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How does AI helps us with education?

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Have you ever thought about how much education has changed thanks to artificial intelligence? I’m not only talking about the year 2020, but since the students got access to a computer or phone. We are surrounded by artificial intelligence everywhere and traditional teaching methods have changed dramatically. The academic world is becoming more convenient and personalized thanks to the numerous applications of AI for education. 

Today, students don’t need to attend physical classes to study as long as they have computers and an internet connection. AI is also allowing the automation of administrative tasks, allowing institutions to minimize the time required to complete difficult tasks so that the educators can spend more time with students. Now is the time to discuss the transformations brought by AI in education. Here are some of the changes in education that artificial intelligence has offered us :

Personalized learning — As you probably know for example on Netflix we have personalized recommendations, the same technology is used in the way students are taught in schools. The Curriculum is personalized to fit as many students as possible. However, when AI is introduced, teachers do not need to be substituted but are able to achieve much better results by offering personalized recommendations to each student. AI customizes classroom assignments as well as final exams, providing the best possible assistance to the students.

How is AI transforming the education sector?

Global learning — Education thanks to AI has no limits. We can learn wherever and whenever we want. Thanks to the fact that nowadays we learn practically only remotely, we already have basic IT skills. Thanks to the development of the teaching mode we will have more and more different rentals and online courses that expand our knowledge.

Simplifying Administrative Tasks — AI is not only for the students, but also a great deal of action is taken to help the teachers to teach. Teachers spend a lot of time grading exams, evaluating homework, and giving valuable answers to their students. However, the technology can be used to automate grading tasks that involve many tests. This means that professors will have more time with their students instead of spending long hours grading them. In fact, software providers come up with better ways to grade written answers and regular essays. Another department that gains a lot from AI is the school admissions board. Artificial Intelligence automates document classification and processing.

I think that this is just the beginning of the development of artificial intelligence in the education department. Technology is developing very quickly and there are many opportunities to progress thanks to new educational solutions. The year 2020 has certainly accelerated the development of AI in terms of teaching, but this does not change the fact that it has been changing for the better for some time now.

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Build a Smarter Home

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe idea of a smart home is not entirely new. In fact, people have been anticipating many of today’s smart home technologies for many years. However, you may not know that smart home technology has evolved and developed so much nowadays that it can impact almost every part of your home and the way you interact with it. Once you decide to buy them you can make your home exactly the way you want it to be. These devices will make your relationship with the kitchen, bathroom and even the coffee machine and much more will be much simpler and faster. What’s more, with every day that passes, these devices become more and more clever and will make our life at home as easy as it is in a fairy tale for children.

Here are some of the best smart devices that you can find on the market :

Home Management Panel – Imagine that instead of a wall with all switches you use to control your lights and other electronics, you have a smart, touch-screen panel instead. And instead of only controlling the lights, you can access nearly everything in one place including security, an intercom to call other rooms, smart lights that sense when you enter the room so they turn themselves on, plus get the weather, program lights to turn on even when you’re away and more. With such a panel you can easily control everything remotely and ensure the safety of your family and the whole house.

Water leak detection – Sometimes happens to all of us water damage that is unpredictable and not easy to repair. A slowly leaking pipe can do thousands of dollars in damage before you ever discover it. Water detection technology helps fix this problem. By installing a leak detector at those areas where you’re most likely to see a problem – at the toilet, beneath a sink, down in the basement – you’ll be alerted instantly when occurs, giving you the time to shut the water off and call a plumber before the damage begins to multiply.
Last but not least smart refrigerators – Now you can use the fridge not only to keep your food in the cold. Many people already display their favorite pictures or important notes on their fridge thanks to the touch screen. But what if your fridge could do all this and more?  Smart fridges now have built-in touchscreens in the family’s concentrator that allow you to access the Internet, to watch your favorite programs, to leave notes for each other, to access the family calendar, and much more. Smart fridges can also be equipped with the ability to sense temperature fluctuations inside them so that the food stays at the optimal temperature at all times. 

