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Tractor of the year

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Monarch tractor was introduced on December 8, 2020. But what exactly is Monarch Tractor ? It is first fully electric, autonomous and smart tractor the world has ever seen. With each month for couple of years we can hear news about electric cars, planes, boats etc. providing more affordable ways of transportation each day for ordinary civilians or market sectors. What about the people that provide us each day with fresh vegetables or precious materials ? They also need equipment and vehicles that will help them make their work more profitable.

Taking into account all the aspects Monarch came with solution providing farmers the newest, safest, smartest and most affordable tractor they could imagine. This vehicle is a game changer with it’s key features :

Optional Driver – Monarch Tractor is capable of operating without a driver which makes it pretty unique for that type of vehicle. We can Pre-programm tasks for our tractor or use Gesture and Shadow modes to follow a worker on the job.

Safety – Roll and collision prevention systems, 360 cameras (also working during night), vision based Power Take Off,

Learning – Tractor learns every day collecting data up to 240 GB. Based on data collected Monarch Tractor is able to analyse field health, improve accuracy or provide us with informations about growth stages, plant/crop health metrics.

Environment friendly – Monarch Tractor is 100 % electric with zero emissions also capable of serving as power generator.

Smart Device Operation – Tractor sends notifications via app on smartphone with information about weather, conditions, data collection, analysis and plans.

Power – Tractor is capable of providing 40 horse power and short duration peak power up to 70 horse power. Tractor operation time is estimated to be 10 + hours of work. It’s charge time takes only 4-5 hours which makes it ideal to charge it during the night. Lifting capacity of tractor is 2200 LB which definetely will be enough for work on farm. 2x torque than regular tractor.

Profitability – $20 Billion in potential national savings, increased profit by 20 %, built for 20+ years of continous operation.

Price – Comparing prices of other tractors on the market Monarch’s one is a bargain starting at $50K is almost 1/4 of a price of regular diesel tractor. Battery has warranty for 10 years.

Taking into consideration all the facts about newest invention of Monarch Company in my opinion it’s great innovation for farmers. More powerful tractor with more posibilities for less money being more profitable and more affordable for every farmer is true bull’s-eye.

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UberAir future flying cab or only a dream

Reading Time: 3 minutesUber two years ago came with an idea to start their new project Uber Air, providing to customers not only typical ground taxi option but also sky taxi. They believe that aerial taxi will provide rapid and comfortable experience to app users. Unfortunately with this innovative project comes as many pros as cons.

Let’s begin with Pros of this innovation.

Safety. As we all know aerial transportation is currently the safest of the options we have. Regardless of weather conditions, air transport will handle it. Almost zero chance of a collision with another object by a flying vehicle. “eVTOL aircrafts will be certified by relevant civil aviation authorities”. Annually there are only a few life or health threatening  cases in aviation which makes it top 1 safest transportation option.

Elevate is working with NASA and the FAA to develop these new mechanisms and show that they will preserve the safety of the National Airspace System.”

Environment. Uber ensures that their machines will be 100% eco-friendly. 10 x electric motors with no gearboxes or cross-shafts. It is said that Uber air vehicles will be up to one hundred times quieter than modern helicopters. They are planning to create quiet and surrounded by trees Greenfield mobility hubs, in comparison modern airports create a lot of noise and require the disposal of any taller vegetation in the vicinity of the facility.

Comfort. Flying over the city definitely will reduce the time spent in Uber “cab” due to avoiding ground traffic jams. Not only avoiding traffic jams will reduce the time but also the possibility to travel in a straight line instead of driving the car as we are led by the road.

Partnerships. In order to perfectly execute this project uber partnered with many companies related to real estates, aircraft manufacturers such as :

OEM partnerships : Joby, Aurora Flight Sciences, Bell, Hyundai, Jaunt, Overair, Pipistrel Aircraft

Infrastructure partnerships : Hillwood, Macquarie Capital, Oaktree, Related

Uber Elevate ecosystem partners : NASA and many more.

