIC WORLD AFTERMATH-Jurassic World Aftermath is a suspenseful, survival VR adventure
  • BEAT SABER-Slash the beats to precisely handcrafted music.
  • ECHO VR-Experience the freedom of zero-g movement and high energy competition.
  • PHANTOM: COVERT OPS-You are a Phantom: an elite covert operative with one night to prevent all-out war.
  • FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S: HELP WANTED-Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics.
  • VADER IMMORTAL: EPISODE III-With a lightsaber by your side, launch an all-out assault on Darth Vader’s fortress
  • ROBO RECALL: UNPLUGGED-Tear apart your robot foes and use them to fend off the enemy onslaught.

When you order the set, you get:

  • VR Headset
  • Two Touch Controllers
  • Charging Cable
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Power Adapter
  • Glasses Spacer

The price for this product starts from €349 and you can also choose many other accessories, just to get even better experience. While ordering this product you get free delivery, Oculus Warranty that cover defects and malfunctions. And if you would order it now you get extended return, which is until January 31, 2021.

Besides ale the great things that this product provides there are some disadvantages, with most of them I agree. I will provide you with just a few of them:

  • Requires a Facebook sign-in
  • You need to pay extra for link cable and better strap
  • Can still cause motion sickness
  • Bad ergonomics of the controllers
  • Only 2-3 hours of battery life
  • Standalone games are still limited by mobile hardware

After all I think this product can be very good one for people that love VR experience while playing games. With some development of the product, in my opinion more people are going to buy it.

So, watch out!


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Car scanner- will it prevent people from buying defected cars?

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany people in the world are buying cars from second hand, because not everyone can afford new cars. We often look for cars in some dealerships or online. But do we really know if they are in good condition? What is really hidden by perfect photos and low price?

Many people are trying to sell cars for more then they are worth. I get it, they want to get some profit from it. But selling a car with higher price has to go with high-quality. People have tendency to forget about it. Even if we are taking it to the mechanic so he could check everything, but there is always a slight chance that we won’t see every problem that it has.


What is Twinner® Space?

It is the most advanced car scanner. It scans your car inside and outside, and gives you 360o overview of your car. It also produces images of the vehicle surface, underbody and tires. After collecting all technical and digital data, it is combined into Twinner® Cloud and it creates Digital Twinn®.


  • QR and barcode scanner- Automatically identify vehicles and work steps

The barcode or QR attached to the car is distributed as a reference to all the work that has been done on a car and all the data that was collected.

  • Fully calibrated measurement environment– Precise measurement results that can be used for further work.

Various high-quality cameras and sensors identify the car from every point of view in a 3D coordinate system. In the Twinner® Space more than 100,000 high-power LEDs has been installed, which is about 20 % of direct solar radiation. It creates homogeneous daylight, that can be very helpful with detecting all problems and creating perfect shots. The light can be controlled automatically but also individually.

  • High resolution pictures– Perfectly staged from all sides.

With those cameras they can make overview of the car in just 5 minutes. They take photos of it from 250 various angles. The cameras are placed on different heights which helps customers see the vehicle better and clearer.

  • Interior panorama-Testing becomes unnecessary.

We all know that seeing the inside of the car is very important. That’s why with this device we can feel like we are there. The 360° indoor camera is an 8K-sphere camera with 6 fisheye lenses and that’s what creates an indoor panorama of the car.

  • Tire tread depth scanner (Beta)- Tire condition at a glance.

Tire tread depth scanner can immediately show us what are the conditions of the tires. The scanner is installed in the floor and as you are driving over them, they scan all four tires. Every tire has 3,000 reading by laser.

  • Underbody scanner (Beta)– You have never seen the underbody like this before.

When you are driving into the Twinner®, the underbody scanners are picturing every detail in about 5 seconds. After that it creates 2D image and if any part looks suspicious you can zoom in and examine that even more closely.

  • Repaint Sensor (Beta) – Find repainting reliably.

We can’t really see if a car was ever repainted and we usually use electromagnetic radiation, but there can always be a slight problem with that. The Twinner® is like a X-Ray and makes every detail, that was changed, visible for anyone.


In my opinion this product can be useful in many areas. But there are also some problems with it. Right now it’s available in Germany and in China. I think it would be a great idea to expand it all over the world. It’s a great device but I don’t really know if anyone ever heard about it. It’s not clearly stated how much this service costs, maybe that’s why it hasn’t already been in other places.


But is it really going to prevent people from buying defected cars?

I think for now it won’t prevent anything worldwide, only in places that have an access to it. But what we can do now is that we have to check everything by ourselves or by mechanics and just be careful. Remember to not get caught on low price, because it can cost more, than a value of the car, to repair all defaults.  Even though Twinner came up with something like that, is a great start, but I think they still have a lot of work to do.


Phyn- 24/7 leak protection

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the 21 century we started to talk about saving water. With all the changes in the environment the climate is getting hotter, which means we will have less and less water on the earth.

While using a lot of water we are also wasting a tone of money. In many households we cannot detect many problems with our plumbing, so sometimes we just aren’t aware that there is a problem, and we are wasting more water.

  • 30% of all water leaks are happening in single-family homes.
  • Open taps can waste up to 6 liters of water in an hour.

Phyn was developed over a decade by machine learning researchers at the University of Washington and Belkin International. The technology was created to detect any leaks. This system has many HD ultrasonic sensors that are checking the pressure in you plumbs 240 times every second.

With Phyn you are protecting your newly built home, holiday house, or even your business with any problems in your plumbing system. While it is connected to your place it learns your own schedule of using water and gives you insights on how much of it is being used. While detecting any problems or learning, it can also provide you with some tips on how to use less water. It is now very important to do it, because one day we can have a problem with access to water.

