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Amazon’s Alexa will now predict what skills you want to utilize based on your queries

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New inventions and versions of products are now our part of daily life. Each day new products are being launched having smart, extra and additional features. Alexa from amazon is no exception.

Amazon has added new attributes and skills in Alexa. Almost 100,000 skills have been incorporated in it, which can help users and make their life easy and comfortable.

A recent study published by eMarketer shows the company has a 70.6% market share and the number of voice speaker users is expected to double to 35.6 million this year.

It is observed that Alexa has skills more than requirement of user. Consequently, to save from the pain of remembering these skills Amazon has developed a solution.


  • Amazon describes this process as “[inferring] customers’ latent goals.” This means working on any problems that arise from other requests. Amazon gives an example to a customer who asks, “How long does it take to make tea?” To which Alexa would respond “five minutes” before asking to follow up: “Should I set a five-minute counter?”
  • Some skills are added into system include Bark Like a Dog, Earth Cam, Harry Potter Trivia, Historical Voices, Slow Speller, Xbox, and Zoo Keeper.
  • Some of these scenarios will be useful for users.User can get data and information related to business activities, trades of shares, historical events happened on some particular date and solution of difficult questions. User can get answers of difficult and complex issues within seconds.


  • Apparently, it looks nice however, but this is difficult to believe and understand that this feature (which is already available to Alexa customers in English in USA) can be very annoying. If Alexa hears the wrong intentions of the user and offers unwanted skills, that person will certainly be offended.
  • Some skills are not added into system and hence use them is required knowledge to get expertise and with practice.
  • Four places to avoid putting Amazon Echo in home. Intruders can access our smart speaker from outside if it is placed too close to a window. Near a toilet, On a sink, By a window and Under your TV.

In my opinion, Alexa is supportive and helpful. Amazon’s Alexa is providing service as and when user asks about any business, public activities including historical events. It provides two ways of skills. One type of skills are mentioned as headings with standardized words. In case if inquiry can be submitted to system through above type of skills, other type can be adopted to write in shape of question. It provides timely reliable assistance based upon that we can plan, review, and execute. 

It is era of information technology. New inventions are featured with skills that are difficult to understand and to operate the device for some users e.g., people of certain age and those who are not a custom rapid change in technology.

Digital assistants were designed to replace human diversity, but because their intelligence is so limited, they cannot have a cohesive conversation with the user. Human assistants don’t need to use screens to understand requests, communicate information, and complete tasks, which means the ideal digital assistant doesn’t need to.


Amazon Echo Frames

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The idea of amazon echo frames is somewhat simple, the concept of attending calls listening to music, podcasts and command Alexa with your eyeglasses. Echo frames are a pair of eyeglasses with basic plastic lenses (which can be replaced with prescription lenses), entrenched with a tiny microphone and little speaker in the arms of glasses. Echo frames cost $249 and comes in two versions with some adjustments in battery life and hardware. Amazon has presented this device with a hope to capture market share. Entertainment is having a new shape of device, which was previously used as eyeglasses.

Some attributes are mentioned below, for ready reference:

· Lightweight

· Very little noise bleed

· Great mic quality on calls

· Excellent performance with android.

· No need of separate devices to pair with cell phones.

· Echo Frames are used as basic Bluetooth “headphones” and as an Alexa device.

· Setting up an automatic volume.

·Availability of tap or swipe option to hear notifications from that app to read aloud.
· Alexa is limited on phones.

· Can’t work on multiple devices.

· Middling battery life.

· Limited performance while collaborating with IPhone.

· All functions are in stems of glasses.

· Distracted during Zoom calls.

· Pairing option at a time with one device and require a full re-pairing to switch devices.

. Echo Frames do not get loud enough to compete with street, traffic and subway train noise.

The stems of the eyeglasses contain all the electronics inside it, and are quite thick. At the bottom of the right Stem is a microphone, a power button, and a pair of volume buttons, as well as a magnetic pogo-pin receiver for charging. Each stalk has two small holes located near the ear for sound. The right stem also has a side touch sensor that can detect taps and swipes.

Amazon made a smart move to introduce a saleable product with aggressive marketing strategy. Those who are interested to use one device for more than one facilities may get benefits from it. Other companies like BOSE is launching products of similar attributes. In this way, user enjoys all the benefits of headphones without having them physically.

It is a much smarter strategy than the failed smart glasses that tried to add a screen to this kit. Like many of their products, Amazon starts with a minimum viable product and repeats.

This is particularly true for these Echo Frames, which are now widely available to everyone in the second version of the product, bringing some improvements to internal hardware and battery life. Echo Frames are rectangular and available in three colours. Size is a bit large however, user fells comfortable. Eyeglasses are flexible at stems.

Amazon has partnership Lens Crafters to add lenses to Eco Frames. On technical line microphone, power and volume buttons are designed underside of the right stem as well as pin receiver for charging. For audio purpose, there are tiny holes on each stem near to ears.  Weight is just 31 grams; hence having these glasses for longer period is possible.

