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California’s first driverless delivery service

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It has never been easier for companies who produce food to reach their customers. Restaurant delivery has grown 20% in the last five years. Although projections vary, it is projected that online food delivery revenue will rise as high as $220 billion by 2023 – 40% of total restaurant sales. With regard to online grocery, Deutsche Bank forecasts that by 2025, the online grocery market of $24  billion will rise to $120 billion.

The global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic may have intensified this hypergrowth, but what made its success was the recent proliferation of the delivery models and types such as:

  • Third-Party Delivery
  • In-House Restaurant Delivery Fleets
  • Tracking Delivery Data
  • Online Grocery Delivery is Growing Rapidly

Let’s talk about the latest news. Nuro set to be California’s first driverless delivery service.

A California robotic taxi company has secured the state’s first-ever permit to ship in an autonomous vehicle. For the first time, California has provided the go ahead for a commercial driverless delivery service. As early as next year, the robotics start up Nuro plans to start its driverless delivery operations.

It previously tested its R2 vehicles in the state in April, but the permit would allow it to charge individuals for its operation. The vehicles of the company will be limited to 56km/h and will be restricted to “fair weather” service.

“Issuing the first deployment permit is a significant milestone in the evolution of autonomous vehicles in California,” said California Department of Motor Vehicles director Steve Gordon.

“We will continue to keep the safety of the motoring public in mind as this technology develops.”

Nuro was founded in 2016 by two former engineers from Google and has funding from Softbank, a Japanese corporation. It’s raised $1.5 billion in funding, according to Crunchbase, including $940 million from SoftBank’s 9984, +0.18% Vision Fund.

To direct its travel, the R2 utilizes radar, thermal imaging and 360-degree cameras. And a steering wheel, pedals or side-view mirrors are missing. There is an egg-shaped frame in the vehicle that is smaller than most US vehicles. For shipments, it also has two temperature-controlled compartments. Doors rise up to show the objects after the receiver has entered a code.

The R2 supplied pizza for Domino’s Pizza, food from the Kroger supermarket chain and supplies for Walmart during a previous trial in Houston, Texas, in February. Still, one transport specialist said that safety concerns will continue to be a concern.

“It will be very limited to begin with while the technology is thoroughly evaluated,” said Prof David Bailey from the University of Birmingham.

“So, for example, the vehicles will only be allowed on ‘surface streets’ with their speed limited to 35mph, and the smaller Nuro delivery bots will be limited to just 25mph.

“It’s essentially a limited trial, but still a significant step towards a driverless future.”

In October, as part of Google’s Waymo operation, driverless taxis began operating in Phoenix, Arizona.



Apple Fitness Update

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe new iOS 14.3 is now available for all its users to download. You can get it without any fear of insecure. iOs 14.3 has some new and very useful, interesting characteristics which will make your life better with knowing how to use them.

Firstly, Apple made a lot of repairs. The new version contains a protection and error fixes for bugs.

Apple has dealt with such things as:

– Problems with receiving some MMS messages

– Not displaying members of the groups

– No correctly appearing of some amount of the videos

– Not opening applications from Spotlight

– Inaccessibility of Bluetooth in the Settings

Secondly, it is Apple Fitness+ and AirPods Max. It is clear that if you want Apple’s new subscription Fitness+ or if you want to use AirPods Max with your phone, you need new iOS 14.3. It is actually all you are going to need.

To talk about Fitness+ Platform, it costs $9.99 each month. You can check it out if you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or the newer version.

The idea of this new platform is that you can follow a workout routine on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV – while your heart rate and other features will be recorded from your watch. Nevertheless, you can do workouts without the watch, only with the help of your iPhone or iPad.

What you can do with Fitness+?

You can find a lot of workout with any option you decide. It can be HIIT, cycling, yoga, dancing, strength training, treadmill or cooldown and anti-stress workouts. New workouts, which will be added to your list every week. It will depend on your choices and your wishes + your activity. If you have a favorite instructor, you can train with him only.

Every workout routine has an explanation about a music type. Also you will be told if you need any equipment. If you need to grab some weights or not. If you enjoyed a workout, you have an opportunity to add it to “my workouts” tool at the bottom of the screen.

The process

As you push a start button, your workout starts. There is a “burn bar” that shows your effort into the workout. At the end of each video, you can see how many calories you burned, your heart rate and a proposition of “cooldown” workouts to end your workout with cooling down.

Fitness+ can do your days more productive! If you are in search of more productivity, I can tell you about several best productivity apps of 2020 year.

  1. Real-Life “Do Not Disturb” Mode (iOs)

The app signals if you can be disturbed or if you are busy to your partner or to your roommates.


  1. Soothing Office Sounds (web)

This app is perfect for people who can not work with a quiet atmosphere of home. In this case, the Calm Office noise generator will make your life easier. You can choose a different office sound: printers, colleagues, keyboards, coffee machines and so on.


  1. Notes to self (web)

Chrome turns your tab page into a notepad where you can do what-to-do lists, you can write daily affirmations or turn in a productivity hub.