As I said unfortunately they are also Cons of this project let’s discuss them.

Safety. Despite aviation being the safest sort of transportation Uber Elevate will not fly on such high altitudes as normal planes. This could cause problems with birds, infrastructure in the city or drones. Nowadays airports are strictly monitored and secured. Almost every modern airport is equipped of some sort of bird repellent, such as trained bird of prey or some sound system. Drones cannot fly near the airports unless you have permission.

Noise. Uber ensures us that their vehicles are almost 100 times quieter than conventional helicopters. Let’s take a different point of view on that. We know that one helicopter can cause a lot of noise and one Uber vehicle shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is that in one city they will be several of these flying ubers, flying everyday hundreds of times they could cause a lot of noise.

Costs. Building infrastructure, building vehicles, hiring professional pilots it all requires a lot of money and support. Without sponsors and crowds of customers the project won’t survive long. What is the factor that attracts the public ? Low prices, easy and comfortable access. Uber air got almost all but definitely not prices. Estimated price of service provided will cost passenger 5.73 $ per mile in comparison for ground Uber 0.464-0.608 $ per mile which is a huge difference. It is said that Uber Air will lower their prices to 1.86 $ and then to 0.44 $ but we don’t know how long will it take.


In conclusion UberAir is great idea which will probably take place in 2023. It has many pros but also cons. If they want to attract as many customers as possible and they need to do that in order to keep their place at the market they have to lower the price and definetely cooperate with community to create infrastructure suitable for everyone.


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CD Projekt RED’s massive failure with Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt RED is a renowned game developing company after huge success owing to release of “Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt”. From that day our small studio became popular around the world and they flagship product won many awards but most important one was “Game of the year”.
Company started to grow, attract more attention alongside gamers and sponsors. In order to maintain they current position on the market in may 2012 they announced biggest project that gaming world has ever seen, “Cyberpunk 2077”. Game out of this world was suppose to bring innovation, newest and the best graphics but also big trouble to competition.

Years have passed and finally CD Projekt RED in 2019 announced they proud and joy during the biggest gaming event called Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Game itself was presented by Keanu Reeves which created a lot of hype around it while the trailer shook the audience and made sure that Cyberpunk 2077 will be even more desirable. CD Projekt RED set release date to April 16. As soon as they launched option to pre-order the game the game was sold so many times that it became the first title in ranking to sell so many copies.

That’s where all the sweet information ends. Unfortunately with such big project and hype created around it comes great responsibility. Company didn’t manage to release game in time so they pushed it back to September 17, that move of course created a wave of hate but as we all know COVID-19 thwarted plans of almost every company. Sadly they didn’t stop there, CD Projekt RED kept showing they inexperience on the market. Cyberpunk 2077 was once again rescheduled this time to November 19. Within minutes from official announcement gamers and sponsors shown the company their dissatisfaction. Sending death threats or negative reports.


They got lost because of their own pride and lack of plan besides announcing the game. After the announced delay “The share price of CD Projekt Red reached the lowest point that its been since April, which is roughly 25% lower than its previous peak. It is currently unclear if the price will start rising once again anytime soon.”

This situation not only affects the company crowd of fans, sponsors or stock prices the worst of them all is the situation inside the company. Many workers of the company share their point of view about what’s going on in the company ranks. Game developers are ill because of days and nights they have to spend in order to finish the project. Moreover it is said that CDPR is not paying for overtime hours that workers have to spend on the project. Even though the company is sacrificing so much they still didn’t manage to release the game in 2nd date. They are stuck in vicious cycle the more they promise the more responsibility they have to take, the more they delay in the worse position they get. Unfortunately they do not learn recently CDPR delayed the most expected title in the history of gaming by another 3 weeks.

In my opinion they did it to themselves. Creating such hype around their product with such lack of experience, badly devised business plan and moreover working spontaneous.