Using Eco Frames have different impacts on social life. User listens at social meeting places however, people in the surrounding do not guess at all. User is considered free to talk, as he is not wearing headphones. User becomes use to with volume after few days experience. Like other smart devices, this product has many properties and limitations. First version of Eco Frames will be improved under the recommendations and suggestions to be received as reviews. There are still some problems when it comes using the echo frame with an iPhone, you are required to download the Alexa app and there is not much you can with these frames on IOS device. The frames cannot be connected to more one device and connectivity with a laptop is tedious process.

New smart devices establish new trends. As a bottom line it is found that amazon had made good effort and for that they can appreciated for this attempt however there is always a room for improvement in each new inventions and devices. This smart device may be improved in its third or fourth version in the future.


Is “Holographic interaction” the future of communication

Reading Time: 3 minutesHOLOPORTL is the world’s first one-person holoporting machine, allowing the user to “send” from anywhere to anywhere and interact with people in 4K resolution.

Holoportl uses exclusive PORTL technology, developed by CEO David Nussabum. PORTL is a technology and entertainment company specializing in holograms, virtual reality and augmented reality.

In addition to holoportation or interactive telepresence, Holoportl can film, edit and recreate all kinds of original holograms. Affordable unit is only about 7 ‘ tall and 5 ‘ wide, easy to set up and transport – fits easily into your home or office. It’s perfect for all kinds of public spaces, from museums to airports to political gatherings. The Holoportl operates in direct sunlight or complete darkness, and motion activation allows the hologram to interact with visitors at all times.

Holography is the science and practice of creating holograms. A hologram is an actual recording of an interference pattern that uses diffraction to recreate the 3D light field, with the result that the image still has the depth, parallax, and other properties of the original scene.

Holoportl is a cabin-sized machine that transmits a life-size hologram in real time, allowing users to interact with anyone, anytime and  anywhere in the world.

The HoloPortl machine isn’t exactly a hologram, at least not like in those sci-fi movies that show holograms from a flat device or the like.

In fact, the machine uses stretched and transparent 4K LCD screens that are integrated into the softbox, which gives the impression of a 3D hologram. (Whereas a liquid crystal display (LCD) is a flat panel or other electronically modulated optical device that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals in combination with polarizers).

And like with other video conferencing platforms, people can beam their images to any HoloPortl machine around the world, and they will be able to hear what the people around the PORTL would say and respond to them.

Video conferencing platforms are Video Conferencing Software, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans Meetings, Google Hangouts Meet.

However, HoloPortl machine is available with cost price $60,000.

About PORTL Hologram: PORTL was launched in May 2019 by David Nussbaum, a pioneer in holographic technology and content. The company is looking to expand the holographic entertainment medium by developing hardware solutions to accelerate adoption and creativity, and also serve as a production house for original content. PORTL’s first product is HOLOPORTL, the first compact and affordable holographic device for telepresence and content creation and playback. PORTL Studio is located in North Hollywood, California

Holoportl had its first public demonstration at the Saturn Awards, where an avatar of influential Japanese anime Rina Asobe was shown live from Tokyo at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. The second demo will begin on October 11 at L.A. ComicCon at the Legion M booth, where anime characters, musicians, and comedians will be broadcast live. Visitors will even be able to transform into holograms.

The HoloPortl machine was used at the Los Angeles ComicCon virtual event as well as the 2020 Emmy Awards, and the company has also distributed several devices to some malls, cinemas and airports.

Share PORTL with anyone: Nussbaum believes that PORTL will now become mainstream, especially during the pandemic where everyone is still forced to stay indoors and interact with each other virtually.

Mr. John Little, The founder of PORTL also thinks HoloPortl machine will be more common as chief executive officers of companies will want to beam themselves during meetings, or celebrities using the device to attend concerts and gigs virtually.

Currently, the company is working on a miniature version of the machine the size of a desk, intended for the common home owner.

That’s the company’s goal after raising $ 3 million from investors Tim Draper, award producer Joe Lewis and former Electronic Arts Executive Director Doug Barry, according to TechCrunch. In addition, Barry becomes the company’s first COO.

The miniature version of the machine will be offered bundled with content like Mirror and Peloton, which will be available for $ 39 to $ 49 per month.

Each Holoportl can present an interactive telepresence or pre-recorded reading. They can be played in real people all over the world or used for fantastic projections such as animated animations or digital resurrection. Holoports can even be networked to simultaneously send a CEO, politician or artist to hundreds of machines around the world.

Nussbaum knew that in case of pandemic like situation the use of these machines is very important and vital. During the pandemic this has been proved. Technology is the main source of communications and sharing information.




Duo retro console by Analogue

Reading Time: 5 minutesBeautiful, functional retro-style game consoles from Analogue are a type of “archival quality”, a substitute to currently popular and less costly mini-consoles. The latest system the company is trying to revive is unfortunate but still thoughtful, TurboGrafx-16 or PC Engine.

The Duo, Analogue’s device: This name comes from a later version of the TurboGrafx-16 that comprised of costly CD-ROM add-on. New Duo supports both classic game cards and CDs, provided user must keep them scratch-free.