This artificial intelligence product, before your usage, has been learning +40 million showers and many other activities.

Phyn is always on a watch for some leaks to ensure, everything is okay and if not, it will alert you via App or SMS. What I think is amazing about this product is that it can identify small problems that can cause bigger ones. And with that information, that you are provided, you can easily repair them and not pay a lot of money.

You can have everything under control, even on your phone. You can easily download the app from apple or goggle store that connects to the Phyn. With it you can have control this system while you aren’t at home. It gives you opportunity to do the needed actions threw this app. You can also teach it how you use the water, so it won’t ever shut it off when you need it.

Phyn plus not like any other water monitoring processes, uses just a single device, that is in one place, to protect your entire household. It is very innovative, because other products, that are available, need many sensors around your home to detect any problems.

What Phyn offers:

  • Get alerted to leaks-SMS and push notifications sent as soon as Phyn Plus detects a leak.
  • Auto Shutoff mitigates damage-Once Phyn learns your fixtures, it automatically shuts off your water in event of a leak.
  • Turn off your tap, with a tap-Control your home’s water shutoff from anywhere.
  • Diagnostic “Plumbing Checks”-Daily tests report on pressure irregularities and tiny leaks.
  • Watch your water use-See how much water you use monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.
  • Water usage insights-See how much water is used by your showers, toilets, irrigation and more.
  • Monitor multiple properties-Easily manage leak alerts and see water usage for up to six properties.
  • Frozen Pipe Detection-Early warning alerts before your pipes freeze.

The price for this product ranges from $299 to $699

In my opinion for such a product, that can help us save more money and water, it is a great prize. But the downside is that it is only available in The US and Sweden, it means that it is not spread around the world. The company should also think about applying it in flats, because now it is only available for houses. There is a lot of work to do, but I think with the great mindset, we can save our future.


Airwrap- styling with air, not heat

Reading Time: 3 minutesDyson came out with new product for all hair types. It’s called The Dyson AirwrapTM and styler uses aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. This effect makes hair attract to the surface of the brush and makes strands smoother. This product is powered by the Dyson digital motor V9. The 13-blade impeller spins at up to 110,000rpm and generates 3.2kPa. It produces enough power to create air pressure needed in the Coanda effect.


Almost every device for hair has heat control, but this one is very intelligent. In most straighteners or curling irons, we decide what temperature we will use, and we can change it manually. In the Airwrap there is heat controlling element which measures airflow temperature over 40 times a second and keeps temperature under 302oF/ 150oC.

When you are visiting their site, you can choose one from three styling sets in two colors, nickel and fuchsia. You also have an option to customize your styler. After answering four questions they will show which is the best for you. I think that’s a great idea, because we most of the time don’t know what we really want or need.


The price range goes from $549.99 for Dyson AirwrapTM Complete to $499.99 for Dyson AirwrapTM Volume+Shape and Smooth+Control. The shipping is always free, and they send their products all over the world, Europe, Asia/Pacific, North America, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Overall, this product is great for many people and can be very helpful for hairstylist, but to be honest the price is excesivelly high. In the beauty market we can find many devices that aren’t damaging our hair so much and they cost less. So I wouldn’t buy this product, because this kind of money doesn’t just lay on the street.



reMarkable 2- the future of taking notes

Reading Time: 2 minutesMany people in the world are taking notes, doesn’t matter if we are in school or work, we always do that. For many years we would use only paper and pencil and it was good at a time. But as the world changes our habits of taking notes changes too. At first, we started writing documents on computers, but it wasn’t that comfortable. Some laptops aren’t that light and carrying it to work or school can have bad influence on our health. That is why we now prefer tablets and especially iPads. Why? They are easy to operate, we can write on it and have everything in one place. It is also light and can be brought everywhere.

As a student I can say I prefer doing my notes on paper. You probably would ask me why do I do it like that when there are so many possibilities to do it easier? In my opinion writing something on a paper and then reading it makes me remember everything much better. I’ve tried many times writing notes on my computer or my phone but every time I did that, I would forget all the information in split second. Additionally, writing on a tablet makes me feel like I was writing on a glass, which made me very uncomfortable. And there is a perfect product for every paper maniac like me.

The CEO and founder of reMarkable, Magnus Wanberg, set up the company in 2013 and created his first device. His goal was to give people experience of paper-like tablet. In his opinion writing on paper can improve our thinking and gives us free space for our imagination. It was also designed to free people from all notifications that always distract us from our work. After their success with the first product they upgraded many features and made second one.

reMarkable2 is very light, it weights approximately 403.5 g (.88 lb.) and isn’t very big (187x246x4.7mm). It is thinner than your smartphone to provide you with a more paper-like feeling. Battery lasts up to two weeks without recharging and it has 8 GB internal storage (100,000 pages). Also, marker doesn’t need charging and has 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

This product has many useful features, for example:

  • Take handwritten notes, read, and review documents
  • A display that looks and feels like paper
  • Convert your handwritten notes into text
  • Take notes directly on PDFs
  • Eye-friendly reading
  • All your notes are organized and accessible on all devices

It is available in whole Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. The price of the tablet is €399. While purchasing you can choose a marker, the first generation is €59 and the second one is €99. After all you can also choose folio, the price range varies from €99 to €149. Also, while purchasing this tablet you have free shipping and 30-day trail. After that you can return it with 100% refund, which is pre-payed and free of charge.

The only downside that I found is that in the first product, marker was already in the box, when now you have to choose your option and pay for it additionally.