Top 3 Jobs for Students in IT Area

Reading Time: 2 minutesI wondered how to apply my knowledge in a practical way while I am still at university, because in the future I really want to be a part of the IT world.  I have talked about it with my acquaintances so I made a list of jobs.

Virtual Assistant – an admin-savvy associate who helps busy professionals with daily tasks, scheduling, appointment setting, IT, research, and more.


  • Creating and maintaining schedules
  • Booking travel reservations
  • Conducting research
  • Managing financial information
  • IT, website, and social media support

Online Data Enrty Clerk – only a rudimentary knowledge of data entry and data preservation required.


  • Verifying data
  • Updating existing data
  • Completing daily reports
  • Sorting and organizing data by category
  • Gathering data directly from customers (in some cases)

Social Media Assistant – are part-time, hourly positions that offer work that can be performed remotely, like social media campaign scheduling, customer service tasks, image uploads, and research.


  • Assisting social media management
  • SEO optimization
  • Blogging
  • Communication management
  • Post scheduling
  • Customer engagement

To be smarter and have better knowledge you can take extra-curriculums where you study. There always will be someone who is one step ahead. Nevertheless you can be a greater version of yourself than you were tomorrow.

In almost every university the professors set up additional lessons and lectures. So all students can learn what they want extra-curriculum. The professors give up their own time to teach us a variety of subjects. We can pick up our knowledge, become more intelligent and become more useful for the modern world. It is very important if you want to be a successful person with an excellent career. Also it is a good idea to start attending extra-curriculum lessons because students can take up something new if they have free time. You can choose what time to attend these classes based on your free time or the hours which you want use as self improvement.


Zooming on my iOS

Reading Time: 2 minutesI needed a mike to record myself at a superb quality of sound. Due to the fact that I am an active person I decided to look for a mike to plug directly into my iPhone. During my search I found out about one of the best microphones in the world for my devices. This is a “Zoom iQ6 Professional Stereo Microphone for iOS”.

I can turn my iOS device into a field recorder by plugging in a Zoom iQ6 — a stereo X/Y microphone with a Lightning connector small enough to slip into my pocket. It comes with an extended Lightning connector and removable spacer that allows it to be used with most iPhone, iPad, and iPod cases.  With the help of it I have an opportunity to capture the sound of concerts, interviews, meetings, lectures, and nature with precision and full fidelity, then share my creations with the rest of the world.

Furthermore, the compact and lightweight iQ6 allows me to create high-quality recordings wherever I am. Whether it’s a podcast on the fly, a concert, or a sound effect I want to incorporate into my next video, I can count on my iQ6 to capture the moment. 

I can even change the mic angle from 90 degrees for a tightly focused image to 120 degrees for immersive wide-angle stereo.

The iQ6’s dedicated headphone jack — which doubles as a line output — enables direct monitoring during both recording and playback.

So, I am very happy that I have maid a right choice in picking up microphones for my hobbies and my learning. If you are in search like I was, choose “Zoom iQ6 Professional Stereo Microphone for iOS”. It is worth it.


Top 7 Positions in IT Area

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Everyone should understand how hierarchy in any IT company works. A person should move gradually up the ladder from staff to CEO.

A lot of people think that leadership is boring and not interesting. But this is a huge mistake. Being a head requires intelligence and effort as well as more responsibilities.

There are jobs and positions. And they are not the same. A “job” is about some specific skills and knowledge while a “position” is mostly about your management skills. So we can have a look at the IT area from the hierarchal point of view. We will find out which position to strive for and what responsibility to take.

These are the basic positions: a worker (staff, employees), a manager, an executive, a business owner (investor). Getting back to IT we have the following options:

IT consultancy: we begin as an intern consultant and move up to IT consultancy manager in this position, your job is to evaluate the systems and do the research that no one else entirely understands. Salary: $78,284

Cloud computing: we begin as workers and move up to Cloud architect you’ve heard of cloud computing of course. Although that storage space can’t be touched literally, it still needs to be organized and given an architecture. Salary: $128,418

Computer forensic investigator: we begin as workers and move up to Computer forensic investigator search for, identify and evaluate information from computer systems, often for trial evidence. Salary: $62,753

Health information technology: we begin as workers and move up to Health IT specialist  mix computer knowledge with record-keeping skills. Salary: $63,932

Mobile app development: we begin as workers and move up to Mobile application developer using basic coding languages, developers will create programs for future iOS and Android devices. Salary: $73,257

Web developing: we begin as workers and move up tp Web design project manager -web developer they create web pages, web applications and web content, but their skill set requires them to have excellent understanding of what makes a good operating system, what the average surfer finds visually stimulating and how to optimize sites for mobile tech, among numerous other skills. They also need proficiency in Web languages, like HTML and Javascript. Salary: $59,343

Data Modeler: we begin as workers and move up to Data Modeler – create data designs and define relationships between data fields, according to TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). Salary: $80,967

So I hope after reading this post you know more not only about hierarchy in just a company, but IT management hierarchy as well. And it shows what jobs you can do in the IT area.