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Online Education – is there a point going to school nowadays?

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Since the World Wide Web has been developed, more and more people have been starting to work or study digital throughout their gadgets. Anyway, it’s been almost 35 years we are using the Internet and still adults decide to send their children to school. Apparently, the definition of “online education” appeared not a long time ago, but let’s figure out: whether it’s still worth learning offline or we should accept new reality and adjust to it. 

Firstly, we need to understand that you don’t need to do deep research to figure out that there are lots of different ways of studying except school or university. People have a choice to reach every knowledge they want, having only the Internet and desire. Some can go online: courses, podcasts, schools. Others can choose self-education or personal tutors. On the platform such as Instagram, Tik – Tok to Twitter there’re lots of cases when teenagers go online schools and take a real diploma at the end of the course. Also, in most cases such schools offer short-term courses of preparation for the final exams. It’s a very convenient option, because generally it costs much lower than pay for personal tutor and more effective than attend additional school classes. 

However, some people reckon that online education has strong downsides. Firstly, it reduces the opportunity of communication between teachers and students. The lack of social interaction between students can cause incompetence in self-presentation and low self-esteem. Also, there is can be a drawback of getting a feedback. Since all online classes filled with a huge amount of pupils, its harsh to devote time for each student, asking their questions. 

In the other hand, it’s a great chance to improve your analytical and critical possibilities. You can learn how to concentrate by yourself, because there are no teachers who can control your education process and your progress is on your responsibility.

To sum up, for each human exists personal approach, but we can’t ignore the fact of developing education industry, more and more people start their own business based on online schools and universities. It’s a great chance to not be linked to one place and try multiple ways of study.