These are just some of the best smart devices you can have at home. There are a lot of them on the market and everyone is getting better. These days we are able to create the home of our dreams thanks to the technology that surrounds us. I personally believe that each of us should have some of these devices to improve the quality of our lives.

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How we can help older people through new technology ?

Reading Time: 3 minutesUnfortunately, most of us are not able to take care of older people from our family day after day or even every other day. We love them and would like to provide them with health and peace of mind daily, but each of us also has our private responsibilities, family, home, or work. However, thanks to the power of AI and the endless changes in technology, old age can look a little different these days. Smart Home Convenience for the Elderly -

The life of elderly people in times of such changes in technology is getting harder and harder, while AI does not forget about the problems of the elderly.  According to some studies, in four years, an average family home can have up to 500 intelligent devices. But why are we talking about them here? These technologies can make life much easier for the elderly, especially those who have mobility problems or have hard to predictable health problems. 

Thanks to the Wireless Sensor Network, being alone in the home for the elderly becomes a little more secure. These products use cordless battery-operated sensors to measure environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity, as well as micro-level incidents, which allow you to infer about everyday activities such as moving around, sitting, sleeping, using electrical appliances, and trips to the bathroom. This is in some way aimed at monitoring the elderly person by their caregiver (e.g. another family member). All you have to do is log in to the product portal and in this way, you can get alerts on the phone where something will happen. Most of these products have a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), which, when it detects major deviations from the normal pattern of people’s activity or sudden drops, issues automatic alarms that can be forwarded to authorized persons.

A variety of Wearable Devices with Personal Emergency Response System was also created. Intelligent wearing technology is available in various forms: pendants, watches, and shoe soles.

One of the inventions is called CarePredict Tempo that focuses on the user himself, not on the surrounding environment. It is a wristband that monitors movement, sleep, location, personal care, and daily activities. When it is familiarized with the standards, the wearer will know when danger is coming and send signals to the authorized person. Almost the same is true for the new Apple Watch app, which is designed to keep you safe. The app, simply called an “alert”, works like a kind of panic button, allowing older people or others who may need help to contact their supervisor for help by pushing one-button. Almost the same is true for the new Apple Watch app, which is designed to keep you safe. The app, simply called an ” alert “, works like a kind of panic button, allowing older people or others who may need help to contact their supervisor for help at the push of a button. Thanks to the constantly evolving technology, changes in the operating system have been presented which have become available in watchOS 2, the application may also pay attention to physiological signals and suggest that seniors may want to ask for help before the problem actually becomes a problem.

Use Emergency SOS on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

Personally, I think how we can take care of our loved ones in these times thanks to AI and constantly developing technology is astonishing. This industry will grow every day more and more because health is one of the most important aspects of people. The arguments for using artificial intelligence in the care continuum can be very strong indeed, and the impact on health outcomes can be truly transformative. Each of us wants the best for the elderly in our families and these solutions make us able to help them and make sure they live long and happy lives.

If you want to know better how to use the “alert” button go to watch this short video. It is so simple.



Chatbots in e-commerce and beauty industry.

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the cosmetics industry, as in many others, it is important to gain customer trust. Thanks to this, the sale of a given product becomes easier and the customer is more willing to come back for another product. In the case of brands that offer facial cosmetics or beauty treatments it is particularly prioretic. Therefore, these brands have decided to create for themselves bots, which are supposed to personalize cosmetics. After all, as we all know, each skin is different and each reacts differently to the cosmetics given to it.Sephora Bot —

Bots created by the cosmetics industry provide you not only with a good selection of cosmetics but also with fun. What’s important is that you can learn a lot from them about a brand or a particular cosmetic. Bots are also able to send their customers advice on skin care thanks to the information we provide them through quizzes. During the promotion of products containing vitamin C, Kielh’s brand has created a short test of knowledge about this ingredient, thus combining entertainment with education and creating a brand image as an expert. What’s more important, conversations with Chatbots take place on platforms such as “messenger” or other chats, and thanks to this, consumers feel as if they are writing with their friends.