Like other analogue consoles, unlike Nintendo’s popular SNES and NES Classic Edition (as well as the new TurboGrafx-16 Mini), Duo uses no emulation. Instead, it is a tedious original equipment restore with tweaks that provide high quality video, wireless controllers, reliability improvements, and so on.

Everything is done in FPGA (A field-programmable gate array) ensuring hardware, a kind that is used for an exact console remake. The Duo is made for collectors who do not want to own their original equipment or want to improve the signal quality and play wirelessly without much fuss.

There are many pros and cons of buying new consoles that supports vintage system games, official and unofficial emulators and downloading classic games. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

Vintage Systems: It provides authentic retro gaming experience. The games and controllers work how they are supposed to work originally. Most retro systems like Nintendo are readily available on the second-hand market with value less than $100. The controllers and other accessories are not expensive, but special items (like the Nintendo Power Glove) can cost high. Average price is $20 or less, however most popular older games, and rarer ones, are expensive. Nintendo systems endure damage and rarely get repaired and if required, repair is not costly. A few special items connect old system to modern televisions easily.


  • Cost of system is low.
  • 100% legal gameplay.
  • Durability/repair-ability of systems. Often unspoken so no threat of pirating charges. In new Systems original games on original system are legal.


  • Cost of games varies widely.
  • Cost of accessories varies widely.
  • Hooking up old systems to new technology TVs requires special equipment.

Official Emulating Systems: In the past decade, there have been numerous official emulating systems. Nintendo Classic Edition is a new system, with retro style accessories and look, with dozens of retro games loaded onto the hard drive. Sega Genesis Classic comes with games pre-loaded, and functions much like the Nintendo Classic Edition having reasonable price. However, Nintendo Classic Edition and Accessories are expensive. Repair of these systems is easy and cheap. However, these are small computers and can break irreparably and required care to hand.


  • Comes with many games pre-loaded.
  • 100% legal gameplay.
  • Easy to hook up to modern TVs.
  • Games do not lag or glitch.


  • Some systems are tough to find.
  • Less durable than originals.
  • Cost for the systems varies widely.

Unofficial Emulators: These games can be played with emulator systems which are non-branded. There are websites which run old games and emulate them without the user needing to download either the emulator or the game. Lastly, there are a multitude of downloadable emulators and games. Systems like Retro Engine Sigma (RES) do not come pre-loaded. The Raspberry Pi system can easily handle retro gaming emulation.


  • These systems are legal.
  • No game is downloaded. Hence user is at low risk.
  • These systems have accessories which are easy to use and cheap in prize.
  • Some websites run emulators, with the games accessible for play without downloading. In case of breach of law these are responsible.


  • Limitation is that these websites can run ads and attract potential malware.
  • They are like modern computers and require parents to take care.
  • Difficult to repair and not durable as the vintage systems.

Downloading Emulators: ZSNES, Nesticle, JNES, and Visual Boy Advanced are just a few of the dozens of easily available and free emulators to download in personal computer.


  • Downloading the emulator is legal, easy to use and less costly. Accessories can easily be plugged into the USB port of a computer.
  • Emulator can be replaced if it is not working by downloading it again. Hence no need to repair.
  • There are options to save Retro games at any time and have many save files. Speed can be managed with tool Assistant.


  • There is risk of corrupted files, viruses, and malware – so be sure to know your source, and scan of files are required before running them.
  • Their system is not intended to run the older games.
  • Some have various options like frame rate and colour within the settings to optimize gameplay.
  • User unfamiliar with the multitudes may struggle to adjust.

Downloading Games: These games vary from game to game, company to company, and copyright to copyright. Some intellectual property and copyrights are highly guarded/enforced (Legend of Zelda for the NES) and others are not. Risk of prosecution is low if user is just playing game. That does not necessarily make it “right” though. The best advice is to go to route mentioned below:

  • Know your source.
  • Do not try to profit from it.
  • Do not distribute the games to others.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up to modern televisions and computers.
  • Most accessories are inexpensive.
  • Emulator websites and downloads are free.
  • Accessories are easy to find.
  • Tool assisted gameplay reduces the difficulty level of games.


  • Legality of downloading the games varies widely.
  • User may be prosecuted for a download. Most of the prosecution is done against mass distributors.
  • Independent systems can be costly to repair.
  • Independent systems are less durable than vintage systems.

In conclusion it is elaborated that Duo is a product that is for Professional gamers, reviewers and gamers who want to enjoy the nostalgia of playing retro games that they played in their childhood, hence Duo is not commercially viable product at large scale.

There is little reason to buy this product as so many alternatives can be found on top of that what is to say the specific game chosen to re-experience on this device is available, if that is not found chances are it will not be compatible for it as some old games are actually lost to time and technical advancements. The product itself sounds like an amazing idea for people who experienced those games once and want to visit them again however the amount of people that will actually buy it will be very small as user may go for latest system like PlayStation 5 or Xbox series X for better performance during gameplay. Old games are getting depleted. Latest developments are being made in each walk of life.