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Bugatti “Bolide” new petrol monster

Reading Time: 4 minutesBugatti entered the cards of history back in 1920s by producing one of the most successful racing car of all time : the Type 35. The car itself achieved astonishing number of over 2000 victories becoming the legend in racing history, but the company didn’t stop. In 2003 they announced new competitor in car industry Bugatti Veyron. It was the first street-legal fastest production car in the world with a top-speed of 431.072 km/h.

“Type 35”

“Bugatti Veyron”

Bugatti Automobiles decided that they can achieve even more, so they started working on another project. That being said in 2016 during Geneva Motor Show Bugatti presented their new toy “Chiron” faster and better than his brother “Veyron”. 2020 model “Chiron Super Sport 300 +” surprised every automaniac in the whole world. New model is able to exceed his older brother “Veyron” top-speed by 50 km/h ! Isn’t it amazing and scary at the same time ?

President of  Bugatti Stephan Winkelmann says “Bugatti never stands still” therefore he asked himself a question “What if ?”. “What if Bugatti could unleash the complete power of W16 engine ?”, “What if we could reduce the weight to minimum ?” the answer to those questions is only one


On 23rd of October Bugatti team presented the world their new monster “Bolide”. The new project is Bugatti’s fastest, most powerful, lightest and probably most expensive car yet. Huge W16 engine provides us with 1,850 horse power which is an enormous amount of horses. Weighs only 1,240 kg that’s slightly less than every compact car. Top-speed of this car is said to be 310mph + (500 km/h +). “Bolide” can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.17 seconds, 0 to 200km/h in only 4.36 seconds 0 to 300km/h in 7.37 and 0 to 400km/h in 12.08 it’s ridiculous how fast this masterpiece of engineering is. They truly stood up to a challenge, but we have to keep in mind that those statistics are only simulated performance numbers. As a race car Bugatti designed “Bolide” to not only beat the previous top-speed record holder SSC Tuatara but also break the records on worlds famous race tracks such as Le Mans or challenging Nürburgring. Engineers from Molsheim did simulations and the results are stunning. Our rocket should do the lap of Le Mans in 3 minutes and 7 seconds (faster than a purpose-built Le Mans racing car by 7 seconds) while Nürburgring lap in just 5 minutes 23 seconds (1 minute and 20 seconds faster than current record holder Lamborghini Aventador SVJ ).

Let’s move to reasons why does this car is so fast and such a masterpiece.

“We asked ourselves how we could realize the mighty W16 engine as a technical symbol of the brand in its purest form – with solely four wheels, engine, gearbox, steering wheel and, as the only luxury, two seats.” – Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti President.

The company focused on 4 aspects :

Weight and Strength :

In order to build such a beast they had to use the lightest and therefore the most durable materials as possible. That’s why “Bolide” is made mainly from 2 materials carbon fiber and titanium which demonstrate high strength-to-weight ratios.

Speed and Dynamics :

Improved aerodynamics, reduced weight, upgraded W16 engine with 4 superchargers, specially designed cooling system with all these ingredients comes speed and capability of “Bolide”. For the first time Bugatti Automobiles stream the air through the internal parts of the car. Raw air travels to a roof scoop and hot air travels along the cabin and the cool air travel through the side to intercoolers etc. Bugatti says that new spoilers and wings are capable of producing a downforce up to 1800kg.

Combining all of these factors such as striped cabin, lightweight, aerodynamics, new engine, new durability provides us with incredible amount of power and amazing (simulated) achievements.

In addition Bugatti added some aviation lining to “Bolide” model such as X shaped rear, front lights and also side view of vehicle.

“It is indirectly reminiscent of the Bell X-1 jet aircraft which was flown by Captain Charles “Chuck” Yeager in 1947, the first person to break the sound barrier at Mach 1.06.”

Company didn’t provide us with a price tag or premier date of “Bolide”.

To conclude, Bugatti has shown the world that they are expanding their horizons with every year presenting us more and more technologically advanced machines. They keep amaze us but the real question is, Is it necessary ? Is it the right way they should go ? Will there be any customers interested to buy cars which they can’t test to the maximum ?



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