Chatbots also offer so-called “virtual makeup”. As many of us know the types of lipsticks or shadow colors we have a lot of, and very often it is hard for us to choose the right color for ourselves, even live. What’s more, buying over the Internet can be even more risky, because everything depends on the light in which a given color or skin type on which a given shadow is presented. That’s why the “virtual makeup” option has been created which, thanks to virtual reality, allows users to match cosmetics online. All you have to do is choose the type and color, turn on the camera, upload selfie, and chatbot will show you how you will look in it. Brands like Smashbox, Sephora or Estee Lauder have already implemented this type of solution. It is a hygienic and at the same time quick way to do a successful shopping or just try out a cosmetic product

Bots also try to provide us with a lot of knowledge and detailed information about the brand itself. They offer quizzes and tests that help them get to know users much better. The basic information is of course the gender of the user, but bots are able to group users and send them messages according to their needs by saving data. For example, the Tołpa brand, which offers a variety of cosmetics, allows you to check the type of skin that appears with a list of cosmetics that match your type. Bots also offer help in buying gifts for others through some information about their skin.For example, the L’oreal brand has prepared the Beauty Gifter bot before the Christmas huts, which, after answering a few simple questions, allowed to choose the perfect gift from the brand’s portfolio for a loved one.

Messenger on Twitter: "Try on lip shades with @SEPHORA's new Virtual Artist bot for #Messenger:… "

Although they are a new tool, the Internet bots of cosmetic brands are becoming more popular every day. Users are more willing to buy products of brands that try to make shopping as easy as possible for the user and make them attract their attention. They are used by larger brands such as La Mer, but also brands that can be found in many drugstores. Thanks to the possibility of choosing modules and giving personality to chatbots by means of a well-thought-out communication, the conversation is able to meet the expectations of every customer, even the most demanding one.

What will be the transport in a smart city?

Reading Time: 2 minutesDoes it happen in your city that the streets are jammed and you don’t have time to stand in endless traffic? I think many of us have experienced this type of problem and spent 2 hours in the car instead of 15 minutes. Fortunately, soon we will not have to deal with such situations any more thanks to 5G IoT in Smart City Infrastructure and Traffic Management.

Breakthroughs in urban transport will be brought about by technologies such as the 5G network – combined sensors will help city authorities to manage road infrastructure and drivers also fleet managers to plan routes intelligently, among other things. Thanks to 5G communication systems and sensors IoT, the local government will be able to transfer data on-road situations that can lead to problems with reliable speed. Intelligent sensors will be able to use data from specific locations to assess the condition of roads and establish, for example, priorities for renovation work. Not only will you be able to find out from them, but also whether there are blockages or accidents anywhere. Based on this data, Artificial Intelligence algorithms will be able to manage traffic in near real-time. For example, they can adjust speed limits, lane assignments, or traffic lights.

The current data on potentially dangerous sections can help to avoid icy or impassable roads. Drivers can therefore adapt their driving style and speed to conditions and avoid traffic jams. This supports fast and efficient travel and transport of goods or shipments. Sensors can even tell you which parking spaces are free, which saves you time looking for them and thus reduces the associated idling and fuel consumption.

Cities will have many benefits from such use of technology, not only thinking about the safety of the residents of a given city, but also about the reduced number of collisions and reduction of exhaust emissions. According to estimates, the introduction of smart city technology on a large scale will save up to 20% of travel time, shorten the response time in emergencies by 35%, or reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

“The huge amount of data collected by intelligent cities can be managed by, among others, Mobile Resource Management (MRM) telematics platforms, using mobile telephony and the cloud. Combining information from multiple sources will enable efficient transport of people and cargo and help to understand how road infrastructure or vehicles are used. On this basis, both drivers, fleet owners, and local governments will be able to make better decisions. Intelligently managed infrastructure and route planning can also make cities more accessible to fleets of vehicles that will spend less time in urban traffic. And this is a real benefit also for residents.” said the marketing manager in company Verizon Connect.

The communications backbone to support connected vehicle technology can be phased in today, well before 5G is fully deployed, dramatically improving pedestrian and vehicle safety.