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Rest In Peace Adobe Flash Player

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We all remeber how we used to play games on internet sites when we wanted to click on Internet Explorer and actually explore something new. Thanks to Adobe Flash Player experiencing it was actually possible, but now it’s time to say goodbye.

The Bartender, Metal Slug 3 or basically any “old made” tower defence games were one of my favourite titles that were accessible thanks to good old Adobe Flash Player. It allowed almost every kid to play the game even though they might’ve had for example a bad PC. Besides usually small lags it had almost no effect on the game’s performance. This amazing plug in gathered big communities by allowing them to discover new, interactive things.

By 2009, Adobe said Flash was installed on 99% of internet-connected desktop PCs.

Chris Fox of BBC

In 2011 the Flash Player took the biggest hit. Almost every big streaming player was already using it’s version of browsing software. YouTube, Netflix and even Facebook were already past it. Apple took a step towards big decision and stopped developing the legendary part of oldschool internet.

One of the most popular browser plugins that allowed us to interact with rich animations has officialy reached the end of its life. By the end of 12th of January it will stop running videos and animations. It’s time to enjoy the nostalgia titles that are going to be put down to sleep with the orginal way of accessing them. Rest In Peace Adobe Flash Player (1996-2021).